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  1. i am at Pen C( the slowest) by the time flag off dont know what time already
  2. they purposely release the flag off time so late? if they release early, a lot wont be participating as the flag off time is so late (or so early at 1am)! anyone can share why can't they start the FM at 10-11pm? at this time they traffic is not heavy so the impact on road users should be minimal. at 1am, have not start running already feel like want to zzz and sleep can wait become sleep cant wait
  3. haha saw your pic at the starting block on Sunday times!! inside got Grace Fu as well
  4. thanks. just register using your promo code
  5. SCB priorty customers run for free https://av.sc.com/sg/content/docs/sg-priority-run-for-free-marathon-offer-2018-tncs.pdf
  6. in the past few year, SCB priority banking customer get to register the race for free. hopefully it is the same this year
  7. 50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    sorry posted in the wrong thread but could not delete it
  8. Saturday 8 Dec is the kids run and 9 dec Sunday is the main run. so no night race this year? if have night race the main one should be on a Saturday right? am hoping for a evening race
  9. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    interested on this as never run on such route before. unfortunately there is a fifa world cup quarter final match at 2am the night before the run and thus has to give up on this. world cup comes every 4 year whilst running every week also have
  10. i run alone. didnt join any running club or have any kakis...i prefer it this way
  11. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    ya maybe i got star struck without me knowing.until you said it out,
  12. now the issue is i i realised there is so few 43km runners last year. only 26 partipated and only 19 completed the race. so few runners and i dont have enough motivation. whaha. will probably look for sundown and Standarchart run (likely to be a night race)
  13. i am not so hard core runner. just want to run a full marathon for just once ( this is on my buket list)... once done will probably not run full marathon again. still prefer 21km since it is more manageable
  14. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    i finish at 2 hour 31 min. when i saw you, i than know that you are one of the pacer for the 2 hr 30 min. your pacer group probably just completed the run too. when i saw you, i was eating my banana....lol....maybe at that time, u might notice a late 40s uncle looking at you for like 2-3 sec....lol
  15. Survey on half marathon participation

    done. i run mainly to improve my sleep (not sure where it should categorise under). under improve my heath?