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  1. Here's how fast you need to run to make the COT for each Pen.
  2. I guess one would value the WMM status the same way as we value the IAAF status, otherwise a marathon race is just a marathon race. If im not wrong general entry with qualification time is only Boston, the rest is general entry with ballot.
  3. I thought this is better than guessing the time, then being told at checkpoint cannot run further. If got pretty pacer in front, as long you keep up you will be safe. More dramatic i guess.
  4. It would be nice to have that pacer for sweeper. Either keep up with the pacer or kena sweeped.
  5. So it is confirmed start at F1 Pit, finish at floating platform. Maybe course wouldn't change much from last year. I wonder if we design marathon route that is worthy of major marathon what would it be like.
  6. Well one thing about evening marathon, no need to loose sleep. Some runner have problems sleeping early, end up sleep deprived. The other thing is additional motivation to catch last MRT back. Two things from the announcement, likely to start/end at F1 and there will be new shirt vendor. Hopefully it will be adidas
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