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  1. Join the event & support Ben. The more the merrier. This year CU has alot of freebies compared to past years plus we do not know if CU will be dis-continued.
  2. Sure have non-drinkers so extra cans for you? Lol... Siow liow heat is still not my friend at the moment. See you on actual day.
  3. Hi Simon, i'm skipping this event this year but happy for you that you managed to secure this very good FM lobang.
  4. Received an email from the organizer this morning taking note of the race registration plus reporting time.
  5. Good for those who have yet to register but bad for those loyal & super early FM or HM registrants. Bad marketing strategy like Hua Wei phone in my opinion.
  6. All finishers regardless of distance will be given a can of free Craft Beer. Compliments from Craft Beer.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I will enjoy this refreshing run. Great Bro. Enjoy the HM route. I joined 10Km route 'cos i expects to be hilly. Enjoy the run.
  8. That's what i thought so too. Lol... All of us are sick of usual routes ie. East Coast Park, GBTB etc. This route is something very new & challenging in my opinion. So which category did you sign Bro? Don't shoot me if this is not to your liking after attending. I guess no Bib 'cos using running app as proved of completion. No ELM medal, Anyway, it's free! Lol... Hope you will enjoy the process of running. I have no idea on the route but i suspect is hilly which remind me of Marina Barrage slope. Why not try & take it as a challenge? Website did not mention the register cut-off date so register quickly if keen for something new.
  9. Singapore's Toughest & Hilliest 10KM & 21KM Half Marathon Date: 25 Aug 2019 Time: 6.30am - 21KM Flag Off / 7.30am - 10KM Flag Off. 9.30am - Cut Off Closing Venue: Hort Park Singapore Categories: Half Marathon, 10KM Registration is FREE thru' online. Website: https://www.keepfitlivehealthy.com Entitlement: A finisher medal will be given with use of app to track completion of run. Very curious if anyone attended this event for the past 6 anniversaries?
  10. 50KM & 100KM finisher medal designs are our.
  11. Hi Simon, lack of training should not be an issue to you. Your 3 times experience will most likely guide you on how to finish the race. Just that whether you can maintain best timing as per last year. Our biggest obstacle will be heat which we need to overcome. Good luck to your training.
  12. Just to share that Ben is throwing in this soft race cup as well for this edition.
  13. These year CU goodies are getting better. Ben is giving one of the coloured cups (to be decided by poll) to the runners.
  14. Hi guys, do take note that the event singlet pit to pit biggest size is 22" whereas the finisher T is 21".
  15. Great race & not congested. Had fun. Results are out: https://www.sportstats.asia/display-results.xhtml?raceid=105122&fbclid=IwAR10w3p5DVSlHuUheIn_1tJ5XzIUQRqIv3qiuRZ9N6NGJWwTt1DdmkdGPZA
  16. For the benefit of those who might be keen Mini Nutz 27 Km route. All runners who completed their respective category will get finisher cap as well. Wow wow additional freebie. So what are we waiting for?
  17. Just to share what were being given for race pack.
  18. Smooth collection @ Red Dot Running Company around 5 minutes.
  19. Hi @kohpapa, i agreed with Beast that you should be around more often with your valuable inputs. I believe alot of runners here will benefit reading your views.
  20. Thanks for sharing Lonewolf. This year entitlement is much way better than last year. Siow liao...
  21. I was in the last wave which started only 0030 hrs with slight drizzle. Super delayed! Those going for FM will be stressed. At certain places with 1 lane, too congested with runners from both FM & HM. Hydration points were run out of water & Pocari, bananas & energy gels from 9 Km till 15 Km. Nothing! How can this be? Best thing was my friend was given 10 Km finisher medal instead of HM! What a joke sia... Lucky my friend checked & exchanged for the correct one.
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