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  1. X-Change Events garantee bad experience every race. runners beware.
  2. better do on photoshop. everything fake anyway. #fakenews #fakeruns
  3. please lah. instead you want us to pay in only and get frustrated because we get nothing in return right?
  4. virtual run only appeals to those only interested in piece of metal. when these will realise metals eventually will collect dust and is wastage of space in drawer or rack, i think virtual run will be no more. Vouchers and budle promotions I think waste. Every event now give 100 vouchers, all go to bin. In my case I dont know why I need to pay my good money when I can step our my flat and do the same for free?
  5. it's ok, can complain now and join again next year
  6. Where can I find promo code Please?
  7. Where can I find promo code please?