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  1. Thanks Pris! It is a good read for setting expectations!
  2. Thanks so much! And yes, I am in for Sundown 42 as well.
  3. Haha! I've never completed a FM before
  4. I am keen on this too. I will use 50 hours non stop run to gauge myself to see if I can complete the mini mini ultra of 43k (10 laps). If I survive that, I would like to continue training for the 78K craze LOL!
  5. Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    LOL chin chye lar, this one no medal Im still happy de
  6. Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    But this year no finisher tee, hopefully the other entitlements are cool enough to replace them
  7. Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    Thomas, very likely! Waiting for my gal friends I supposed you are in ha!
  8. Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    Well apparently they kept the distance to 5K and 10K again But there's no mention of Finisher Tee in the Runner's entitlement... only Finisher Medal and e-Cert! Registration opens... NOW!