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  1. There's 2 things on this SCSM runners should take note. 1. 6pm flag off. Runners who only do training at night thinking that this is an evening run could be in for a rude shock. The sun at 6pm can be still very glaring. The first 10km of run from 6 to 7pm will be very unlike what runners will experience if they had only done night run. So my advise is to include some of your training run at similar hour like 6pm. 2. The transport back home if your run ends at midnight or later. Hopefully, either there's extended operating hours for train (unlikely imo) or SCSM can help to arrange for shared transport at staggered hours for runners.
  2. @Arvin Tunas Wow! You are really ? To those still hesitating, I must say ST Run is still one of the better organised run. Very good for the experience.
  3. Won't be taking part this run this year, because don't enjoy going for 4am running events anymore
  4. Wow! Congrats! The 5min fastest pace group. In your group there's also Jasmine Goh, Rachel See, Mads Louring, etc. You have done well. All these runners can easily do sub 5 pace for their runs. So doing 5 min pacers definitely not a problem for these runners.
  5. @beast really appreciate your inputs. Will definitely come in here to ask more silly questions as a first timer, should I really sign up CU. ?
  6. Alamak. Now that you had mentioned SG Ultra...more headache...why? Why all on Oct? I can only choose one.
  7. I think you are right. If we are not sure whether there is going to be a next CU, I might as well just go for the 101km. Will skip the FON altogether then. Ok. That's the plan for now.Thanks @beast
  8. Need advise here from the Craze Ultra experts. I am new to craze ultra, but thinking of going for the 72km or 101km this year. However, one week before this, there is also Force of Nature where I am also interested in. Early bird registration for FON ending in one week's time, so I will have to decide fast. Will doing a 23km or 42km trail run one week before craze ultra be advisable? Or I should just choose one run, either FON or CU?
  9. Actually, there are many of the running routes, GBTB, MBS, ECP, even MacRitchie Reservoir, the Centre Catchment Trails, etc, we are all already running it for free. Yet, we still pay when come to joining run events that include these routes. Why? Ok, let me guess. Because we need organisers. To help to carry out the necessary logistics, provide hydration points, set up race village, make the event happening, provide baggage drop, close some part of the road for the run, give goodies, give event finisher T shirts and medals, provide timing bibs, race results, etc, etc. So why is paying $100 for SCSM ok? How about Sundown? And this STGR Coney Island Marathon? My guess is SCSM provides better value for the money while the rest, especially the last event mentioned, not so. Then what gives better value? May be it's like the experience we had from paying $20 to watch movies like Avatar, Titanic, Jurassic World vs paying the same $20 to watch Toy Story 4?
  10. AutumnRunner must have just come out of deep hiatus as can see his post is now everywhere. This year's Craze Ultra, no more 100 miles! Also, Simonleng is the first one to register and has gotten the BIB #1. So surely you can expect to see him there. May be to satisfy everyone once and for all, who's eager to see you take part in Craze Ultra, you can consider joining the new 27km category. ?
  11. Lol. You looked too fast. It's TGR brings to Singapore a hybrid trail/road marathon, half marathon and 10km!
  12. I have to say that the fee for this event is really not cheap. It's good that everything turned out good. Perhaps, it's so positive that their website has already put the date up for next year's event to be on the 20 Jun 2020. And the venue? Not MacRitchie, not Daily Farm, but once again it's Coney Island! No real trail again! Looks like I won't be part of this run next year.
  13. True, I actually did followed your reviews year after year and that was why I didn't bother to join for the past few years. After last year's good review from so many people, I had decided I will register for this year's SCSM.
  14. Actually it's not a bad idea. If the last sweeper is an old 60+, 70+ years old runner, yes, it'll be super stress. You can expect to hear him shouting like an army RSM :- "Hello runners, run faster! Your grandfather can run faster than you!" On the hand, if the last sweeper can have pretty lady or handsome guy runners, you can imagine the motivation slow runners can receive. Either one should help to bring the number of DQ, with more runners being pushed to clear the cut off time.
  15. How about keep the 'ULTIMATE' and just replace the 'DIRECTION' with 'DISTANCE'? Now runners can really wear with pride. ?
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