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  1. Cos there were no better candidates to take over his slot at that time
  2. If not for injury, you would have completed your maiden 101km by now. So just waiting for your next attempt.
  3. Salomon X-Trail Run 2017 - 14 Oct (Sat)

    TNF100 became an overpriced trail run over time, when more value for money trail runs such as Green Race and MSIG AA50 emerged. As this year's edition of Salomon X-Trail are gonna be held at Bukit Panjang area, there's a good chance that the route may include Zheng Hua Park, Chestnut Nature Park or the Central Catchment Areas.
  4. Salomon X-Trail Run 2017 - 14 Oct (Sat)

    The 'trail' for Salomon X-Trail actually means running on grass patch along PCN.....
  5. You signed up for 101km before....just waiting for you to finally run it
  6. Don't like that leh...all downgrade to 74km just as i downgrade back to 101km
  7. Thanks bro! I hope my race report didn't entirely scare you away from attempting your maiden ultra hahaha. Writing blogs? Nahh...i'm leaving it to you guys. I just write race reports for races that are of huge significance to me.
  8. Oops....then you better behave here hahaha. Anyway, i don't really have a specific training plan for my 100 miles. I just had been running about 3 times a week. The 2 runs on weekdays after work will be alternated between hills sessions, and speed training, while the weekends are reserved for LSDs. To get my mind and body prepared, i signed up for a long distance race each month from March onward leading towards race day to keep my momentum going. I had Sundown FM in March, 50 Hours Non-Stop Run in April, Garang Warrior Ultra in May and MSIG 50 in July. Training for and participating at these races were all part of my overall preparations for my 100 miles. For the months which i don't have races, i did my own LSD. The longest distance i've trained on my own before the race was only 40km at a go. But i gradually increased my weekly total mileage until i peaked at almost 100km a week, before i start tapering. Your back-to-back LSDs over weekends will also be very useful! 74km for you in 2018?? Very unlikely. I'll see you at the starting line, B2!!
  9. Thanks Simon! Actually mine too...so i told her that i'm running 100km instead , and i took so long to complete because i was 'pacing' a friend.
  10. There's nothing compared to experiencing it yourself than reading someone else's experience @prisangel
  11. 1. Only used the 'Free WiFi' on the way back hahahaa 2. Heng i didn't sit down at any of the bus stops, or i'd probably be sitting down every 400 - 500m!! 3. No more 100miles AND above distances...i still love my legs although they are still hating me now