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  1. thank you for hear our concern and postponing @lonewolf
  2. so this organiser guy will choose to benefit his own pocket (Again) and not think about the safety of his runners and the public. OK. OK.
  3. please SGRUNNERS lonewolf my kind request is learn to read whole article before here. why? because you are the voice of sgrunners, you say event cancel, event will cancel. clearly below says committed events who sell tickets ready can go on. thank you
  4. @lonewolf after of all these years EPICESR stabbing at our backs, why you still give them Your Money? Serious question, no trying to be funny.
  5. All SG Runners Races Events Must Stop Accepting Innternational Registrations Better Safe
  6. bookie

    Ultra Runs!

    @starfinder please comply with sgrunners legendary user @lonewolf instructions and remove this off-topic immediately. thank you
  7. of course don't care. ELM medal more important than killing people
  8. it's ok bro not your problem not worry. I smelled the bad vibes from the secretary in the forum. only spam and promote but race day don't care. give promo don't care. anyway, never join again
  10. HAHAHA HERE I GIVE YOU LOBANG SGRUNNER FRIENDS Marathon (42.195km) Use promo code SCSMXJRL90 to enjoy 30% off (U.P. S$130) Other Categories Use promo code SCSMXJRL10OFF to enjoy up to 20% off
  11. Secretary please give discount for SGRUNNERS Friends. If no discount, no offer, please kindly don't spam so much here about your event, it is not very considerate THANK YOU
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