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  1. Hi @Sundeep, welcome to the forum. Do enjoy yourself here. Unfortunately, i did not get a slot due to logged in late. Most probably i will do it next year. Good luck to you for the race & review the race here. Cheers.
  2. Agree with lonewolf what he had said. This is an once per year race event that you can go in lawfully into Changi chalet. Route is not flat with some up slopes. If you are sick of usual GBTB, this is the race to consider.
  3. Wah you see me very upz but i'm very sure i will DNF for Nutz if i follow your advise. Lol...
  4. Do be reminded that race pack collection this weekend guys.
  5. Wanted to do this race since i have yet to participate this event. Till lonewof brought up b2b nutz. Rechecked the dates. Guess i have to forgo this event & join nutz event instead. Oh well...
  6. Hmm for the biggest size 80cm shorts equal to around 32 inches waist. Might as well don't give. Oh well...
  7. I would have preferred held on November 'cos no major runs. Anyway, race routes are out with slight change. No Woodlands Waterfront as one of the check point.
  8. Was busy at work but no excuse. Better luck next year which i agree with you. Next time must fast hand fast leg!
  9. Wow! Both 15km & 30km were sold out less than an hour. No time to react 'cos did not expect so fast. Will know how to react next year. Sianz...
  10. Difference between this edition & last edition: 1) No more 63km & 100 miles but replaced with 55km & 72km. 2) COT: 24 hrs not 32 hrs. To declare you are ultramaniac, need to achieve minimum distance for other Running Guild's events as well.
  11. The 8th edition of the Craze Ultra is here with a slight change in format & rules. Will you be there? Date: 12-13 October 2019 Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir (besides the amenities centre) Distance: 45km - Sat Start 8am/ 55km - Sat Start 5pm/ 72km - Sat Start 7 am/ 101km - Sat Start 7 am Start: 12 Oct 2019 0700 Hr Finish: 13 Oct 2019 0700 Hr (for all distances) COT: Up to 24 hrs only (13 Oct 0700 Hr) Website: http://crazeultra.blogspot.com/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/CrazeUltra/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
  12. Thanks @lonewolf for the lead. Booked my transport.
  13. Finisher medal design for this year was quite nice in my opinion. But skipping as well due to last year was quite congested as well as the price factor.
  14. If i do not remember wrong, this event was postponed & cancelled in 2017? Interested but will adopt wait & see till it is more concrete.
  15. I thought someone has to redeem himself? Lol... This run is quite refreshing from the usual GBTB & the opportunity to go into Changi Prison compound.
  16. Hi @beast, Your info helped me clarify some doubts especially on which transportation to take. Since those steep elevations caused problems even for experienced runner like you, i think i shall have to reconsider on the category. Thanks for sharing. Appreciate very much.
  17. Hi @beast, Thanks for sharing. I'm looking at 30 Km as well. Seeking more info from you before deciding to go or not. 1) Transportation: Did you travel by bus from Spore to Cameron Highland straight or taking a flight to Ipoh & cab from Ipoh airport to Cameron? Any idea how much is cab fare? What was your itinerary like ie. reach on Friday & flew out on Sunday? 2) Hotel: Did you book in advance like right now? 3) Mandatory Items: Is this enforce strictly by organizer ie. drinking cup, spoon & bowl etc for example? Do you requirethe head lamps? 4) Steep Elevation: Does this steep elevation held you seriously back on your timing to complete out of curiosity? Looking forward to your input with thanks.
  18. Registration date to ballot a place for 55 Km & 100 Km will be opened from 01 Jan till 31 Jan 2019. Whereas 15 Km & 30 Km will be normal registration from 1 Mar till 10 Mar 2019.
  19. @AutumnRunneryou are such a fast runner so i don't think will stretch till that time. Lol...
  20. @ZZIZZYou are welcome. I'm still deciding whether to join FM or HM. For sure will not get burn by the sun.
  21. Malaysia most scenic trail run date is out! Tempted to join & wondering anybody is going to this 2019 event?
  22. This event is officially postponed till 15 Jun 2019 due to low turnout. Not surprised at the decision since not much publicity of the event.
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