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  1. Chris Tan

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Hehe, I'm not loaded, just maximising the bucks by making the overseas runs a part of holidays with the wife (and little daughter as well, if possible). So the wife can do her shopping while I run, which is great - if I tag along for shopping, she'll be sick of my bored face. Gotta try and keep her satisfied, she's already found new complaints, eg. I'm always out running, lots of smelly sweaty clothes etc. We're probably visiting a relative in Melbourne in Aug/Sep, and I've already found an 50km ultra race I can squeeze into the middle of the trip
  2. Chris Tan

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    That's true... always need some races to keep one focused. And if I can keep up a decent pace here, then I can certainly look forward to much better timings overseas, with the great weather as a booster.
  3. Chris Tan

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Very true... I thought last year's Sundown was quite pleasant for my first FM, but Tokyo really amazed me. Now I kinda regret having signed up for 4 more local runs over the next few months... nothing here can come remotely close to that kind of race experience. Next year I'm likely to try for London. If fail, then try Berlin. If fail, then most likely try Osaka!
  4. Chris Tan

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    SCMS... eeek. With that kind of start time, I'd end up burnt to a crisp by the time I crawl to the end. Plus my HM experience in 2014 was seriously bad - it was utterly horrid being caged up like animals just after crossing the finishing line, herded slowly towards the medal collection area, feeling faint in the hot sun. Swore to myself I'd never pay for such treatment again.
  5. Chris Tan

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Nice video! Sure brings back many good memories... I was so intent on maintaining a constant pace that I took no pictures... my phone stayed in my back pocket throughout.
  6. Chris Tan

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Hello! Newcomer here. I took part in this wonderful event too, threw my name in the hat as suggested by a friend who was there in 2014. Got picked and brought the wife along - she went shopping while I ran. The cannon that signalled the start woke her up as we stayed at an apartment booked via airbnb, just 5 mins walk from my entry point, Gate 4. This was only my 2nd ever marathon, after last year's Sundown. Timing improved by nearly 45mins, down to a sub-5 hr finish, thanks to many factors: - the cold weather which meant my clothes stayed pretty dry and my body couldn't overheat. Every blast of cold wind was very welcome. Even my sunglasses stayed free of sweat and fog; - the scenic route, which was a running tour of Tokyo's city sights; - the many fun performances along the route, from taiko drummers to an entire band, to traditional and jpop dances; - the really enthusiastic volunteers; and - the amazingly huge crowds of cheering supporters lining almost the entire route! It was a real real eye-opener, and enabled me to keep going at a consistent pace from start to finish. I have to say I'm hugely impressed by their organisation and logistics. Would gladly do it all over again... though I'd probably try for Osaka first if I were to run in Japan again.