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  1. Hi AR, Yes, simple designs has its pros. Would have been better if they simplify "21k finisher" to just "21k" or "HMF". But at least this year's colour can be worn during national day. 😆
  2. The finisher tee is so ... basic.
  3. Hi has anyone collected tje race pack yet? The race singlet is cotton material right?
  4. Ya, the faster runners should start earlier. Would be nice for the 2:45 or even the 2:30 pacers to start in wave 2. I was hoping to run with the pacers but only see them in the opposite direction as I was in wave 2. Else I might hv run faster. A bit sad :'(
  5. Hi, can someone please advise me how I can register for the race after I have signed up for the package via qoolmart? Thanks!
  6. Oic. Tks for sharing. 😁
  7. Glad to hear that! 😊 Happy to see that the podium is not dominated by foreigners.
  8. Hi, out of curiosity, how do you tell if a medal is ELM or not? Tks.
  9. Hi, does anyone know where to see the results? Learned from Instagram that Alfred Lee from Hougang joined Aussie and Kiwi on the 5k podium. Hope Singaporean runners shone in other categories as well. Thanks.
  10. Thanks! That means those at start pen 3 hv less than 8 hrs. Nxt time I must rem this when I sign up. 😅
  11. Hi, noobie here needs to know if the cut-off time of 8 hrs start counting from wave 1 flag-off or our actual start time? Thanks.
  12. Hi, tks for sharing. This being my first FM, all I want is to finish the race within the given time. However, the way I see it now, the slowest runners are put at a disadvantage. They have 7h10min to finish the race, potentially longer time under the sun by starting later, and no pacers to follow. Hmm... hoping for the best.
  13. Yes indeed. Too naive to think that the organiser would plan in a way to help all runners, fast or slow, complete the race. Shouldn't hv joined this yr. Nxt yr probably less crowded.