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  1. Good decision. If the tee sponsor next year is the same then I will give gewr 2019 a miss too.
  2. This year's event tee is of poor quality. The material is non-stretchable! Wonder if the finisher tee will be of a different material?
  3. I agree. It doesn't look nice at all. But at least it doesn't look as stupid as last year's.
  4. Yes, agree that loyal supporters will sign up during early bird. The thing is this year the apparels are no longer adidas, and reg fees went up quite a bit. ?
  5. Yes, but that Zumba session was not an exclusive event for GEWR participants. It was part of a community sport carnival or sth where there were many other stalls. And the flash sale was announced on the GEWR fb page. Not sure if they will have that again this yr.
  6. Can't rem the month but it was during one of their zumba fringe activities at sports hub. It was 2 for the price of one, i.e. 50% off, plus they gv free past yr event tee. I felt so ai wan when I saw that.
  7. This race doesn't reward loyal supporters. Policyholders get the same discount as loyal runners. ? This year's reg fees went up so much. Waiting to see if there will be flash sale like last year.
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