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  1. Having them around may give some kind of assurance. But I suspect that the few cases of runner sudden death (example, sudden cardiac death cause by brugada syndrome) may not be preventable even with more of the medics, MO around.
  2. The higher up already got too many failings to answer to (MRT, Army). They definitely cannot afford another fatality especially one organised by the army. After all, there are not short of half marathon running events in Singapore, of course all are expensive if compare to AHM.
  3. Care to share the mistakes to avoid, or the secret recipe to complete an ultra? Atm, I still haven't the courage or confidence yet. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. puppyrun

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    My Nathan, Camelbak running water bottles all easily cost $20 upwards. But a quick check on the web, https://www.decathlon.sg/p/8325524-6428-500ml-running-water-bottle.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAvebhBRD5ARIsAIQUmnk5brL06N4oZ8Aw2kaYl2ApZ-UM-BZEHH2vllAYpxviOHjLn2WAmhMaAspKEALw_wcB So yes, a proper running water bottle that cost below $5 (or much less) can be available as the giveaway type. BYOB is environmental right, but local events organiser should not take the easy way out (just grab whatever given by sponsor?) but to make it everything right (by giving the appropriate running water bottle).
  5. puppyrun

    Marina Run 2019 - 23 Feb (Sat)

    The race time for 21km/30km is now earlier at 6pm ๐Ÿ‘. The previous (2018) starting time was 7:30pm. Let's say if run at the worse timing of 4.5hrs (cut off time), still can finish the run by 10:30pm. So it is still not too late if need to catch bus/train home. Should be good enough reasoning to sign up, unless those negative feedbacks (poorly lit route/run out of finishing medal/run out of finisher t-shirt size, etc) from previous Marina Run really put you off.
  6. Enjoyed watching your handsome sunshine smiling face and your ability to still talk steadily and smile at every single check point. Just wondering, did you guys really continue to walk/run when it poured heavily, like in your returning CP5, or wait it out, thus sacrificing may be 30 mins of the time?
  7. puppyrun

    Lunar (Pig) Run 2019 - 17 Feb (Sun)

    Fees on the website shows it is $15 for ๅ‘ไธ€ๅ‘km run , not $12. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Still got a next run? You are really nuts! Congratulations on completing your 1st Craze
  9. You must have eaten too much. The dogs can sense food in you so as to keep following you. Can't wait to read your blog on this run (enjoy reading see how people suffer)
  10. Even though puppy not crazy nut, but also scared of stray dogs mah
  11. Some of the tips given when I googled: 'Avoid eye contact, stop moving, ' 'You can also slowly move your bag/backpack/sweater in front of you to shield yourself' 'Keep your hands down, donโ€™t become hectic, donโ€™t shout or scream.' 'Do not walk directly towards/past the dog. Instead, move in a curve around it and try to keep your distance' https://www.findingtheuniverse.com/who-let-dogs-out10-tips-for-dealing/ Lastly, pray real hard
  12. All shall be forgiven. If next year Stalky79 run Yellow Ribbon. No more excuse on saying 'event held at east he stays west'. After the run, he will be interviewed "I'm so glad to be given a second chance...."
  13. No, don't cut better. You know you will run much faster now, knowing that everyone is going after you to have it cut.
  14. I predict that based on the trend for the last few days, rain will only comes in the afternoon. So for those who is taking part, given the expected reduce number of runners (so now more manageable) and this time round running with much lower expectation, it may turn out that this run event can be quite a nice cooling run with lesser drama.....(sorry Stalky79) Just to add, I am not joining this run.
  15. puppyrun

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 1st December 2018

    Exactly how I see it. Especially now that the early bird registration are over, SGD$70 or SGD$90 for a Punggol/Coney Island 21km/42km run seems rather expensive. 21km & 42km - 11% dirt trail*, 89% pavement - I should point out that pavement run at Punggol Waterway can be inconducive as it is often narrow, worsen if there are family walking with small kids, e-scooters and bikes. Also, I am just curious. From their website's course map, I don't find run route for the 42km. Is it going to be running twice the 21km route?