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  1. Thanks to the ongoing unpredictable daily haze condition, my training has subconsciously already began its auto tapering down program.
  2. Looks like the haze is going to be here to stay and will definitely affect those Nuts out there this year. Especially those doing 101km, where most will be out in the open for like 18~20 something hours, I wonder how will be the impact? Ever since the hazy condition got into unhealthy level, all my training has been put off. Oh dear...how ah? I heard the haze during Craze Ultra for the year 2015 was far worse?
  3. I went for the 5km fun walk. Took a bus to Pasir Ris Interchange and ran from there to the starting point. When I reached the Loyang Ave/ Loyang Way junction after the Loyang Temple at around 6:45am, the traffic was already badly jam up. Many runners could be seen decided to alight at their nearest bus stop and walked. Many 10km runners did not anticipate the traffic and were late. Quite a number were so late that they had to start their run together with the 5km participants. As a result, I rewarded myself by following them into the 10km route. Had to say, the morning haze helped. Not too high to warrant a cancellation of the run, but enough to bring the temperature down and block off the sun.
  4. I drove past the under construction new Canberra MRT Station along Canberra Link recently. I noticed that there were construction going on on both sides, Canberra MRT Station on one side and Canberra Plaza on the other side. Both sides of the road were not accessible to pedestrians. I think affected pedestrians have to do a long detour to reach the other end. I hope the work along this stretch of affected road will complete before Craze Ultra.
  5. https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/training-for-your-first-marathon.html The 3 elements (1), (2) and (4) are important for the preparation for Full Marathon. The 3rd element Speed Work is optional Here is another good one https://www.trainingpeaks.com/guides/marathon-training/#home All the best to your training
  6. May try these. Thanks. Initially wanted to take raisins, camel power revive/bounce nuts pack but all seem too much to carry.
  7. This is going to be my first time. I plan to start off with slow jog, start walking once the sun getting hot, probably from Yishun to Lor Halus and from then onwards. Will probably spend around 10 mins at every CPs from Sembawang onwards. Something that I have not work out yet is what to eat, as I normally don't have appetite during run and also I have got weak stomach. I hope I can complete this on my first attempt.
  8. Would be great if other runners here can also share what you take as alternative to gels.
  9. That's right. Besides the need to up the mileage for Full Marathon training, there is also to train, or practice on refuel strategy, like when to start, how often to take and what to take, because not all runners can take gel. Also, can train the body to delay the onset of glycogen depletion. All these info can be found on the web.
  10. There is much more to train for a Full Marathon. Half Marathon runners probably never experience this, but most Full Marathon runners may encounter a phenomenon call hitting the wall, cause by depletion of the body's stored glycogen.
  11. It's 4:30am flag off time. I would have joined this run if it's an evening flag off. Too bad, the fees and entitlement looks attractive.
  12. 8 more weeks to go? Still considering going for the 72km or 101km for my first attempt. Would like to ask those who did the 101km. Did you take a cab home after finishing at past midnight (based on average completion time of 18 - 20 hours)?
  13. How about this All participants regardless of distance will be given a can of free Craft Beer at every CPs
  14. There's 2 things on this SCSM runners should take note. 1. 6pm flag off. Runners who only do training at night thinking that this is an evening run could be in for a rude shock. The sun at 6pm can be still very glaring. The first 10km of run from 6 to 7pm will be very unlike what runners will experience if they had only done night run. So my advise is to include some of your training run at similar hour like 6pm. 2. The transport back home if your run ends at midnight or later. Hopefully, either there's extended operating hours for train (unlikely imo) or SCSM can help to arrange for shared transport at staggered hours for runners.
  15. @Arvin Tunas Wow! You are really ? To those still hesitating, I must say ST Run is still one of the better organised run. Very good for the experience.
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