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  1. Likewise, the new route adds some new excitement to the route. And most importantly, much less ECP.
  2. Good that you asked. Sharing with you my maiden Craze Ultra experience from 2015. Hope it helps.
  3. LOL!!! Seems like unless they are giving everyone another free slot next year, i don't think they'll be another YOLO
  4. Yolo ahhh Yolo.....why so many go and sign up again?? Last year already Yoloed and pwned so many...still wanna Yolo again...
  5. Heng ahhhh....successful in my maiden SCHKM ballot!!! Ok, see you guys in HK next year. Now chop chop book cheap flights and hotels 1st!!!
  6. In my opinion, there are only pros and no cons for running with a pacer. If you get an experienced pacer, not only can the pacer help with keeping you company, the pacer can also guide you in terms of when and what to consume along the route, when to run and when to walk, when to conserve energy, etc. The pacer will also pull you along, motivate you and keep you focused on your objective....which is to keep moving forward towards the finish line. Not many runners can be your pacer throughout the whole ultra distance. But you can get a friend or a few friends taking turn to pace you for short distances, regardless if its only for 1 checkpoint to the next, or over certain segments of the route. You might not need a pacer for the first half of the race, cos you'll be starting the race with everyone else and can just tag along with anyone that goes at the same pace as you are. The pacer will be more relevant for the 2nd half of the race, when your energy, motivation, focus and mojo start to desert you 1 by 1 due to fatigue. Having a person which you can rely on navigating the route while you just follow like a zombie is a major plus point.
  7. Done! All the best with the balloting everyone!
  8. Updated list of Nuts taking part in this year's edition: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V3z72DYA5Q6srCcru0QKASyPK2HNKu9fRXZSVIZcO9s/edit#gid=928278965
  9. I've just signed up for 101km too!! Like Simon, i'm aiming to complete this distance for the 3rd time. With regards to the discussions on the 2 different start times, personally i'll definitely pick 7.15am. First of all, 7.15am has more runners. On top of the many benefits already shared by everyone earlier, if you're is not familiar with the route, you can simply tag along with any of the many 101km runners. Unless you're running with a pacer/companion, starting at 5pm will also mean you'll spend almost the whole route alone. I'll aim to finish just after midnight so that i can go home to rest for the night.
  10. jerrylam

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    One week after Craze Ultra.....too soon for my poor pair of legs. Will be giving this race a miss.
  11. jerrylam

    King of the Trails - 11 Mar, 18 Aug, 22 Sep, 25 Nov

    Yes, noted the toughness due to the repeated reminders bro 😂
  12. Singapore's favorite and most fun road ultra-marathon is back again!! The 7th Edition of the Craze Ultra will feature new routes for all categories. So to all new comers or veterans of the race, there's something for everyone here!!! Sign up now, and let the fun begins!! Date: 3rd November 2018, Saturday 7.00am to 4h November 2018, Sunday 3.00pm Cut Off Time: 32 Hours Distances: 43km / 74km / 100km / 100 Miles (161km) Registration Fees: 100 miles - $250 101km - $150 63km - $95 45km - $45 Website: http://crazeultra.blogspot.sg/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrazeUltra Registration: http://www.runningguild.com/machform/view.php?id=50132 Race Routes:
  13. jerrylam

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    Once the leaves are gone, the mountain print may give foreign runners the impression that our Bk Timah Hill looks like Mont Blanc!! 🤣
  14. jerrylam

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    Not sure if you guys also find the finisher tee and cap design for this year's edition is ugly lehhh.....
  15. jerrylam

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    Craze Ultra will be postponed to 3-4 Nov 2018....which makes the MSIG 50 race more palatable on 29 Sep...