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  1. Stand Chart KL Marathon 7 Aug 2016

    I also registered for fm le. Which hotel to recommend ?
  2. Osaka Marathon 2016

    Will be running in this year race too
  3. WTS: Event and finisher tees

    Up this thread.
  4. ST Run in the City - 16 Jul 2017

    Is it those 10 litre bag where you can bring it to the beach/island hopping when you are overseas for diving/snorkelling to store your items etc?
  5. When you feel stressed out about how tough and difficult it is in the middle of an ultra and yet you still have a marathon to complete after running for eternity, sign up for a short race such as a 10K. It's therapeutic. Achieve PB and can rest and recuperate after that. LOL.
  6. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    I am disappointed with the introduction of a new category 10km into Newton Challenge. I took part in Newton Challenge last year in the 21km category, had a great experience.
  7. PCCW Global Chariy Run 2017 - 24 May (Wed)

    Looks good but Wednesday morning could be a issue with many...
  8. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    Wonderful,Thank you for your info.
  9. PCCW Global Chariy Run 2017 - 24 May (Wed)

    Looks good but Wednesday morning I have no time.
  10. List of Trinity Race

    Marina Run 2016 is the trinity run !