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  1. Heads up to folks who haven buy your air tickets yet, there's a dip in prices from 8XX-ish to 7XX-ish on skyscanner <3
  2. Thanks Pris! It is a good read for setting expectations!
  3. Looking forward to this Hope the bling and singlet are good.
  4. Thanks so much! And yes, I am in for Sundown 42 as well.
  5. Haha! I've never completed a FM before
  6. I am keen on this too. I will use 50 hours non stop run to gauge myself to see if I can complete the mini mini ultra of 43k (10 laps). If I survive that, I would like to continue training for the 78K craze LOL!
  7. Hmm, I would go for it since there's Superman! , anyone else? LOL..
  8. I'll be doing that too... but does anyone ever stayed around Parkwood? I am booking Airbnb and I am not sure if I made the right decision =/
  9. LOL chin chye lar, this one no medal Im still happy de
  10. But this year no finisher tee, hopefully the other entitlements are cool enough to replace them
  11. Thomas, very likely! Waiting for my gal friends I supposed you are in ha!
  12. Well apparently they kept the distance to 5K and 10K again But there's no mention of Finisher Tee in the Runner's entitlement... only Finisher Medal and e-Cert! Registration opens... NOW!
  13. JustRunLah has some promotional code this time until March