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  1. bookie

    Define Your Run 2018

    A morning race that allows you to make the decision that shapes your challenge just the way you want, just like decisions made daily. To open up a new notion to defining your run. http://www.defineyourrun.asia/ ANYONE GO?
  2. 17 March 2019 7:30am Marina Barrage https://www.ifpasrun2019.com/ OK
  3. bookie

    One north Run 2018 - 2 Dec 2018

    cheap race, consider. early bird extended hehehehe
  4. friends @philip and @beast I am really sorry if I offended anyone with my posts. I have some behavior problem because of something happenned to me at young age. But now I am much older and in my years I have encountered, liers, cheaters and good people also. I will try not to post so frequent any more because i don't want to upset anyone. Please in the future if I offend anyone send me a message and I will make fix. But in this aformentioned prischew case, all the proof you need is in her sayings and in her behaviour. Read closely and you will understand. It is OK, i will not respond further, I believed the God will make justice for everyone. Let us all move on to the next year of running events and let us all be better persons and better runners
  5. If you already admit that multiple votes may come from your house because "you invited friends", then why were you surprised? Such "log" can easily be fabricated at any point. Why would I believe that it is real? hahahha I can create anything myself too. And even it is real, it doesn't mean that you didn't know the loophope before "Danny" told you. If you didn't know the loophole, but friends still came to your house to vote, how did your friends vote if it is impossible like you say to vote twice? What are you saying? I tried the links and I can vote multiple times with clearing the cache. In the same sentence you say "you cannot vote twice" and you also say "you can vote multiple times". I say you cheated badly, maybe you paid people to vote for you, the same way you buy likes, or you spent to much time yourself voting for your self. This is why you make al this noise now. I am not surprised by this outcome because you are a spammer and a scammer and the only thing you post in sgrunners is to beg people to click on your site. I saw your Facebook also, no more than 3,500 fans. How do you think you we can believe you you can gather 6,000 votes hahahaha Unless you gather whole town in your house like you said. I am sure you also cheated for your bloggers awards. You ruined the contest for the other contentasts, congratulations
  6. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/motivational-contest-for-runners-cancelled-over-voting-issues https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/motivational-contest-runners-cancelled-over-voting-issues Motivational contest for runners cancelled over voting issues PUBLISHED OCT 19, 2018, 8:22 AM SGT SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) - A contest involving participants in a race event was cancelled after the organisers suspected discrepancies during the voting process. The event, organised by The Performance Series (TPS), features runners who took part in a series of four races, covering distances of either 5km or 10km, from April to October this year. This year, runners were invited to take part in the TPS Ambassadors contest, held from March to September. Contestants had to submit a motivational story about their running journey over the year, with the winner decided by two criteria - public votes and the number of people they had inspired to join the race (tracked using a promotional code given to each participant). Five entries were selected to vie for the $1,000 prize. But on Monday (Oct 15), one participant, Ms Priscilla Chew, wrote on her blog that the contest had been cancelled after the closing date. She told The New Paper that she contacted the organisers and was told participants would be given a $100 Compressport voucher and a TPS medal hanger worth $45 as compensation. Their registration fees - starting from a minimum of $45 per race - for the TPS 2018 races would also be refunded. Ms Chew said: "I am not happy because we worked hard to rally the votes. "The value of the compensation is also less than $1,000." When the contest closed on Sept 30, Ms Chew had the highest number of votes at 6,259. The next participant had 3,415. TPS told TNP the contest was cancelled because each of the five participants had multiple votes cast from the same IP address. Its spokesman said: "A participant with over 6,000 votes had about 5,200 votes created from the same IP address. At least 1,000 of the 3,000-plus votes received by another contestant were also cast from a single IP address, he added. "The contamination of the votes was so extensive that there was no way of identifying a winner," the spokesman said. When asked about this, Ms Chew said: "The votes may have come from the same IP because I invited some friends over to my home to vote for me." She also claimed that there is no way to access the same voting link and vote twice. The TPS spokesman said: "We tried to prohibit multiple voting by using cookies. But there are always ways to go around this."
  7. lai lai... https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/motivational-contest-for-runners-cancelled-over-voting-issues
  8. they will give out free car to winner or something like that and a lot will pay again. and the cycle will continue and continue hahahahaha
  9. bookie

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    ok I hope when sgrunners forum needed help, at least i hope she contributed back financialy give back some money from the traffic she makes because of sgrunners let and let live and let's all run happily
  10. bookie

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    become 1) friend autumnrunner is an amateur and 2) friend autumnrunner contributes to the sgrunners forum like you and me. but ms prischew 1) is a professional blogger that makes money from event organisers (FYI she was promoting a lot fo Exchange Republic events last year hiding the truth from people) and 2) only posts sgrunners links to her site. I am sorry if I offended you friend beast
  11. bookie

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    thanks spamming
  12. so as long as they wave $30 at you, you are willing to do anything for them hahahaha