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  1. I have not signed up yet.
  2. Wow! My body always forces me to sleep after an early morning HM. Surprisingly, I can still fall asleep easily on that night.
  3. I think I will need to run my 21km fast hoping there will still be food left at Marina Barrage finish point.
  4. I am disappointed with the introduction of a new category 10km into Newton Challenge. I took part in Newton Challenge last year in the 21km category, had a great experience. With 10km category, this likely would attract more walkers to sign up for this race and making the route congested.
  5. Registration is now open at http://newtonchallenge.com/ Race categories: 10km, 21km, 32.195km Flag-off time: 4.30am for 32.195km runners Start-point: Marina Barrage
  6. Well said, bro! Totally agree.
  7. Haha, I was there last night. No booth selling.
  8. Regretted not buying the light saber when signing up for Star Wars Run. Now feel like carrying the light saber and run 10km with it on Sat.
  9. Ran a PB for the half-marathon today. Quite hot early in the run but then the weather became much cooler and windy. I was in the first wave and did not encounter any bottlenecks. Great race.
  10. Hope u obtained a PB for ur FM!
  11. Need advice for the 21km route. I looked at the 21km running route and only see one long steep slope, which is near the finish point. Anyone managed to spot any more steep slopes?
  12. Highly likely that I'll sign up for this race again. Participated in the 15km category last year.
  13. Collected my 21km race pack in less than 2 mins yesterday. Walked around some booths and bought the latest Run magazine. Won a Fenix black bag from a lucky spin.
  14. Very impressive!
  15. Hi Benchy, are u a bodybuilder?