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  1. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Haha. Just for you and people in the forum.. We are not targeting to even hit the same number of participants from North East Compressport Run. Its kinda going to be a smaller scale. Confirm will not be over crowding. Reason is simple. This is the FIRST Time Punggol North CSC do the event on our own, compare to North East Compressport Run although is a GRC event and we got more manpower and grants. This time, we only restrict to our own manpower and school students, we also no more grants to do. So we want to make sure we start slow and steady first. Plus the organizing team is slightly different. hahaha. I have get off the pressure and stress by appointing new Organizing Chairman to lead. So is kinda back to abit of basic. Nevetheless, is never a good excuse to poorly organize an event for community too. That is why we want to make it as engaging as we can. Such as why we did not reveal much information in beginning. While now we engage, we are tryin to see if any need to review and change to make sure it meet most participants' expectation. Of course, we are also doing our best in managing expectation as we want most to understand this is really a community run event, and being first time, we still need time to grow and expects. We hope to create the FIRST engaging Run, such as participants has a 'part and role' in organizing, comment on routes, holding ground, tee color, medal design, etc. Only safety concern will never be discuss as we will never compromise safety, a large part of money are 'invest' in to ensure safety are well covered. We want a REAL Community Run event for Community. Hope it turns out well.
  2. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Oo... Ok ok.... Now I understand deeper. Ok. I will share with my team on this precious information. Thank you. I can ensure that every water station, sure not small station and confirm plenty of cups and water to ensure the flow is smooth too. That is the best we can really ensure. As to the water point, I like that idea of 3.5km and 7km mark sharing. I will share with my team and get them to explore whether the logistic is possible to move to these areas. These permit need to go through agencies and sometimes, really very fussy. That is why we cannot do back our NE Run which every 2km one point too. Hahaha. Good advise. Thank you, AR for sharing.
  3. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Paisei paisei. I did a check with my organizing team. Let me explain, perhaps we may be wrong. My organizing leader had checked and advise from some runners as well as some event organizers (decide not to share who but confirmed not Hi-V) and were told that Water point every 2km is usually plot for 21km or 42km. While 10km run, is fine to be 3rd or 4th km then first water point In fact, honest speaking, not to disappointed all. The whole route is only 2 water points. Last water point is actually finishing point for Water Parade. Haha
  4. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Wow. I hats off.. No la. The extension will make it 10km already. Thats after feedback from AR during NE Compressport Run, and just nice the extension is opened. So we now make it 10.1km (shhh.. extra 100m) to make sure is will hit 10km for most gps tracker. Hahaha
  5. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Wow. Lonewolf, I guess I get your update faster than I got updates from my team. Hahaha. Anyone comment here, I got notifications. My team update anywhere I also not know yet. Hmm..
  6. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Mai la. Not consultant. Is throw the arrow out. Sit back and relax. At least I dun feel as stress n pressure as back then now. Hahaha. Well, I do have confidence in them to do a reasonable good job for Community. Heeeee
  7. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    During North east run, I do keep track daily from Day1. Because I feel the pressure and stress as Organizing Chairman. But today, I have tasked the role to my team. Hence, I am abit lay off. Relax and wait for updates only. Hahaha
  8. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Frankly, I am quite abit slack this time. As I have already appointed my members to lead. They do take part in runs. So hopefully they can do something out this time. Haha. Sign up I do not know till they update me. Haha.
  9. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Yupyup. Challenge is before run, got to come down stairs to start point at waterway point. After run got to climb up stairs. Heee.
  10. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Hi Lonewolf, Thank you for the sharing. Indeed you are always fast and furious. Yes, unlikely we will have timing as the timing system cost almost a near 5 figure cost evem the cheapest with just 1 checkpoint While LIV3LY cost, we are pleased to share that after North East Compressport Run 2015, we had managed to convince them to support our CSC as our Community Partners Our Running Interest Group had been using them as sign up to run together weekly and since no cost to it, the system was sponsored to us free As our Community Partners, LIV3LY is our official sponsor as Registration portal. The whole system is FREE while we only need to absorb Payment gateway at 4%, which we thought may be good as we also concern about letting our CC Staff to handle too many events and afraid of lapse or miscalculated. This system provide a detailed backend which we can trace number of sign up plus itinerary stock take for apparel, etc. Even REPC is FREE system for us to use. That is why we are able to use the system for registration Why we dun do 5km instead we do a 10km since no timing. Reason is simple. We wanna avoid dog and human congestion. We also still carrying hope of having a timing system that can come in to support. We also at same time exploring some other option for timing system, etc. We may have previous experience in North East Compressport Run but that was an event with at least some grants compare to this time, we got none and heavily depends on our committee fund, which will support all other events and interest group throughout the year. Yet we do not want to make any profit or we do not want to charge too high, trying to make it affordable and reasonable. Challenges given to my team this year is higher. And the lead is my members who are first time leading. I am sharing my experience I encountered previously with them. So we are still newbie and nervous. But we want to promise, it is truly a Community run event which is surely not to compare to commercial events standard but it will give warm and friendly feel to our participants. We want everyone to have a kampung, home feel in our event. Not an event come and go.
  11. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Hmm. I duno how to add photo here. May not be where you say. But I do know got some group do exercise there at times too though. But we booked the venue. So no more exercise on that day.
  12. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Hmm. Is actually just next to Waterway point. If you stand outside Breadtalk at Waterway park, look towards waterpoint direction. Is just beside the main shopping center. I cant remember too clearly. Either level 1 or level2, outside from collagen steamboat.
  13. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Wow. Very stress. Whenever I free, Wishing to log in, I feel slight worried. Hahaha. You are all so fast and sharp at all run updates. But I personally do appreciate and thank for all the frank feedback and sharing everyone given to us. Hmm. As for entitlements, and more information, rest assured that it will be all released in phase coming soon. Keeping price low is because we as a Community Sports Club, aim to make event affordable for community to enjoy sports. But for expectation management, we have to ensure participants also understand that having Standard Chartered Marathon or Sundown or NTUC Income run standard may be really out of our budget too. (North East Compressport Run 2015 had showed that we are just keeping it simple) However, we can ensure every participants, regardless how we budget, our priority is at medical which we will always ensure sufficient safety are in place to prevent any mishaps. I thank everyone for the opportunity given to us. After so many sharings, we also changed our event name to dog run instead pet run. Fingers crossed now. Just hope for the best turnout.
  14. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Wow. Thank you thank you all for sharing. Sorry for late reply. Yes and No to many feedback here. Yes, we are looking at how 10km run can be made possible competitive yet min funding used. Honestly, without any grant and major sponsorship in, the timing chip is the highest cost. With a cost at almost $9000 ($8000++), we really face very high community event while we hope to charge as cheap as we can for Community. However, taking away any safety is never in our list, hence, water point almost every 2km is where we hope to achieve. Medic with even having a buggy for those who ran NE Compressport with us in 2015 will know, are potentially also a must for fast evacuations. We will surely look to surprise everyone with our best ability. But pls keep your comment in and feedback and sharing. I may be slow in reply. But I am reading even when not in town. Thank you
  15. Punggol North Pet Run 2017

    Something I am curious to know more.... On runners' feeling... Just for the timing system, it cost us $8000. Each check point will cost another about $500. In order to save some cost, if we decide not to have timing system, does it really affect runners' decision to participate?