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  1. I ticked the box that said it was my first marathon. Honesty doesn't pay!
  2. I'll get around to writing a full review when I have time but here are my summarised thoughts: 1. The race expo and finishing point are out of the way. Good logistics and quite a lot of things to do. I tried asking again at the bib collection but unfortunately they again refused my request to change my starting pen. At least this is the only time I will face this problem. Looking forward to the new finishing point in future years. 2. Race route was good. Once you get past the first 5km after the mass start, most areas had 2 to 4 clear lanes for running when the crowd thinned. But it's very frustrating running with the hobby joggers and costume runners. Except for the ulu stretch about 5km from the finishing point, tens of thousands of supporters lined both sides of the course so there was no shortage of motivation. 3. Volunteers were amazing. Plenty of expertly executed hydration points that stretched 50-100m. Even when they weren't handing you cups, they were cheering you on. Good thing because the temperature was warmer than expected. No cloud cover so it felt like 18 degrees towards the second half of the course. I and many runners around me suffered from cramps in the later stages.
  3. It's marathon week! Ganbatte everyone! If anyone wants to get a WhatsApp group going for chit chat, send me your mobile number privately.
  4. This post is so vague. What are you asking people to do? To sign up for the team? If so, where's the link. To register as SPG members? What if we're existing SPG members? Chance to gain access to run the marathon? 10% chance? 20% chance? For free? Must pay? Isn't the first session over, and the second session today? What are the details? Meet where? Wear what? Are you a spammer or a bot?
  5. @akane81@stalky79 I emailed the organisers and hopefully they'll allow me to bump up, otherwise I'll try again at the race expo. I'll be going to the race expo around lunchtime on Saturday. Hope to see our fellow SGRunners!
  6. I think I'm in Pen M too. That's the letter in front of my bib number. I indicated a 3:20 finishing time and M seems very far back. If everyone in the earlier pens is faster, that would be great but it would be awful if they get in the way.
  7. No dice! That must mean I'm not ready, haha.
  8. This was a generational moment. So happy we got to witness it.
  9. May the odds be ever in your favour! Thank you for registering to the Tokyo Marathon 2019. The registration for the general entry has closed on August 31. Please be informed that the lottery result will be notified to all applicants by e-mail after Tuesday, September 25. The due date for entry fee payment will be Thursday, October 4. *A total number of applicants       331,211 ――――――――――――――――――――――― - Marathon (42.195km)          330,271 - 10km                   940 37,000 ÷ 330,000 = about an 11% chance
  10. @lokey leave the Strava route link so we can follow it?
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