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  1. Hubert84

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2018

    A reminder to those who are taking part in this run that the race pack collection is this weekend, 1 & 2 Sept, at Suntec Convention Centre!
  2. Hubert84

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018

    Haha. See how ba bro! If got ppl interested and my time is free, then maybe can.
  3. Hubert84

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Yupz. Is Newton Challenge 2018 going to happen? Overheard someone saying this year will not have though.
  4. Hubert84

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018

    Congrats bro! Would love to run in GCAM too if got the chance! Haha.
  5. Hubert84

    Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    The Tokyo Marathon 2018 is this Sunday! I will be flying off to Tokyo tomorrow morning! Cant wait! Haha. Good luck to those who are going for the marathon too! Take it easy and enjoy the sights! Hope to bump into Singaporeans there too!
  6. Hubert84

    Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    Yupz true bro! Kinda expensive but I thought you would have signed up for 21km at least! Haha.
  7. Hubert84

    Survey on half marathon participation

    Done. Are you a runner yourself btw?
  8. Hubert84

    Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    This is my first time joining Marina Run. Took part in the 30km run as my last LSD training for the Tokyo Marathon. Evening race was much cooling and thank god the weather on that night was quite windy along parts of the route. Nothing special about the route as it is the usual gardens by the bay east to ECP and back. Seemed long and loopy when running. Yupz didn't really notice most of the distance markers cos they were kinda small. Didn't really like the purple isotonic drink they provided. Agreed even though it was chilled, but most were diluted and couldn't really provide me with the energy to keep on, more of to quench my thirst. As what yaoxing mentioned, I also saw near to the end point at the Marina Barrage bridge where someone fainted and the medics were trying to help the guy. When I finished my run and walked towards the end point area, saw that there was the ambulance and didn't see any runners running to the finishing line. Realised that they block them so as to let the ambulance do its job. As soon the ambulance left, all the runners chiong to the finishing line. Overall an ok race for me. Will consider taking part next time if the price is cheaper and if I am training for another race.
  9. Hubert84

    Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    Thanks a lot bros for the encouragement! Yupz will just go there to enjoy the overall experience and all the good sights! If really can hit PB then is a very good bonus to me liaoz! Haha.
  10. Hubert84

    Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    Yupz completed marathons before but my first overseas marathon, after missing out on SCHKM last year! Er actually ya I am aiming for a PB! Haha. But yupz, see how it goes from now till then!
  11. Hubert84

    Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    The Tokyo Marathon 2018 Runner Handbook is out on their website! 3 weeks + more to race day! Think I am seriously undertrain for this marathon! Was down with illness in January and couldn't really run. Now only left this few weeks to do some last minute trainings! Hopefully able to survive over there! Haha.
  12. Hubert84

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Hopefully Sundown Marathon can also extend their loyalty rates! Haha.
  13. Damn just missed the loyalty rates. Tried to register hoping still have it but it showed $95!