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  1. Hmm interesting topic. I stopped totally at this moment but i will resume for my next adventure next month. Lolz..
  2. Collection at Tampines West CSC was a bliss in less than 5 minutes today.
  3. Would suggest you to join if keen. But do read the organizer's terms and conditions carefully for this event. Well you could run where there is less people around route which i always did. Anyway, the over sized finisher medal design is not out yet which is part of the entitlements beside finisher T upon completion.
  4. Design of Finisher T seriously cannot make it. See you next year then.
  5. Well all of us are not sure when will the current pandemic will end and virtual races are the way to go at the moment. If you do not have the 1st medal, no point joining this event due to incomplete ST Trilogy in my opinion. I would recommend you to join 100 Miles (160 km) Challenge event. Support local event! This can be achieved easily by you over Saturday and Sunday 20 km each over 4 weeks. Not sure if you agree? Lolz...
  6. I felt it's a pity that you would not be joining 175km. Reason is 1) complete ST Trilogy 2) this event is not costly for 2 finisher medals (value for money) 3) 02 x "ELM" quality finisher medals being offered. Anyway 60 days to complete 175km by accumulating is achievable in my opinion. Just approach as weekly 30km exercise run? Anyway, will respect your decision at the end of the day.
  7. Tried looking for the 1st medal but without any success. Since cannot complete all 3, i rather forgo instead.
  8. Registration is now opened! Kindly refer registration link. Finisher T design as below. Oversea runners are welcome but do ask for postage fee before joining. Full details at Craze Ultra website.
  9. Agree with you 2 hands 2 legs up. Moreover finisher medals are ELM as compared the other two. Value for money. But i will have to pass this but to support 100 Miles event instead.
  10. Bro, wrong info. 175 KM for 2nd & 3rd medal as mentioned by others. Next year new design.
  11. Price is dirt cheap in my opinion. I did not join last year so no point going for this year too since i cannot complete the design.
  12. Wah details of event and registration are all taken down. Bad omen. Managed to dodge a bullet with the advise of seniors here against registration of events this year in view of COVID situation. The beauty of this forum here. Runners helping runners. Thanks.
  13. @simonleng, your prediction comes true. I guess you must be joining?
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