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  1. Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok 2018

    In the blink of an eye, this race is happening this weekend. Can't wait to finally fly off for my first overseas FM.
  2. You may just carry along a 500ml bottle and some cash. Will be sufficient to last you between checkpoints. There will be sundry shops and petrol kiosks along the way from MR to Woodlands Waterfront as well.
  3. Lai....i jio you come run 10km with me this weekend at Punggol Waterway. After that, we take the $60 go jiak buffet. I think the $60 will be more well spent like this
  4. 50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    Impressive......most impressive!! The self-torture is strong with this one hahaha. Jokes aside, this is a testament of your will and strength. Don't think i can do that. Even if i want to, it'll take time to train up otherwise there's not sufficient time for my body to recovery and might do me more harm instead.
  5. This will be interesting!!
  6. 50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    The B2B God has spoken!!! Yes, this will be a good B2B challenge for you. Not forgetting Sundown is also 2 weeks away. If there's another race the following week after 50 hours, it'll be an interesting April for you.
  7. Before you dive head first and sign up for 100 miles, you might wanna consider tackling maybe 100km first. Craze Ultra will probably fall on 22-23 Sep this year, which is 9 months away. But your body might go into a shock as it is not used to running long distances for so long. If i were you, i'd probably sign up for 1 to 2 full marathons from now til June to get my body started again on long distance running. And then at least another 50 - 60km race from June to August to push the body beyond a marathon. That will probably be sufficient to prepare the mind and body for a 100km in September. And if all goes well, then start planning and train for 100 miles next year. Just my opinion.
  8. 50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    2 weeks before Sundown...jialat....
  9. Wah lao...like that i rather not live hahahaha
  10. After last year's disasters, still wanna YOLO????? Mai liao lorrrrr LOL
  11. Bedok Reservoir Ultramarathon 2018 ( 21 Apr 2018 )

    You run, i run
  12. Article: How to Keep Running Better After 40 Years Old

    I'm not post-40 yet, but i'm already under the Young Masters category.
  13. From the article: " At least one patient was bleeding from a miscarriage, while others were in pain. Another patient who was in premature labour was unable to reach the labour ward in time. She had to deliver in the accident and emergency department, but without her obstetrician's assistance, as he was still making the trek to the hospital from a distant carpark." These patients who suffered because of the road closures can sue Ironman?
  14. Klang City Marathon - car accident

    https://www.runsociety.com/news/klang-city-international-marathon-discovered-to-be-held-illegally-after-serious-car-crash/ More than meets the eye. Not applying for road closure as part of cost cutting measures to maximize profit is one thing...but organizing an 'illegal' race is at another level altogether. From some of the reports, it was found that the organizers failed to obtain a permit to hold the race from the relevant authorities.