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  1. Date: 10 October 2020 (Sat)

    Venue: Gardens by the Bay

    Distance: 21.1KM, 12.8KM, 6KM, 1.28KM (For kids to 12 years old) & Team of 4 (4 Runners doing 12.8KM each)

    COT:  4Hrs for 21.1KM, 2Hrs 45Min for 12.8KM & 1Hr 45Min for 6KM

    Website: https://www.cscrunbythebay.com/

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/CSCRun/

    Registration: https://metasportevents.net/2020-cscrunbythebay/select_competition

    REPC: 02 & 03 Oct 2020 @ CSC Tessensohn Clubhouse Level4


  2. 10 hours ago, lonewolf said:

    While I may understand why the decision  has to be made to postpone the event, I think it's kind of shi**y that EPIC-ESR does not offer to refund the registration fee. 

    By 'automatically' signing those who registered to an new unannounced date is ridiculous. There is no guarantee that those who signed up for the run for 15 Feb 2020 will be able to make it on the rescheduled date. 

    Given the fluidity of the situation, maybe they overlook this. And I hope EPIC-ESR will honour refund once the rescheduled date is announced. We'll see but given their patchy track record, I will not hold my breadth. 


    8 hours ago, beast said:

    Exactly. I think the immediate concern of many of the runners is a refund, which is common sense and should not have been overlooked. Just adding a simple liner of saying that the procedures for the refund will be made known together with the new date will prevent many of the people asking about it.

    My guess is with the race in 16 days if no change, Marina organizer should have paid all their vendors. So from their point of angle, postpone to a later date is better than full refund. That's why no mentioned of full refund.

    The other reason is not much runners joining this race if you noticed that they keep giving better discounts as compared to loyalist rate till registration suspended. So full refund they will incur heavy losses either way.

    PS: Run for Light & Run for Hope events are going ahead instead of suspension of events from what i am seeing.

  3. On 1/23/2020 at 5:42 AM, kohpapa said:

    Happy Eating and Running - Survive Chinese New Year Feasting Easily

    Chinese New Year is always a fun-filled time with family, friends and food. Amidst the endless gatherings and tempting goodies, it is easy for us to let our hair down and indulge in whatever is presented to us.

    But not without guilt.


    (info - https://www.runsociety.com/food-nutrition/how-you-can-survive-chinese-new-year-feasting-easily/)












    Wishing all - 年年有余 (nián nián yôu yú) means have abundance year after year and prosperity in the new year.


    Wah @kohpapa, i see all these calories my sums all don't add up siah... Lol...

    I wack first & then do my running later to burn.

    Taking this opportunity to wish Kohpapa & peeps " A Happy & Prosperous Huat Huat New Year!"

  4. 21 hours ago, kohpapa said:

    China - will 'marathon fever' continue? Our other WMM Major Candidate for 2021/2022

    (info - https://www.shine.cn/sport/2001079314/)






    Bro, i don't think SDM will die out. I felt SDM has become a branding on it's own over the years. A truly "Sleep Can Wait" event that runners ran unearthly hours over the years.

    Branding of Marathon event must attract Strong Local Runner and especially International runners. It must also innovate with technology.

    Otherwise, a truly "Sleep Can Wait" event will "Sleep Forever or RIP".


    SDM has yet to be known as "branded" internationally (being certified), except it has being known as "Water Not Enough" Singapore Marathon. 

    July - August (Summer months) there are many available slots for SCSM to be considered for 2021

    The humidity in May - August has been always high (a minus for any endurance run) and often the date clash with the Muslim Ramadan and Hari Raya (a minus for muslim runners who may come from the region like Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia). May/June is the Inter Monsoon Season and there is possibility of "stormy-thunder lighting weather".

    Of course, this will more than likely sound the death knell for SDM unless it does the smart thing and shift to the end of the year.

