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  1. Still use nric sia.... report them to authorities
  2. Straits times run also... China driver don’t know where to drop us off, goes round and round and round... ended up at the back of the start pen
  3. Got shuttle bus liao at share transport after my recent 2 bad experience taking paid shuttle bus... will give this a miss and drive there 2 hrs in advance ... lol
  4. Wah piang eh, race pack collection at 11am, I reached 1050 already like 30 pax in the queue
  5. My 4th time as well but not as lucky as you.... didn’t get it... next up london
  6. race results and e cert out http://www.runpix.co/arace11/61/yrr19/rp.php
  7. can collect your medal.... For those who had missed the run, you may still collect your finisher medal here. Please bring along your running bib for verification. 23rd September 2019 - 30th September 2019 11am to 5pm (avoid 1pm to 2pm) [CLOSED ON WEEKENDS] Venue: 10 Admiralty Street NorthLink Building #06-12 Singapore 757695 (Directions by Car / Directions by Public Transport) Kindly note that there WILL NOT be any collection of shirts or race packs.
  8. Lol, I took the paid shuttle bus. Anyway will not have next time for me for this event
  9. Forgot to add... at least the cookies baked by the inmate was nice... haha
  10. Haha, did not enjoyed my run at all... late for almost 20mins... a lot of catching up to do with the amount of walkers at the back... plus the slopes... zapped too much energy away from me
  11. Saw runsohfast ran pass my bus... crap.. my first and last yellow ribbon run...
  12. Shuttle bus stucked in the jam... 4.5km away
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