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  1. 100% agree. Luckily stuck with two events only. Most likely will not join any further this year unless situation is stabilized.
  2. I guess no events are safe for this year. Indeed a sad year for all runners...
  3. Event postponed till 31 Jul- 02 Aug.
  4. I thought this hot place would pull thru’ but I guess I was wrong. Latest Covid victim.
  5. I'm not sure but someone asked at their FB page & they replied yes to go ahead. Anyway, not counting my chickens first after seeing so many events either cancelled or postponed so far. Lol...
  6. I believe you have misunderstood what i'm saying. No doubt 2020 Safari Zoo was postponed but i'm not talking about this at all. This COVID-19 has created chaos that affected my event Spartan Sprint which was postponed with no date. I'm also not sure if i should register for Spartan Super in Aug & Beast in Nov (to achieve Trifecta) based on current situation. 2nd half year run events i'm referring to ie. TransSingapore, CSC Bay Run etc should i register to take advantage of early bird rate or pay more for late registration? Situation does not look bright for this year which i agree with lonewolf. So i'm also adopting wait & see attitude at the moment. Delay my decision to register as long as possible. Cheers.
  7. Agree with you based on current situation & the way things are going. Definitely create chaos for me to achieve Spartan Trifecta this year. Plus 2nd half of the run events that i'm interested in whether to sign or not...
  8. Keeping fingers cross for this event. So far so good.
  9. Another one postponed. Will Income Eco Run next?
  10. Sianz... Spartan Sprint Spore postponed. I think joining events this year will be challenging.
  11. Joining this year running events have to be super selective. Wait suay suay postponed events collide together same date headache.
  12. Bro, i thought seasoned runner like you would join 50 km. Anyway, see you then.
  13. Registration opens today. Early rate is good till 01 Jun 2020. I believed seasoned or newbie runners will join this 1st edition event if time permits.
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