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  1. Nike VaporFly 4% Flyknit UK9 / US10 Literally the world’s fastest marathon shoes. Authentic and brand new still in the box, hand carried back from London. Sold out everywhere.
  2. benchy

    Tokyo Marathon - 3rd March 2019

    No dice! That must mean I'm not ready, haha.
  3. benchy

    World Marathon Record Broken

    This was a generational moment. So happy we got to witness it.
  4. benchy

    Tokyo Marathon - 3rd March 2019

    May the odds be ever in your favour! Thank you for registering to the Tokyo Marathon 2019. The registration for the general entry has closed on August 31. Please be informed that the lottery result will be notified to all applicants by e-mail after Tuesday, September 25. The due date for entry fee payment will be Thursday, October 4. *A total number of applicants       331,211 ――――――――――――――――――――――― - Marathon (42.195km)          330,271 - 10km                   940 37,000 ÷ 330,000 = about an 11% chance
  5. @ov3rw3ight 1:37:31 which was a new PB so not bad considering the wasted energy fighting through the crowd. @wonderfulblevic it was a constant struggle for the first 5k. The footpaths in Gardens By the Bay were just awful.
  6. Started in Wave 2. Moral of the story, as always, is to arrive earlier otherwise you end up swimming through people. 😣
  7. benchy

    Sentosa ( to Senoko (SAF Yatch Club)

    @lokey leave the Strava route link so we can follow it?
  8. benchy

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018

  9. benchy

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    From the results, it looks like ~7000 male runners and ~3000 female runners for the 21km?
  10. benchy

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    I will get around to writing a fuller review after this hell week at work but here are my quick thoughts: Course felt a bit short. From GPS reports and by feel, it felt around 400-600m short. Hydration points and volunteers were excellent. Route was runnable except it narrowed around: Stadium, Tanjong Rhu, Bay East. Based on the above, if you were in wave 1, you had a great chance of getting a PB. But, but, BUT... (these are big buts and I cannot lie) if you ended up in the later waves you struggled to get past thousands upon thousands of walkers. I started in the last wave at 5:40am and it felt like the majority were walking. It was an uphill battle running 21km weaving in and out of the crowds with nobody to pace together. There was not a single moment when I had clear road ahead of me. At some parts I ran on the grass beside the road which was more tiring but at least I did not have to jostle. Edit: To be fair, I should add that starting in the last wave was my fault and not the race organiser's. I only got to the start pen around 4:20am so the waiting around for 1h20m was all on me.
  11. benchy

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018

    I have started training for my first full marathon at GCM 2018, but I haven't registered or made my bookings yet because it's all subject to my wife's and my work commitments. All the best for your training! Hope to see more participants chime in here.
  12. benchy

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    I would love for all races to allow opting out of entitlements, especially the race / finisher tees. They always end up thrown away or donated, which is a grave waste. The only thing I have kept from races are the medals.
  13. benchy

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Reminder that today is the official last day for loyalty and early bird rate.
  14. benchy

    YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    Pink Apple did a fantastic job with this year's Newton Challenge. They took runners' feedback on last year's experience into account and improved on it.
  15. benchy

    Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Yes I have shrunk a lot and strength has drastically decreased as well, but it is a trade off I am willing to make. (People think I am crazy for giving it all up though!)
  16. benchy

    Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    I review the Newton Challenge 2017 here: https://medium.com/@benchia/newton-challenge-2017-b81c3b5a2e52
  17. benchy

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    That's an ultramarathon!
  18. benchy

    Marathon Des Sables 2018

    @ultrarunzaw this is bloody amazing! All the best for your journey. I'm afraid I'm a mediocre runner and can't offer any practical advice but I've seen quite a few photos of Hoka shoes running this year's MDS on Instagram. You might want to consider Hoka for their cushioning and lightness. Are you open to sharing your upcoming training schedule so people can join you for runs? You seem like a very organised person and if you periodically post your next few days' training schedule (with your running times and locations), you might be able to find some company for those crazy long runs. You can probably outrun creepy stalkers.
  19. benchy

    Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    Yup they gave cold towels. Yeah, the post-race food was forgettable; I got my expectations up from the reviews of previous years' races! Had to go back to my review (https://medium.com/@benchia/newton-challenge-2016-962e97b63522) to recall that they gave fried rice and fried noodles for mains, and a free flow of ice cream (Potong) and cold tau huay.
  20. benchy

    Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    If 10km flags off much later after the 32km and 21km it will be fine.
  21. Is X-Change Events the same as X-Change Republic? The latter organised the YOLO Run, which was decent.