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  1. Great news that date has been changed to 18 Mar. Will attend.
  2. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    There is no e-cert for this race.
  3. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    In my opinion, it is more effective if all runners boycott all events by XE. Even if Case judge rules in your favour & the other party does not attend the hearing, chances of getting refund are very very slim. Unless you want to engage a lawyer to fight the case in civil court which usually costs more than a refund, i do not see any point. For your info.
  4. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    Yolo maybe is pulling a fast one on the accident that they mentioned. Whereas i only saw 2 incidents at the end point.
  5. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    I believe you would also saw the ambulance twice at the end point for emergency? Emphatize the runners concerned who were sent for emergency. As mentioned by others in FB, Your Organisation Lousy One...
  6. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    In my opinion, PR also failed. I do not believed that they were not aware. The road marshal near sport hub told us to make a u-turn back. That's where the 3km was missing came in. Road marshals aware & owners not aware? Lol...
  7. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    I do not think so 'cos there was no road marshell on this stretch. The pavement was narrow that was jammed with runners with very slow movement. Luckily traffic was light. I was also following what others did to keep the momentum going.
  8. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    This is one of the worst race being organised. Race started quite late. Bottle neck running route till the jam was very bad at one point. Not much indication of distance. Minimal road marshals. Alot commented that instead of 10km run actual run was only 7km. End point confusion for collecting finisher medal which also jam. Best pinnacle part was collecting of my baggage took me 1hr 20 mins under hot sun . In short the organizer owes all runners apology for poor planning starting from race pack collection till the run. Pay me money to run next year i also don't want. Waste of all runners' time in my opinion.
  9. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    Went to Suntec at 3pm today to collect race pack. Waiting period took more than 1 hour to collect items due to long queue even though there were 10 counters. For those who have yet to collect to take note over the weekend.
  10. CompressSport Run 2017 [POSTPONED]

    New date 4 Mar 2019 http://www.justrunlah.com/race/compressport-run-2017-singapore/
  11. Transformers Run Singapore - 6 Jan 2018 (Sat)

    Hmm.. Event is now off the calender. Seems like the take up rate is low.
  12. Newbie Reporting

    Thanks for the warm welcome AutumnRunner. I'm slowly easing with 3 races registered for these year.
  13. Newbie Reporting

    Hi Guys, Happened to bum into this forum while searching for some info. Running has been part of my nature of my job till my injury a few years ago. Re-started recently 2 months ago & looking forward to my next one next month. i believe i will learn alot from you guys here. Have a great weekend!
  14. 20 Aug 17- Safra Singapore Bay Run And Army Half Marathon 2017

    Hi AutumnRunner, just checking if this design is final? Cos i saw different designs online as per attached. I'm abit confused.