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  1. Lol wah piang eh... means I must sign up for next year yellow ribbon liao
  2. stalky79

    Home team ns real run - 21st oct 2018

    Damn it, finisher tee size SIBEH BIG..wasted can’t wear garmin show only 20.8km from finish line... if include the distance to collect medal and finisher tee maybe got 21.1km nice ELM medal Got COLD water and isotonic drink bin should put further away from hydration point
  3. stalky79

    Home team ns real run - 21st oct 2018

    I can’t find the toilet but can find start pen... just walk along the Carpark area to the start pen
  4. stalky79

    Home team ns real run - 21st oct 2018

    Omg, no portable toilets at the starting area!!! Went to the public one like st run, need walk abit to the start pen... lol
  5. stalky79

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    Thanks for the info
  6. Wah liew, don’t like that leh give chance can or not
  7. stalky79

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    hmm, is it normal not to receive any further details? about a month to the run
  8. stalky79

    Home team ns real run - 21st oct 2018

    siao liao, last few days always early morning (3-5am)raining
  9. stalky79

    Berlin Marathon 2019 - 29th Sept 2019

    same for me, rejected for tokyo and london. even hk stand chart also on waiting list...lol
  10. Registration period: October 17, 2018 (12:00 noon CET) - November 7, 2018. ballot result period: The results of the verification will be announced by email on November 29, 2018 - December 3, 2018. registeration fee: €125 https://www.bmw-berlin-marathon.com/m/en/plan-your-race/registration-2019.html good luck everyone!
  11. Why digital race cancelled? I was still hoping to win something... too many people cheating?
  12. stalky79

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    Lol, my hk standchart kanna pending - reserve status. Marina run confirmed on 23 feb evening... will give it a miss and do safari instead on the following day
  13. Really no luck with balloting Thank you for applying for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019. Result of your application is as below: Public Ballot Status: On Waiting List (Pending) Result of the second-round ballot will be announced at 10:00am on 26 October 2018, Friday.Notification emails will be sent to you.