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  1. 100km cut off with trail quite stressful....not simple.
  2. I would personally think that the specific leg muscle's efficiency is the sum of the whole. If only the legs are trained but not the the core, then the body and posture will be weak or compromised, which will probably create more stress to the legs as they keep trying to compensate for the other weaker parts of the body that are breaking down first.
  3. Except pure running, i do push ups and planks to strengthen the arms and core. I also cycle occasionally to strengthen the quads and for recovery. That's all i do along with my running, and i hope they are sufficient.
  4. SCKLM Organizer: Mai gong boh jio!!!
  5. Don't wanna be guinea pig...given the organizer's reputation so far...
  6. If keep drinking the purple juice for 100km, will urine turn purple or not?? LOL
  7. Exactly! You got my point there. Cannot keep pushing for PBs at FM after FM, very bad for the body. Time to take things running an ultra
  8. Wanna be xiao lang also not easy horr. That's why i'm also limiting myself to not more than 7-8 races a year these days to keep my legs functional for many more years to come. In my opinion, most of us are not born with the physiques of marathoners. Each marathon or ultra takes a heavy toll on our body. The whole system will be going into overdrive to sustain the extreme stress the body is taking. But if we push ourselves too far, too hard and too frequently, that's when the body snaps.....and injuries become chronic. Moral of the story; kiang si hoh, mai gei kiang!
  9. You mean those guys developed a real phobia or paranoia for running after the torment they put themselves through? And so bad that they stopped running altogether???
  10. ......imagine being served this for 100 km!!!!
  11. The Marina Run organizer??? All the warning signs are out. Looks like i'll most likely sit out this one and see how it goes before deciding if i'm be signing up next one....IF there is a next one.
  12. It's not how you train or the distance you run, but your dedication and determination in your training for Craze Ultra that impresses me.....salute!!
  13. Congrats and well done to all SCKLM finishers!! I did the HM there twice, and it's definitely a more refreshing route than our ECP, ECP and ECP hahaha. Still haven't got the time to finally attempt the FM, but will look forward to it one day.
  14. Solid!! Even i'm motivated and inspired by you with your training schedule!!
  15. I know, but just felt emo as i was so looking forward to this race which i'll be doing for the first time. I only did a 21km late last night to end the weekend and not let it go to waste.