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  1. stuck

    50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    Thanks but Philip was right. The Sheng Shiong carpark was the nearest and worked out well in the end.
  2. stuck

    50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    Hi, the reservoir car parks are a bit of a walk away from the start point. I know it's lame to not want to walk a couple of hundred meters more, but I might stash some supplies in the car during the run
  3. stuck

    50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    Hi guys, any idea where would be the best place to park for this event after 10pm? Thanks!
  4. so sorry i wasn't able to make it. happy 5th anniversary CDB runners!
  5. hi. do i know you?

  6. wats the menu for this month? 02 Nov - fried carrot cake 09 Nov - Choco cake 16 Nov - Cornetto 23 Nov - fried kway tiao 30 Nov - All of the above! can bring forward the choco cake & cornetto today???
  7. wats the menu for this month?
  8. i bet you have been putting on weight for the past few months... its time to join us this weekend for the fun... you will be able to burn all the fats aways ya! i put on 3kg of FATS! shall see how i do tmr. will be glad just to make it up the mountain in one piece.
  9. hello stuck! why jialat har? haha evidently you haven't join them for even longer than me! u dunno his taper is like run slower but not much shorter meh. i'll be shocked if they run anything less than 30km this weekend. rite boss?
  10. Tigger have a puncture run waiting for you this weekend. don't think can join all on weekends yet. unless u're tapering already! then again knowing u taper also jialat man
  11. Welcome back Too Slack haha thank you! living up to my nickname FAR too well now. be gentle with me
  12. where hv u been? i not boss but next week = MF eh bring ur dog to CBD run leh been writing my thesis & neglecting my running! MF eh? think i run there touch it n come back maybe still can. haha as for the dog maybe when its a shorter route then i bring her la. she's even more useless then me. haha
  13. I'M BACK!!! what's on the menu next week boss?
  14. yah lucky u never come. more food for the rest of us!