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  1. Biz Centre Charity Run Feb 2018

    https://www.runsociety.com/event/bizlink-challenge-run-2018/ Bizlink Centre is organising a Charity Run at Serangoon Junior College track on 24-February 2018. The run will be from 8.00am to 1.00pm. Each $20 charity run donation will be entitled to a run pack worth $75 on a first-come, first-served basis. Run Details: Time: 8.00am to 1.00pm Distance: None - this will be running at your own pace/distance in a track loop Collection of the run pack will be at Serangoon Junior College on 24-February between 7.30am to 10.00am. As this is a charity event, the $20 donation contribution for the run will have 2.5 times tax-deductible receipt if the donation is done through our giving.sg portal. Running pack worth $75 consist: 1 x Compressport Unisex Running T-Shirt 1 x Compressport Sports Towel 1 x Drawstring Bag 1 x Bottled Water Other gift items in the Drawstring Bag Unisex Tee-shirt sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL. See size chart below. (Available on a first-come, first-served basis)
  2. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    i use the correct code just that i type here wrongy. i also realized nthat the code DCSUPER8 is not applicable at spacebib. i went to the Marina Run official website and this code can be used
  3. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    i apply SCSUPER8 promo code at payment page (spacebib) but it say no such code. any other code to apply?
  4. dont have 21km.....sianz
  5. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    any difference between the 2 promo code. 12.12 prom code is $5 off early bird whereas DSCUPER8 is $5 off ?
  6. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    12.12 also got promot code (DCMR1212). just for today only. but no need to register today right because there is another promo doe DCSUPER8 till end of month?
  7. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    went to collect mine at 2pm+. no queue at all.
  8. One-North Run 2017 - 5 Nov (Sun)

    race result out. total of 467 runner for Men's 10km and 251 for women's 10km
  9. One-North Run 2017 - 5 Nov (Sun)

    my run keeper showing 9.91km....
  10. One-North Run 2017 - 5 Nov (Sun)

    i was held up for 20-30s, some 10km runner ahead of me might be held up longer. they let maybe the 1st cluster of 5km runner to go first and in between release some of the 10 km runner and than stop the 10km runner again
  11. One-North Run 2017 - 5 Nov (Sun)

    ONE north website already mention the distance is 9.9km towards the last stretch, we were told to stop and let the 5km past us. we were held up for 20-30 sec. and in the email, they have a guide telling us how to get there, they mention the wrong bus stop number to alight. and said from the bus stop is a 2 min walk. streetdirectory indicate the distance at 500m+, how can it it only take 2 min? other than that, quite happy with the race
  12. Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    i hold NTUC union card (white color) where i receive 4% yearly rebates from purchases NTUC fairprice. May i know is that considered NTUC member?
  13. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    The Australian added: "What we need to do (is) to make this event iconic and put it on the global map like what Formula One has done by turning it into a night event. We can flag off at 5pm or 6pm and run under the city lights with the finish at about midnight with fireworks. "We can create a real running festival around it. And we are really focusing on doing that in 2018." http://www.straitstimes.com/sport/night-slot-for-marathon-the-new-formula
  14. One-North Run 2017 - 5 Nov (Sun)

    thanks for the reply
  15. One-North Run 2017 - 5 Nov (Sun)

    collected my race pack today. they allow you to exchange your t-shirt on the spot (subect to availabilty). the fee is quite cheap i wonder how much they can raise for charity?