    SDM has yet reinvented itself as "Sun Rise" Day Marathon and that also can be a death knell for SDM. Unlike SCSM - Day or Evening or Night Marathon option is always there.

    Me personally think that China is up & coming regardless of road races or trail events ie. UTMB etc. We will definitely see more & more Chinese runners. Plus point that is their sporting culture much stronger than ours.

    Political reason we will see a China marathon becomes one of WMM in the future & most like will be Chengdu Marathon. Rational Wanda Chairman's hometown is at Chengdu.



    SDM might not be known internationally but due to marketing efforts of previous owner HiVelocity, they have sold the idea of "Largest Night Race in Asia" to this region ie. China, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. So definitely if any runner is talking of night race, SDM will come in the picture & not clone like Bangkok Midnight Marathon.

    Of course SDM has much to improve as compared to SCSM & cut down silly mistakes like Water Not Enough. If not,  it will be like what you said Sleep Forever.

  5. 11 hours ago, lonewolf said:

    Of course, this will more than likely sound the death knell for SDM unless it does the smart thing and shift to the end of the year.

    Bro, i don't think SDM will die out. I felt SDM has become a branding on it's own over the years. A truly "Sleep Can Wait" event that runners ran unearthly hours over the years.

    If it shifts, more likely to capture market share of muslim runners like kohpapa mentioned.

  6. 13 hours ago, kohpapa said:

    I seriously don't see why the shoe should be banned. Make no sense at all.

    If technology can improve one's timing or feel good factor, it should be allowed in my opinion.

  7. In my opinion, road closure issue at CBD cannot be resolved at all. Non-runners will NEVER be understanding. These can be seen 1) NDP held either at Padang or Floating Platform 2) Spore F1 Night Race where there are still alot of complaints about jams or affecting nearby business. So what's new?

    I believe in Beast's sharing of stretching to ECP to lessen the traffic impact. No complaints? Impossible.

  8. 9 hours ago, kohpapa said:

    uncle run "4am" before...with trail lights...uncle's version of "night run - pre-sunrise or sundown or Energizer Night Run whatever...anticlockwise...start...


    so never run during 7th lunar month...anticlockwise...guarantee..DieDieNForget...and remember to wear Ultra! night sunglasses to see "ghostly" runners better besides sunrise at MR 😀

    Wow 4am with trail lights! I don't think i have the courage like you to do it.

    Read somewhere got white stuff at MR. I have seen elsewhere before so i do not wish to encounter again. You champion & have my respect.

  9. 9 hours ago, kohpapa said:

    Uncle would like to congratulate @SG RED DEVIL, for accomplished an Ultra! Marathon Trail Run.

    Finisher tee design is nice but i did not managed to get due to DNF....So run next year and get it "honourably".

    Taken in previous TNFs and MR25. As uncle has shared in Ultra! Runs forum, which is more challenging for MR trail - running clockwise or anti-clockwise?

    Uncle's immediate answer from experiences - anti-clockwise around MR route will be more challenging...terrain elevation is steeper on start...and running on Lap 1 is always the most challenging for run to start from wee hours of morning....your legs must be properly "warmed up" to go elevated terrain run...stamina of most endured "energy" is expired in Lap 1.

    Unfortunately, i DNF on my 2nd loop due to sprain ankle during the process. Game over... Sianz...So what happens if the route is wet and muddy...what if yesterday was thunder storm?...and Lap 2 is like Lap 1...elevated terrain run again...

    Where i fall, i will come back to run again. Sure, run the anti-clockwise MR route (more challenging) again maybe on alternate year (or unless MR25 agrees how about 41st edition of MR25 Ultramarathon repeat anti-clockwise) 

    and prove to all... i always believe trail event is more challenging than road events....Agreed.

    MR25 UltraMarathon format...fixed time with how many maximum laps you can acheived, don't just stop at 5 laps...lol...just for the nice Finisher tee...


    @kohpapa, thanks for your encouraging words. I will definitely be back to conquer next year.

