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  1. Pokémon Run Carnival Singapore 2018 - Jan 27 (Sat)

    Race pack collected... first time receive AA batteries in race pack... lol
  2. Safari Zoo Run 2018 - 27 Jan (Sat)

    Race pack collected. About 8 counters only... as this is a family oriented run, most people will have a few to collect. Expect slight longer time
  3. I send a private fb message to who ever post in the run free fb to warn them. That is the best I can do
  4. Oh well, I just state the truth and nothing malicious if they can’t take that it says a lot about them. I have made the same post on run society. Hope justrunlah won’t add this run to their calendar...
  5. This is what I wrote on their run free fb and they have deleted and blocked me Just a word of caution. This is the same organizer for yolo run 2017 and runner’s league where by 2/4 leg were either cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Till date still no news on leg 4 and yet here they are organizing another running event. Sign up at your own risk
  6. Omg, same people organizing Run for free 2018. Totally no shame at all these people! We should create awareness either through social media or other means to warn other people!
  7. There was a post by justrunlah in fb citing that xchange is the organiser for this race but yolorun replied via fb asking them to remove saying they looking for alternative experienced Race organiser. I have been given the complimentary ticket for yolo 2018 and I can’t be bothered to run even if it’s free. To me it’s the same, yolorun engaged xchange and should be responsible for it. I’m still waiting for the refund of my runner’s league leg 4
  8. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    They send via email
  9. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    Lol...min 4 hrs wasted ... can do a lot of things wor race pack collection min 1hr flagged off 1hr late collect finsiher tee and Medal 45mins bag deposit / collection 1-2hrs
  10. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    Means the value of the complimentary ticket is not worth the time I will waste by joining this lousy running event
  11. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    You are kidding right? $50 ain’t worth wasting my precious time .... and my runner’s league leg 4 still not refunded yet
  12. YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    They giving out complimentary run for yolo 2018 lol once bitten twice shy
  13. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018, 8 April

    All sold out liao sia