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  1. I saw a few towards the end point like along Esplanade Drive turning in to Anderson Bridge and at the end.
  2. Did my first ever back to back runs in a same running event! AHM 21km followed by NS50 Team Run 5km. The 21km route was still ok. It was congested in the starting part but gradually getting better. The route was also different from previous years which was nice! It was the NS50 Team Run and 5km Fun Run that was really packed all the way! Didn't even have enough space to run, but by then I was also shagged out by my earlier 21km so I was just slow jogging and walking most of it. This probably made me not want to sign up for those fun runs in the future! Haha. Anyway, my race results for 21km indicated incorrect route for 21km and had no ranking, which was also the case for 2 of my NS50 team run teammates, who also ran 21km earlier. Think it could be due to the timing chips still tied to our shoes, and us crossing the finishing line twice, hence it might got screw up or something. But luckily the gun and net time are still available and quite accurate too..
  3. ST Run in the City - 16 Jul 2017

    Yupz I saw all the different routes for the shuttle buses from the website. Think I don't buy the shuttle bus ticket from this app first. Maybe go ask them when I go and collect my race pack tomorrow.
  4. ST Run in the City - 16 Jul 2017

    Thanks for the info! They haven't update the race route in their website yet. Plus no info on the sales of shuttle bus tickets too.
  5. Haha np bro! Luckily we managed to find 10 ppl for this. Ya lor. Hopefully the baggage deposit will be smooth. Haha no need to trouble you la bro. You might want to leave early after your half marathon.
  6. I am actually gonna do that. My colleague was jioing to form a team of 10 for this NS50 team run and he said it is possible if u have already signed up for half marathon and still sign up for this. The system will allow. He said even the chairman of the army organizing committee is encouraging NSmen to sign up! So yupz we managed to find 10 Nsmen and form up a team for this! Haha. My only worry is after completing the half marathon, where to store my finisher stuff? Put at baggage deposit? Hopefully queue wont be that long so that can make it in time for the NS50 team run start time. I got a friend who is even more siao on. He already signed up for the half marathon, and he even wants to sign up for the 10km, cos based on the start times, it is still possible to make it for the 10km run! The only problem is he cant sign up for this 10km run as he has already signed up for the half marathon. So he is looking for ppl to help him sign up for the 10km run! haha..
  7. Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017 - 1 - 2 July 2017

    Nice photo there! That's all the Singaporean runners or are there more out there? Haha.
  8. Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017 - 1 - 2 July 2017

    Enjoy the race and have fun for those who are going! Will try this race someday! Haha.
  9. Wow this year medal does looks good! Hopefully it is not too big and heavy! Haha.
  10. I normally wear my finisher tees during my overseas trip. Seldom wear it in Singapore. Haha.
  11. Haha ya lor. makes me wanna join SCKLM too since it is so near us! We can like fly in there on Friday morning and leave on Sunday night!
  12. Ya lor it does look a bit blend and this size is like their super XXL! That's why must choose their XXS size so that it can be tight fitting! haha.
  13. Meiji Run 2017 - 20 May 2017 (Sat)

    Seems like the finisher hamper items can cover a bit of the registration fees! Haha. There was a Meiji fair there too right? How was it? I was at Sentosa last Saturday, going over to Siloso beach around 2+pm and saw many participants making their way to the event venue. It was really too hot then for a run! Saw many ppl walking when the race started
  14. Registered for FM liaoz during the super early bird. Siong!
  15. Recommendations for next running shoes

    Thanks all for the great info! Will have to go down to these shoes shops and seek their professional advice then! Don't think I can make it to buy by this weekend. Thinking of waiting till the Great Singapore Sale in end May 2017 to see if got lots of offers or discounts or not! Haha.