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    Yes. Thank you for the advice
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    Thank you for the various ideas I will definitely look into them. Have a pleasant day!
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    Thank you AutumnRunner
  4. New member here

    Thank you. It is ok, I shall try out one of them
  5. New member here

    Haha, just because I participated it last year, and it was my first half marathon I ran, and it was quite pleasant to run, less crowded, and a lot of food after the run (was comparing it to Sundown... because I only participated in these 2 marathon event) Yes, it is still many months to go. I was thinking to take a 10km run in between, do you have any good suggestion?
  6. New member here

    Thank you for the encouragements and the useful information shared with me. Being frank, I did not expect to get any response, I am glad to received 2. AutumnRunner, I should be going for Newton Challenge though I do not know when will the run be yet, I will keep my spirit up and train for it
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    Hi all, I am new here, just started the run since June 2016, only done 2 times of 21km (second was on last Saturday Sundown) and 1 time of 10km. Trying to beat my own 21km to time within 2hours for 21km, definitely need the advice from the seniors here and the valuable information from the past forum. Hope to get motivation from here Yong