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  1. The only time i used the 'toilet' was right after flag off, i ran towards the bushes just after exiting the F1 pit and joined a line of runners firing into the dark 😅
  2. For under armour running and finisher tees, i've learned to order 1 size smaller than my other shirts.
  3. Anyway, it's flu season now. Load up on those vitamins everyone. Even i just recovered from a bout of flu. Race day is close. Train safe, stay healthy peeps!!
  4. Confirm will meet the sun lahhhh!!! Unless i can finish it within 2:30 hours hahahahaha I might be tough, but i'll never be that fast....trained or untrained 😂
  5. Better the rain than getting baked under the sun. If it rains, confirm many PBs!! LOL
  6. Welcome back uncle! So it is confirmed that we'll be running on top of the Westcoast Highway....not below it. Just hope to go pass this stretch before the sun rises, as there's totally zero shelter.
  7. I've not decided yet, but will b tempted. Sounds interesting in my opinion...
  8. I've done the 50km at The North Face 100 and MSIG 50 before, but not this one. A different beast to tackle all together due to the uneven terrain and elevation. Yes, the shades will provide some shelter, but not all parts of the trail are sheltered such as the Belukar trail. During the hottest part of the day (12.00pm - 4.00pm), the trees will actually trap the heat in the trail, that's something you'll need to get used to during training. All the best buddy!!
  9. Her gei gei trick...don't fall for it LOL
  10. Yes, and finish walking the FM below 6 hours too 💪
  11. means you're more than equipped to run 42km now 😉
  12. You've just did a 101km LSD 2 weeks ago. More than enough to run 2 and a half FM 😅
  13. If you're aiming for PB, likely no. If you're aiming for completion, more than enough.
  14. Last major local race of the year already. I think last year's edition was alright for me....but they were much complaints about the long waiting time to deposit and collect baggages, drink stations running out of hydration towards the later part of the race, mismanagement of volunteers, and finisher tees running out of sizes. Not new problems, but they've not been addressed properly over the years. Definitely hopeful that IM can improve on these fundamental problems this time...but just don't have too high hopes or one might be severely disappointed.