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  1. yes. like @lonewolf is saying, event owner is not the same thing as event organiser
  2. we dont give a damn about useless products in race boodie bags
  3. organiser have discount code please? this event ridiculous-expensive to join but I want...
  4. probably they give discount price
  5. Unfortunately X-Change Events Group manage to out-do themselves once again yesterday at DreamWorks Day Run... See the situation below... For your consideration when joining their next events YOLO Run, REAL Run, Runners League and Run Free.
  6. bro, I understand your good intentions, but let us not be naive... they are contracted professional event organisers and not high school students, so this is not a test or opportunity for them to "learn". They should know these things already since this is how the make money.
  7. I hope so. But juding from the past I still believe that X-Change will try to cut corners any way they can. Maybe we should warn HomeTeamNS so they keep a closer eye on them hahaha
  8. that is really not true. Punggol CSC is doing Otter Run in the vicinity since 2013 or 2014. Also, TPS 2016 and 2017 is in Punggol Waterway + Coney Island
  9. welcome to the scam world of X-Change Events hahaha
  10. FYI this year the organiser is X-Change events. You have been warned...
  11. do you even understand what I am saying or you just post for sake of posting? I am a customer of running events and when read a review from an influencer/blogger, I want to know if that influencer has been paid or compensated in order to shape my opinion towards purchasing a product / service or not. I don't care about IRAS or declaring the income. It is time you understand that joining a race is paying for a service and every sale is a contract. Organisers who do not deliver what they promise by the contract of sale are liable the same way when a product is not working properlye.
  12. FYI bloggers are obliged by law to declare if they receive money or free products / services in return for publication services. Otherwise it's conflict of interest or even worse just outright scam... On top of that free products must be declared as per IRAS guidline FYI. you go do your research before being smartalec with me here. so yes i need to know from anybody who publicly influences people with their blog and tell us clearly if they make money or other free services in return. If you do nothing wrong, why you hide it?
  13. since you consider yourself a public figure in running, you name will be involved either you want it or not... It would be good to tell us also how much money or other benefits you take from event organisers to help with their promotion. thanks
  14. empty promises to make more money bro. no more faith in them, give them no more chance
  15. and who are you? the good boy of X-Change Republic or maybe RS or JRL or Pris trying to defend them? we all must say what we want, we pay good money and some organisers saw no respect to us