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  1. bookie

    HOOGA Run 2018 - 29 Sep (Sat)

    nevermind I tell you who the organiser is already. please update your post. thanks a lot
  2. bookie

    HOOGA Run 2018 - 29 Sep (Sat)

    you proclaim yourself the expert in sg races but cannot bother to check? here you are, GradeOne Capital Pte Ltd
  3. Race at Sentosa on 10 June. Carnival for 3 days. Info: http://garfieldcarnival.com/
  4. bookie

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    good news!
  5. RunSociety + Spacebib keeps covering X-Change messups because they got vested interest. Does these "posts" seem genuine to you? You think they would write like this if not vested interest meh? https://www.runsociety.com/races/yolo-run-singapore-2017-review-a-race-that-was-less-than-stellar/ https://www.runsociety.com/highlight/runners-league-vs-the-performance-series/ I ask you one thing, why there is not a single mention of Rnner's League cancellation on RunSociety if they are not trying to cover their tracks?
  6. I said it earlier also... spacebib + runsociety + x-change republic are the same group of friends + syndicate.
  7. so i'ts Coney Island trail run again
  8. I know this is OFFTOPIC - but I find the official timing of all races quite worthless and useless. Even more so when they use waves, or it takes me 1-2 minutes to even cross start line. Then how to even compare myself with others? So just use my app and try to improve myself over races hah
  9. If you go for the non-competitive 10km then you still get medal + finisher tshirt + singlet and it comes at $49.50 per race for bundle. sounds quite reasonable no? personallu i don't care about the timing, I use my own app anyway for timing haha
  10. 22 April - Punggol Waterway 24 June - Pasir Ris 5 August - Bedok Reservoir 14 October - East Coast from email
  11. X-Change Repubic and YOLO Incorporation have the same people behind them. Alex and Xavier. Don't be fooled whatever new name they give to the company which will front 2018 race.
  12. bookie

    V RUN (10 February 2018)

    10 February 2018, Saturday from 3.30pm - 9.00pm Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach 5km leisurely run or walk EARLY BIRD (Inclusive FREE Entry to Sentosa) S$118.00nett (Per Couple) STUDENT RATE S$100.00nett (Per Couple) U.P. S$128.00nett (Per Couple) Official site: http://www.vrun.com.sg/
  13. for real? last time I checked CASE need to pay a fee before you can file complain... can tell us how you did it? I also want to know