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  1. stalky79

    Race Against Cancer 2018 - 22 Jul (Sun)

    All elm medal will have the wording “ELM” on the medal?
  2. stalky79

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    My exact same thoughts!!! I will sign up for csc cause I need the mileage for my osaka marathon ... lol
  3. stalky79

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    Air tickets and accom all booked lol
  4. stalky79

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    ballot results out! got it!!! time to buy air tix
  5. stalky79

    On the Hills 2018

    Run went on... there was a heavy thunderstorm prior and rain was still pouring down. Ground could be very slippery. In the end I chose not to run
  6. stalky79

    On the Hills 2018

    Thunderstorm now... lol Edited: Fb post at 6.30am flagged off delayed by 1hr to 8.30am with final confirmation. At 7.15am waited and waited confirmation did not came at 7.15am.... instead at 8am they made a post saying race is on at 8.30am despite the rain ( not slight drizzle mind you) only updates via fb , no sms or emails to inform rest of the runners. I don’t blame them for the rain but the way this race is been organized left much to be desired. Free next year i also wont be joining....
  7. stalky79

    POSB Run for Kids 2018 - 08 Sep (Sat)

    Done. Sponsered 2kids as well..
  8. stalky79

    On the Hills 2018

    Lol, didn’t realize about the shirt colour... what’s the reason they give? npark or Nea say white is more environmental friendly?
  9. stalky79

    JustMove Asia: Singapore 2018

    Hmm... I received my medal... it’s a virtual race wor...
  10. Why you expect? Army mentality is if it’s ain’t broken don’t fix it one... I will just wear my own singlet as per previous run
  11. stalky79

    JustMove Asia: Singapore 2018

    Me lor....
  12. stalky79

    On the Hills 2018

    Race pack collected... bought the injinji socks .. lol
  13. Any fm runners using Garmin 935? What’s your elevation gain? Mine only show 90m! Did a google and I think some 935 got issues with the hardware and the elevation might not be accurate..
  14. Maybe someone should organize a run form west to east side of Singapore... straight course confirm enough mileage for distance
  15. The republic blvd to ecp stretch around 8-9km stretch also quite jiak luck... damn the slope