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  1. Hi Wonderfulblevic We are sorry for the race bib having no holes and safety pins. My team first time use a new contractor, and this supplier apparently deliver the bib without holes and safety pins. While time is running out due to late receive from the supplier, we had to issue out to all, and seek runners' assistance to punch hole and pin on your own. Paisei Paisei... I was too focus to ensure the goodies bag are in order first. Joseph Punggol North CSC Chairman Overseeing Organizing Committee
  2. Hi Beast Sure. I have already informed my team to look into the matter already. Hopefully the backend they able to push. This is first time we decide not to use portal to avoid being charged. And trying do hands on. We finally realize the difference. Haha. Really appreciate all the feedback in. Joseph
  3. Hi usewyl Thank you. Yes. There is no confirmation slip. We are not using any portal to cut cost, while we use a diffferent form. While we will be sending out every form soon. The reason is, my team will read every single form personally, especially to check on medical history to advise the participant if there is any medical check up required or does the participant need produce any item to proceed run or do organizer need take note of who and who during the run and alert our volunteers for look out, etc As shared, we only doing a smaller scale run, we hope to get more personal touch with everyone, gather feedback, so that following year we can do a nicer one. Thank you Joseph Punggol North CSC Chairman Overseeing Organizing Committee
  4. Nothing is impossible. I will get my team to try to ask. Fingers crossed.. Joseph Punggol North CSC Chairman Overseeing Organizing Committee
  5. Hi Kcslchin Yes. Since is a fun run, I also hope my team can actually come out different concept and perhaps a much more meaningful items in goodies bag which can be memories more than having a goodies bag with coupons, etc and nothing else. I am certain my team had put in alot effort after I called for first round of postpone to ask for further explore for better items. A run tee by Newton, and a unique medal, followed by a few interesting items, we truly hope that this can be a successful community fun run. And hope to lead the way to run event, without much vouchers but truly goodies inside. Hope to have support. Thank you Joseph Punggol North CSC Chairman Overseeing Organizing Committee
  6. Hi All My team had postponed till nov because alot want medal and tee. Happy to share. Newton is the running tee we giving. Medal is also a unique concept. I duno how to upload picture here. Hence, let me share the link with you. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1822351637818613&id=717987761588345 Hope to hear more feedbacks. Joseph Punggol North CSC Chairman Overseeing the organizing committee
  7. After our NorthEast Run 2015, we are back. This time, we hope to bring a different level of Fun run. A run without Run Tee, Finishing medal but, offers a very different stuffs. I sincerely hope to have some great support. Follow our website: https://www.ledmrun.com/ Hope to see more people joining. Thank you.
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