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  1. It seems the registration issue has been resolved. I'm able to sign up at NSmen rate now.
  2. I registered through U Run All Access during Super Early Bird but haven't get confirmation yet.
  3. Those that signed up at the normal rate might felt short-changed and those who signed up early won't feel privileged.
  4. Those looking for discount code can get from JustRunlah! Same as early bird price.
  5. Some people has the mentality that he or she would rather block others than to let others block them. Usually refer to slow runners. I don't understand why walkers even want to start in the first wave.... somemore walking in the middle and two or three abreast.
  6. Running this event for the first time. We can rest after every lap, right? And start another lap OTOT? If so, I plan to run 3 laps in the morning, 3 at night and last 4 laps the next day.
  7. I assume it's not ELM medal, but still a nice design for collection.
  8. You will know how popular a race is going to be based on how successful the previous one was. So whatever the organizer does for this race is not just to deliver it's promises, but to secure next year's profit.
  9. Good thing the starting position is on a first come first serve basis. Waiting one hour in an allocated start pen is not fun.
  10. As a runner who run both event and virtual races. I can understand why people think of virtual race the way they think. Most points have already been covered by AdiZero. Come to think of it. What makes people willing to fork out $50 to over $100 to run an event rather then less than $10 for a virtual one? To quote jerrylam, To each, his own. We can make a whole list of the pros and cons for both race but at the end of the day, it's what people are looking for in each race, that motivates and entices them. It's the same as why you would run one event but not the other. Promoting the sport is one thing but rather than convincing the mass to convert to virtual running, I'd suggest tapping into a different segment of the market. What motivates a person? The fear of pain and the promise of pleasure. Understanding where these two factors lie are the key to get people to sign up. There is no hard and fast rule that virtual run must be cheap. It all comes down to the reward, whether physiological or psychological. I wish you success and hope the virtual run community here will grow with you now on-board.
  11. Why TIE fighter medal? Should have make it a death star medal.
  12. Put your key or keys in a key pounch, Size should be roughly the same as an energy gel. Nowadays most running shorts are design with a zipper pocket for two or more gels. Should suffice.
  13. Seems like SCMS knew about the train service from as early as May but decided to keep mum about it. Just make a wild guess as to why.
  14. The 13 km race required 500 ml of water so I'm wondering if the Nathan SpeedDemon hydration belt is allowed? It carries two bottles of 235 ml each, just 30 ml shy of the race requirement. Do you think the organizer will close one eye?
  15. Bad planning I supposed. There are five races on that weekend, four of which are on the same day.