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  1. Great race & not congested. Had fun. Results are out: https://www.sportstats.asia/display-results.xhtml?raceid=105122&fbclid=IwAR10w3p5DVSlHuUheIn_1tJ5XzIUQRqIv3qiuRZ9N6NGJWwTt1DdmkdGPZA
  2. For the benefit of those who might be keen Mini Nutz 27 Km route. All runners who completed their respective category will get finisher cap as well. Wow wow additional freebie. So what are we waiting for?
  3. Just to share what were being given for race pack.
  4. Smooth collection @ Red Dot Running Company around 5 minutes.
  5. Hi @kohpapa, i agreed with Beast that you should be around more often with your valuable inputs. I believe alot of runners here will benefit reading your views.
  6. Thanks for sharing Lonewolf. This year entitlement is much way better than last year. Siow liao...
  7. I was in the last wave which started only 0030 hrs with slight drizzle. Super delayed! Those going for FM will be stressed. At certain places with 1 lane, too congested with runners from both FM & HM. Hydration points were run out of water & Pocari, bananas & energy gels from 9 Km till 15 Km. Nothing! How can this be? Best thing was my friend was given 10 Km finisher medal instead of HM! What a joke sia... Lucky my friend checked & exchanged for the correct one.
  8. Change of sponsor! No more 2XU & open for registration.
  9. Bro, you are welcome. Always listen to your body & to stay injury free.
  10. I did something crazy like you last year. After finishing my Straits Time 18.45 KM event, went immediately to another place to do a Vertical Challenge of 78 floors. Regretted immediately 'cos my legs turned jelly & struggling all the way. All the best to you.
  11. REPC is out for those who joined. https://s.tgr.run/racepacks/
  12. Sundown share transport bus ticket is out. 4 waves of different timings to bring runners back. In my opinion, better than last year. https://www.sharetransport.sg/Buspools#/app/routes/event-section
  13. Apologies. You are right is Sports Hub. My bad.
  14. Both last year finisher T & medal was nice. Not sure if this year end point will it be indoor stadium as well?
  15. Buying a bus ticket would resolve of not being late for the event.
  16. Dear All & @simonleng, Date has been confirm on 12-13 Oct so can start training. So no more tentative which i have already removed. Starting timing differs on different categories especially 55 Km starts at 1700 Hrs. Now awaiting pricing cum registration to be opened.
  17. Cheap & no frill race! A break from usual GBTB route. Nice race to attend to.
  18. Hi @Sundeep, welcome to the forum. Do enjoy yourself here. Unfortunately, i did not get a slot due to logged in late. Most probably i will do it next year. Good luck to you for the race & review the race here. Cheers.
  19. Agree with lonewolf what he had said. This is an once per year race event that you can go in lawfully into Changi chalet. Route is not flat with some up slopes. If you are sick of usual GBTB, this is the race to consider.
  20. Wah you see me very upz but i'm very sure i will DNF for Nutz if i follow your advise. Lol...
  21. Wanted to do this race since i have yet to participate this event. Till lonewof brought up b2b nutz. Rechecked the dates. Guess i have to forgo this event & join nutz event instead. Oh well...
  22. Hmm for the biggest size 80cm shorts equal to around 32 inches waist. Might as well don't give. Oh well...
  23. I would have preferred held on November 'cos no major runs. Anyway, race routes are out with slight change. No Woodlands Waterfront as one of the check point.
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