    9 hours ago, starfinder said:

    Congrats to bro SG red devil for attempting the run!

    I have run Macritchie only a few times and do agree the start at the trail near Prumus is not easy since it is upslope for some distance. Can be challenge to especially a road runner like me.


    Thanks @starfinder bro for your well wishes. Trail events are very limited in Singapore compared to road events. All of us strive for challenges rather than PB for road. Do start somewhere for a start if not when?

    9 hours ago, wonderfulblevic said:

    I also prefer anti clockwise. Get the tough part out of the way first when the legs are still fresh, especially that slope at 2km mark. Also, I find it easier to go down those man made steps near the Venus drive and again near the golf course area, compared to climbing up the steps. 

    @wonderfulblevic  i hate climbing up those  long man made steps too. Lol... Worse was alot of foreign leisure walkers  blocking the way. Gathered at Ranger station talking loudly giving an impression you are at shopping mall instead at nature. Sibei suay.

  10. 11 hours ago, beast said:

    How did the run go? 

    @beastbro, i attended the event yesterday. I enjoyed myself yesterday 'cos i always believe trail event is more challenging than road events. Unfortunately, i DNF on my 2nd loop due to sprain ankle during the process. Game over... Sianz...

    This is my personal rating of this event:

    Race Expo: 4/5 (Even though there are 3 booths, no queue at all & race pack consists of Bib, Pocari drink, 30% voucher, energy gel & post race recovery mixture)

    Race precinct: 4/5 (Adequate hydration, toilets nearby, quick deposit at baggage)

    Medal/Singlet/Finisher tee: 3.5/5 (Finisher tee design is nice but i did not managed to get due to DNF)

    Post Race: 3/5 (Given bananas, water melon, water and pocari drink which is limited compared to Running Guild events)

    Race: 4/5 (5 loops of 10.5KM within 12 hours. Trail Ultra- 90% trail 10% road)

    Overall rating: 3.7/5

    PS: Where i fall, i will come back to run again.

  11. 13 hours ago, starfinder said:

    I participated in this year's 10 km run. A good departure from my usual venue or road races. The medal is nice and of good quality and the organizers provided good refreshments at end point at hort park. Highly recommended!

    Glad that you enjoyed the event. Rejoining next year?

  12. 19 hours ago, lonewolf said:

    Personally I disagree with you.

    I actually feels that giving finisher shirt to HM actually kinda cheapens the FM finisher shirt. This also applies for HM races that also gives finisher tee for the shorter distance like 10K.

    I'm not suggesting that HM finisher do not deserve it. But I believe that the Finisher shirt should be reserved for the longest distance for the race. In the case of SDM, its the FM and it should be the only race distance to give the finisher tee.

    Those who want a HM finisher shirt can always participated in other races with HM distance like 2XU, Eco Run, AHM etc.


    12 hours ago, starfinder said:

    I do agree with you and feel that the 'prestige' of the FM shirt is somehow reduced, though I feel having the shirt for HM is also not an issue. Completing HM is a milestone actually.

    I believe regular runners completing HM will sooner or later consider the FM. Completing the FM with the shirt and medal is definitely something to be proud of.

    No right or wrong on finisher T for HM @ marathon events ie. SDM & SCSM.

    In my opinion so long the finisher T consists of distance completed, i do not think HM finisher T will cheapen those who completed FM.

    I'm only against general finisher T or finisher medal for all which i felt injustice for the longest distance completed.  So far i have encountered Marina Run 2018 (finisher T) & Force of Nature 2018 (finisher medal). No effort from organizer!

  13. Hi Guys, we cannot pleased everybody. Last year when SCSM was held in the morning, there were alot KPKB at FB about JAM in Spore. I rebutted them that this was only 1 year once so why can't they bear with it?

    In my opinion whether day or night, they will still complain. Since Spore sporting culture is not there, their mindset will always be negative. So simply don't bother to explain.

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