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  1. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Hey folks, so sorry disappear. Training and work have been really busy. I have not got the time to update. Its 35 days away from race day. I am fully ready. However I have also set up a fundraising page for Children Cancer Foundation. I have made more updates to my blogs as well. I will write a full report after my my race! Thanks everyone!!
  2. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Check out this from sagerunning.com . It explain paces and heart rate zones!
  3. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Different paces. My training consist of 4 paces.. from slowest to the fasted. Slowest........ Recovery Pace (about 1.5min/km slower than marathon pace) Slow..............Easy Pace or conversational pace(slight slower than marathon pace, about 40sec/km) Normal........ Marathon Pace (for long runs) Fast..............Speed pace or Lactate Threshold pace (About1.5min/km faster than marathon pace) Most of my "Easy" run are paired with stairs or powerhike + speed. So for example 24 easy means, I do like 8km Speed intervals then finish off a 16km easy pace. My speed intervals goes like 40sec Speed pace with 1min20sec recovery pace. I started off with 6 sets of interval but I am gradually increasing the no. of sets. Currently doing 12sets. Long runs are jus very simple non-stop marathon pace. To cover the distance without break. In the past, before I sign up for MDS, I used to do occasional speed session for about 8km -10km and I call it a day. But right now I felt that getting those mileage in (AKA, time spent on feet) is paramount, so "easy" pace run were attached after my speed sessions. I apologized that I did not explained this beforehand.
  4. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Yup! 2 weeks. Because I work 5 days in one week and 2 days the next week, it's not fair to compare week by week.
  5. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Week 20 -21 update! http://ultrarunzaw.blogspot.sg/2017/05/i-maintained-by-mileage-however-i-added.html
  6. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    My kinvara hit 100km mileage today. A little update on it's condition http://ultrarunzaw.blogspot.sg/2017/05/lazy-day.html| Also, I'm doing a 3hr long easy run this coming Sunday at Bedok Reservoir from around 8am-11am. Own time own pace! Feel free to join if anyone wants.
  7. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Short of video of packing the backpack for MDS by Elisabet Barnes (2017 MDS femal champion) for the curious! Look at the amount of things being squeeze into a small bag!
  8. Twilight Ultra Challenge 2017, 23 - 24 September 2017

    Hmm I might sign up for this if my work schedule doesn't clash! I do have a 60km green race in August and 32km Newton in October. Not sure if throwing an ultra in Sep is a bit overkill.
  9. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Hmmm not really. What I meant was, she usually organize a marathon race is the US. I can take part in it but, I will ownself run here in Singapore on the day itself. After Im done, I just send her my race and time details lor. It's something small and casual. Like a smaller target. It's usually among people she coaches. That would be cool!
  10. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Hey there! Yes, i saw a lot of of Hoka One One too! In fact the women's champion Elisebet Barnes ran in Hoka One One shoes. I was making a choice between Kinvara and Hoka challenger ATR. If the Kinvara doesn't work out, I'll will definitely give Hoka a go! Hey I'm not really a good runner myself. My FM pace is around 7.5min/km to 8min/km. Slow as hell. Hopefully by December, I could do a sub 5hr Marathon at SCMS. I am open to sharing my upcoming training. I've recently just switched to Runkeeper from Nike+. I'm not really a tech/gadget or an app person. I'm still trying to figure the app out. Kinda dumb in that aspect. You can actually follow me on runkeeper (Zaw Oo). You can read my training plan here http://ultrarunzaw.blogspot.sg/2017/05/my-training-plan.html I am currently in Week 1 schedule, thus my upcoming runs are on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I apologize as I can't really share my running location in advance yet as I usually decide on them last minute. I usually run around my house (woodlands) or I travel to Bedok Reservoir. It usually depends on what time I manage wake up in the morning and the whether condition. Once in a while (once every 2 months?) I do a "virtual" full marathon run with my Coach in the US. She organize races in the US, but I will join them "virtually". For cases like these, I do pick out a location in advance. Cheers!
  11. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Hmmm. I'll keep that in mind. I'll probably get abit of activity into the shoes like once a week instead totally benching it.
  12. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Actually I asked this question as well. The answer I usually get is "no". A pair of shoes weight about 500-700g which is quite heavy when you're aiming for 7kg backpack. It's not only the weight, its the volume. You can't squeeze it into your bag. It will either be dangling around or you need another shoe bag (additional weight). If you have spare 500-700g of weight, you would probably want to bring something that you will definitely use. Whereas an additional pair of shoes is more of a "just in case" scenario, which can usually be avoided with sufficient preparation and understanding of your shoes. What I understand most runner do is that they bring duct tape along should their shoes comes off. I do heard of a few runners who DNF due to shoes coming off but it's a small number. It's more of an exception rather than the norm. What I am planning to do is to try a few shoes out, get about 200kms in, and monitor the shoe's condition. Around January 2018, I will get the exact same pair, condition it with about 50km mileage, and then set it aside for the race.
  13. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Thanks! I try my bestest not to DNF!
  14. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    Actually my first choice of shoes of Brooks Cascadia 11. However it weigh so much at about 340g. If you factor in gaitors, the weigh could go up even more. While the Cascadia is extremely resilient, the weight is really a dis-advantage. I'm looking for something lighter. The Kinvara 8 is about 230g. I'm not sure how resilience it is but currently I have 90km mileage on it. I'm quite liking it. The RunningLab did mentioned that it is more of a road running shoe. I have a 60km TheGreenRace coming up in August. Im thinking of taking the Kinvara there to see how it fare. https://thegreenrace.sg/ Actually I'm all ears for choice of shoes as I'm still testing around! Would love some advice on it!
  15. Marathon Des Sables 2018

    I work in a pharma industry (QC). Im actually on 12 hour shift work (8am-8pm). Thus I only need to work 7 days in 2 weeks. I get a lot of weekdays off!