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  1. puppyrun

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    Yes. I also like the response from this race organiser. Most importantly, they mentioned that they are going to contact all those who are affected to amend the situation. May be they may offer a compensation, example, a 50% off registration fees for their next organised FON event on Oct?
  2. puppyrun

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    I took part in the 25Km run. The route was refreshing but was also very challenging for me. Ended up I did run at the first half, but walked and jogged to complete the rest. I really salute those who took part in the 50Km run. I think the people behind the organising are trying hard to improve and learn from their past mistakes. However, mistakes still happened and some of these could really make or break the event for some participants. Signage for trail is VERY VERY important. One wrong turn can end up as a very costly mistake. I believed they did made efforts to put up adequate signage but still missed out on some. These had caused some runners to run extra, ran the wrong way or shorter distance, ended up being disqualified. I think less than 1000 runners signed up for this event. There were sufficient water points with good supply of icy water, 100 plus, bananas, enough volunteers, also not forgetting they had massage, free popsicles and milo van at the race village. Overall, I considered this event as not bad, but of course, there is room for improvement.
  3. puppyrun

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    Really feel sorry for you, especially you had enjoyed last year's. You must be a fast runner, while the road marshal could still be sleeping. Because I heard some 15Km runners and the later runners from 25Km and 50Km all ran the correct path. From Facebook, the organiser had already apologised on the mess up for 15Km runners.
  4. puppyrun

    50 Hours Non-stop Run 2019 (19 Apr - 21Apr)

    You're simply amazing! Big congrat!
  5. puppyrun

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Next time all events organiser smart liao. They will use whatever online maps to map out an additional 500m of run to be safe. Then when got dispute from participants on why having to run the extra distance, they will reply that the complimentary 500m is a bonus given out to all participants without having to pay anything extra. No more short change complaints from runners. 😂
  6. puppyrun

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019 - 15 Sep (Sun)

    Decide wisely! Do a run and be forgiven , OR do a different run and be hunt forever for some guilt.
  7. puppyrun

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    Finally received an email from them Revised size chart is available as per website.Hope it helps!---Thank You & Best Regards,Team Of Oxfitt Run
  8. puppyrun

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    Actually it is possible. Here's an example of 25km route without loop, using mapometer. Daily Farm - Zenghua - Chestnut - Woodcutter's Trail - Old Upp Thomson Road - Upp Thomson Road - Windsor nature trail - MacRitchie Terentang Trail - Rifle Range Road - Rail Corridor - Daily Farm However, I do understand that it is easier for an individual but for an organised event, there could be other factors to consider.
  9. puppyrun

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    Course map for all 3 categories are now available at their website and FB. I am taking part in the 25km category. Looking at the map, am still confuse on how to run the route. Before, it was stated that this was going to be a non-loop format trail races in Singapore. Now that the course map has been released, it stated that none of the 3 categories involve a multi-loop format. So meaning? It is still loop but not multi loop?
  10. puppyrun

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    I wonder how many people has already register for this event and correctly put in their compression shorts size? I am small built. I will choose XS for singlet but for shorts, do I really put in 77cm waist XL size, since this is around my usual M size for my underwear purchase? I think the sizing is seriously wrong. I had sent message to the organiser via their official website. But got no reply yet. I suspect it is still early days. Website is up, to collect registration fees, but the people behind organising the event haven't officially open shop yet.
  11. puppyrun

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    May I suggest, just install the app and try to purchase via the app instead? Who knows, this might just solve your problem? If you really want to, you may simply uninstall the app after the event is over. But unless your phone is always running low on memory space, you may keep the app handily for future events.
  12. Having them around may give some kind of assurance. But I suspect that the few cases of runner sudden death (example, sudden cardiac death cause by brugada syndrome) may not be preventable even with more of the medics, MO around.
  13. The higher up already got too many failings to answer to (MRT, Army). They definitely cannot afford another fatality especially one organised by the army. After all, there are not short of half marathon running events in Singapore, of course all are expensive if compare to AHM.
  14. Care to share the mistakes to avoid, or the secret recipe to complete an ultra? Atm, I still haven't the courage or confidence yet. 😂
  15. puppyrun

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    My Nathan, Camelbak running water bottles all easily cost $20 upwards. But a quick check on the web, https://www.decathlon.sg/p/8325524-6428-500ml-running-water-bottle.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAvebhBRD5ARIsAIQUmnk5brL06N4oZ8Aw2kaYl2ApZ-UM-BZEHH2vllAYpxviOHjLn2WAmhMaAspKEALw_wcB So yes, a proper running water bottle that cost below $5 (or much less) can be available as the giveaway type. BYOB is environmental right, but local events organiser should not take the easy way out (just grab whatever given by sponsor?) but to make it everything right (by giving the appropriate running water bottle).