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  1. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    how you know? Their FB and Website, still ask people to register for leg 03
  2. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    let's all keep giving them our money and wait to see how else they can surprise us in the future
  3. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    you just don't understand sarcasm, do you?
  4. yes any race at coney island cannot too early cause of nparks rules. same case with Green Corridor last time
  5. where you got this info boy? their website says TBC http://www.theperformanceseries.sg/the-races/race-3-changi-exhibition-centre/ their first race flag off nicely like this 21km: 5.00am10km: 6.30am5km: 8.00am see dark dark video
  6. CompressSport Run 2017 [POSTPONED]

    what a joke compressport
  7. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    yes. like @lonewolf is saying, event owner is not the same thing as event organiser
  8. we dont give a damn about useless products in race boodie bags
  9. Puma Night Race 2017 - 26 Aug (Sat)

    organiser have discount code please? this event ridiculous-expensive to join but I want...
  10. ST Run in the City - 16 Jul 2017

    probably they give discount price
  11. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    Unfortunately X-Change Events Group manage to out-do themselves once again yesterday at DreamWorks Day Run... See the situation below... For your consideration when joining their next events YOLO Run, REAL Run, Runners League and Run Free.
  12. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    bro, I understand your good intentions, but let us not be naive... they are contracted professional event organisers and not high school students, so this is not a test or opportunity for them to "learn". They should know these things already since this is how the make money.
  13. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    I hope so. But juding from the past I still believe that X-Change will try to cut corners any way they can. Maybe we should warn HomeTeamNS so they keep a closer eye on them hahaha
  14. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    that is really not true. Punggol CSC is doing Otter Run in the vicinity since 2013 or 2014. Also, TPS 2016 and 2017 is in Punggol Waterway + Coney Island