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  1. loss? from organising SCSM? cannot be come on, 40k participant with average of $60 registration fees that is almost $2.4m road closures would have taken quite a bit off their profit
  2. Date: 3rd November 2019 Flag Off Timing: 32km - 0430hrs 18km - 0530hrs 10km - 0730hrs Venue: ECP - Angsana Green Distance: 32km, 18km, 10km REPC: 19-20th October @ velocity Runner’s Entitlement: Running singlet | 32KM & 18KM Finisher Tee | Finisher medal | Running socks OFFICIAL MEDAL: ELM great LSD for SCSM FM runners http://www.oxfittrun.com/
  3. The shuttle bus at expo is near which hall?
  4. Even though limited to 200 pax.. still damn pissed off... short change those loyal and super early bird runners
  5. Anyone know if the free shuttle bus from expo to venue is it 1 way only or got return trip as well? thinking of parking at expo
  6. Wah piang the “new” route looks 99% like last year one... lol... how they justify the price increment ? apparel also not under armour any more
  7. Wtf, got oxfitt run 2 on 03.11.19 10km, 18km and 32km
  8. Online can register... is there a medal for this event?
  9. 17th November https://connect.justrunlah.com/event/sesame-street-run-singapore-2019/?campaign=JRLButtonRacePageBelowFees
  10. 1 thing good is that they sms you tour results when u cross the finishing line... would be good if they put wooden planks on the small section of grass patch before going to ecp... it was dark and there are hole on the grass patch... Every 4km hydration points seems long for me....
  11. Race pack collected at around 1115am... all done within 5mins.... compression tight abit weird... no strings to tighten ..lol
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