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  1. I normally wear my finisher tees during my overseas trip. Seldom wear it in Singapore. Haha.
  2. Haha ya lor. makes me wanna join SCKLM too since it is so near us! We can like fly in there on Friday morning and leave on Sunday night!
  3. Ya lor it does look a bit blend and this size is like their super XXL! That's why must choose their XXS size so that it can be tight fitting! haha.
  4. Seems like the finisher hamper items can cover a bit of the registration fees! Haha. There was a Meiji fair there too right? How was it? I was at Sentosa last Saturday, going over to Siloso beach around 2+pm and saw many participants making their way to the event venue. It was really too hot then for a run! Saw many ppl walking when the race started
  5. Registered for FM liaoz during the super early bird. Siong!
  6. Thanks all for the great info! Will have to go down to these shoes shops and seek their professional advice then! Don't think I can make it to buy by this weekend. Thinking of waiting till the Great Singapore Sale in end May 2017 to see if got lots of offers or discounts or not! Haha.
  7. Is it those 10 litre bag where you can bring it to the beach/island hopping when you are overseas for diving/snorkelling to store your items etc?
  8. Using this thread for my queries on running shoes too! Anyway, think it is time for me to change my running shoes cos I have been using my current pair, Saucony Hurricane, since 2014! But now the question is shall I stick back to buying Saucony brand, which I am so gotten used to, or shall I try other brands like Asics or Mizuno?
  9. Haha same bro. I also haven't taken part in this POSB PAssion Run for Kids before too. Maybe can consider it for this year since it does not clash with Yellow Ribbon Prison Run!
  10. Thanks bro! Wah with this promo code, the price is those early bird price liaoz! Now don't know whether I wanna sign up for this run or not! Haha.
  11. Huh? So long le u haven't receive your collection letter yet? Crap lehz. So calls and emails to them cant get through?
  12. Thanks for the info all. Yupz gonna book my hotel soon. Been searching around but don't know which hotel to choose! haha. Anyway, have you all received the race pack collection letter from SCHKM? Just received mine yesterday.
  13. Congrats! I got the full marathon slot but I haven't book my hotel yet! Still looking though! Haha.
  14. Hi nutty, welcome to this forum! Whats TT and HH btw?
  15. Yupz congrats on ur PB bro! also looking forward to ur race review! haha. when u coming back to Singapore though?