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  1. Event is cancelled as announced in FB. Full refund within 30 days being mentioned.
  2. Change of sponsor! No more 2XU & open for registration.
  3. I fully agree with you on this to leave the 6 majors alone. Like you mentioned another 6 comprises Singapore, China, Australia, Africa, Greece (Birth of Marathon) & South America?
  4. Bro, you are welcome. Always listen to your body & to stay injury free.
  5. Besides Abbott 6 majors, this 7 marathons/ 7 continents/ 7 days event is also very interesting. Unfortunately, only for runners with deep pockets of EUR 37500 (1 time full payment) or 3 installments of EUR 13000! Link: https://worldmarathonchallenge.com/
  6. I did something crazy like you last year. After finishing my Straits Time 18.45 KM event, went immediately to another place to do a Vertical Challenge of 78 floors. Regretted immediately 'cos my legs turned jelly & struggling all the way. All the best to you.
  7. Found some interesting answers to your query. My initial thought was Ironman is bidding to join as part of major series (SCSM has been a candidate since 2017). Whereas Chengdu selection was more on commercial interest. To answer both query 1 & 2, global runners CSI. Why was Chengdu 2 year old marathon chosen? Reason is that Wanda Chairman' Wang Jianlin's hometown . Best part is Ironman is owed by Wanda too as mentioned by global runners. Reply from Abbott as per below.
  8. Not surprise with this news since Wanda is in 10 years partnership with Abbott World Marathon Majors Series. Will it be bad news for the runners that yet to complete? Link: https://www.worldmarathonmajors.com/news-media/latest-news/chengdu-marathon-announced-as-abbott-world-marathon-majors-candidate-race/
  9. REPC is out for those who joined. https://s.tgr.run/racepacks/
  10. Sundown share transport bus ticket is out. 4 waves of different timings to bring runners back. In my opinion, better than last year. https://www.sharetransport.sg/Buspools#/app/routes/event-section
  11. Apologies. You are right is Sports Hub. My bad.
  12. Both last year finisher T & medal was nice. Not sure if this year end point will it be indoor stadium as well?
  13. I believe the organizer should offer all 15 KM runners FOC for the next race FON out of goodwill like you only lose once. Lol...
  14. Mine still around. Lol... But i have an ELM Race Against Cancer medal corroded. Use Brasso also no use. Sianz...
  15. I'm sorry to hear what a mess up from the organizer (shortage of 5.4 km, shortage of road signs, miscommunication from volunteers, no medic etc). Seem like the organizer has yet to learn from last year Force Of Nature lesson. Most probably will refrain to join this year Force Of Nature.
  16. This morning weather was one of the best. But i felt that the 1st hydration point was too far in my opinion.
  17. Buying a bus ticket would resolve of not being late for the event.
  18. Dear Beast, Not sure this is counted. Held earlier this year.
  19. Dear All & @simonleng, Date has been confirm on 12-13 Oct so can start training. So no more tentative which i have already removed. Starting timing differs on different categories especially 55 Km starts at 1700 Hrs. Now awaiting pricing cum registration to be opened.
  20. Hi Bookie, chill. Do give Pris a break & move forward lah. Cheers.
  21. Cheap & no frill race! A break from usual GBTB route. Nice race to attend to.
  22. I'm not sure why PA is being blamed when PA is also a victim of non-payment. You guys should go after KPI since KPI collected your money & not PA. If KPI has paid all vendors, this saga would not have happened right?
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