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  1. Dear Ice Lady, you have my respect when i saw you pulling tyre last year SCSM especially you believe so much in your worthy cause. Keep up your good work & i will bin my trash properly. Cheers.
  2. It is confirmed there is a further 25% off from standard rate even one who did not run SCSM. Will you be joining? Discount code is till 08 Dec only.
  3. Bro, anyone can use this code for further discount if intend to join this event even if never join SCSM 2019.
  4. It's my pleasure Bro Beast. Yes agree with you on still the cheapest event.
  5. Don't waste your money 'cos the engraving can hardly be seen. For your info.
  6. Adopt wait & see attitude but i will definitely pass this year.
  7. Registration is opened today. To refer above link for registration if keen. BYOB event 'cos no paper cups will be provided at hydration points. Distance & finisher T as per last year. New Fun Run non-competitive category is added to the Run and its for 1 lap of 4.3km only. Lastly, slight increase of fee as compared to last year.
  8. Did not realize that the slots are limited till the extend of missing out the early rate & normal rate. Wrote to the organizer if possible to register. Limited slots are re-opened for guy category again. So for those who have itchy legs & still want to run, can consider to join this trail event before it closes again.
  9. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twcsc Register: https://www.events-sign-up.com/50-hours-non-stop-run-2020?fbclid=IwAR3dxM6OgKAAwGVxwN1XLB7I-6jwJKPZFAHdpZ-1dQeXmd9lGPeIyolY9wM REPC: 5 Apr 2020 at Our Tampines Hub (OTH), 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523. It will be held in the OTH’s Central Plaza which is next to the Hawker Centre on level 1 between 10am to 6pm.
  10. Hi Beast if i'm in your shoe, i would choose Zoo run over Forest Force 50. Rational 2 reasons: 1) Zoo finisher medal is ELM whereas Forest Force finisher medal is not. 2) Zoo run is taking a break whereas there is always Forest Force 50 2021.
  11. Fans of Craze Ultra (you know who you are), Kindly reserve this next year date: Craze Ultra 9th edition 10 Oct 2020. Same distances. Website: http://www.crazeultra.com/
  12. @wonderfulblevic, apologies that i gave you wrong impression that i joined 101km. Instead i joined 72km & i was struggling with soiled wet shoes due to blessed rain. Blisters lai liao... Needless, i was in pain. If next year there is Craze Ultra, i will downgrade the distance just like you. Lol... Saw Simon Leng ate his lunch McDonald while running out of North Point. Wow. That's how you guys did it saw in my own eyes. We greeted encouraging words towards one another. Like i mentioned earlier, i have every respect all you guys did your 101 km. Salute!!!
  13. I thought you did shorter distance? Now i understood why @prisangelwas not willing to join Craze Ultra. Roasted by the sun, blessed by the rain, attacked by Z-monsters & tabao blisters yesterday. Lol... Anyway, i salute all who did 101 KM. Rest well guys.
  14. I share the same sentiment with you. That's why i have yet to join this event.
  15. @loderunner maybe you would like to try taping both soles to prevent blisters before the race. Extra socks as standby to change if current sock is wet during race. This was shared by some ultra runners when i posed them same question. Now i hardly have blisters anymore. Hope this helps. PS: Once blister occur, no medicine can ease the pain & do not break the blister.
  16. AutumnRunner pretends not to see our messages. I guess Beast was right! Lol... 101Km category is interesting to look at especially with a Kenya runner. Anyway just be yourself on race day. Good luck to all of us in 2 weeks time D-Day!
  17. @AutumnRunner you should join this race at least once. At least there will not be any regret if dis-continue. Last day to register is 29 Sept 2359 Hrs.
  18. The 40th edition of MR25 Ultramarathon Date: 29 Dec 2019 Sunday Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir (Near Amenity Centre) Each loop is around 10 km which consists of approx. 90% trail. Format: 12 Hrs race format from 7am till 7pm. Individual category (complete minimum 5 laps) Medal, E-Cert & Finisher T-shirt. Mixed team relay category of 03 runners with 01 runner of opposite gender (complete minimum 7 laps) Medal, E-Cert & Finisher T-shirt. Route: Will be furnished nearer to event date. Registration: https://mr25-ultramarathon-2019.eventzilla.net/web/event?eventid=2138763256 Website: https://mr25.org.sg/2019/09/22/mizuno-mr25-ultramarathon-2019/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/MizunoMR25Ultra/?__tn__=HHH-R
  19. You are not alone. I'm also not clocking enough mileage too... 24 days counting down.
  20. Apologies lonewolf. Wanted to delete the wrong post but cannot find so typed cancelled. Not realizing a-bit misleading. You are right that can be handled better. Cheers.
  21. Fully agreed with you on what you have mentioned. Luckily, haze did not really hampered the race. Enjoyed myself on a good workout. Finisher medal is nice.
  22. In my opinion, either they go ahead with both distances or cancel both if haze >=100 - <=200. Why partial?
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