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  1. Wow Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Thank you for the advice Autumn! Yes it started while e sky was still dark and it was very chilly!
  3. Me too! *raises hand* my second year there and this year doing its 21 km! <3
  4. Certainly, just googled for the Glico Man sign, and looks really busy but amazing skyline in the evening!
  5. Thank you so much, will take the time to explore the makan there!
  6. I'm one of the lucky ones to have successfully balloted. After a quick research (on Skyscanner), air tix flux between 600-900 sgd, not sure if it will go down or higher (holiday season). In terms of accommodation, I managed to rent an apartment for 24 - 28 Nov at $468.69 that looks reasonable and clean - 900 meters away from Glico Man Sign. Bros and sis doing Osaka, it's really time to start chop-ing places <3
  7. Besides cut-off timing and route,there isn't much info as yet (not even finisher tee design). Nonetheless, am gonna give the 50 km solo a shot. Shall see how it goes. Hope that more info/details will be released soon and promptly by the org =/
  8. Selling the following race slots for myself cheap for undisclosed reasons: 16/7 - MSIG Run 10KM - $15 (deal today 15/7 after 7pm, near City Hall) 16/7 - Mizuno Ekiden 10.5KM (part of team of 4) - $15 (deal today 15/7 after 7pm, near City Hall) 23/7 - Pocari Sweat 10KM - $15 (REPC this weekend) 20/8 - New Balance Run On 7KM - $15 27/8 - Puma Night Run 12KM - $15