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  1. Can be done... had joined the city 60 duathlon... can print out timing immediately after race ...so I don’t see any issues why they can’t know our timing immediately after crossing the finish line
  2. Nope... I boycott this year cause all at east side one wor
  3. Like getting worst each year
  4. Star Wars Run 2018 - 5 May (Sat)

    Ya... the guy issue queue number then I realized.. got the storm trooper one...
  5. Star Wars Run 2018 - 5 May (Sat)

    Wah piang eh, 11am start I’m like at least 300 in the queue sia for race pack collection
  6. HM one jiak luck man... run finish no bus or train
  7. Can tell that guy to answer why last year race got duck tour vehicle moving beside Runner’s?
  8. POSB Run for Kids 2018 - 08 Sep (Sat)

    Still can not register?
  9. Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Reach at 11am sharp for race pack collection with a good 40 people in front of me liAo... lol... queue moving fast thougj
  10. Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Same here, really look similar until the fort road to ecp part lol
  11. JustMove Asia: Singapore 2018

    This weekend chiong jurong lake ... lol
  12. Gold label my arse lah... last year still got duck tour vehicle beside me when I run... this is obviously against the rules hope get osaka marathon and skip this sh1t
  13. Race pack must be collected by participant ONLY... cannot collect on behalf ... lol