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  1. K20Z

    Team FatBird

    May I know where is the turning pt along NSRCC for the 18km route ?
  2. K20Z

    Team FatBird

    Hi DR, I just went under the shower and splash myself with cold water before continuing the run; didn't bath myself with soap n shampoo Thanks for the invitation this coming Fri...but night time is usually meant for the bed for me..haha wow...u even took a shower? hehe yes, really one hot run....fortunately the birds' feathers weren't too ruffled... :smilie_daumen1: see you at the night run this friday, Apr24...should be a challenge and experience of a different kind :Cuppa:
  3. K20Z

    Team FatBird

    Hey, u keep bettas too ? Yup, it was the hottest run that I ever had since NB realrun last yr. I gotta stop and take a quick shower at one of the toilet. Sad that I couldn't complete my first 20km run w/o stopping.
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