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  1. Yellow card!!! Yellow card!!! *beep* *beeeeeep* Come for food only!!!!! i scared e jellies melt la... haha.. .gd excuse right
  2. I will just come for e food! wahahaha see u all ard 745
  3. i sure come; tapering run for hk mayb! Fred will make jellies!!
  4. Haha thx all for e company... Weather dictates we eat instead of run n i WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree e cake is very VERY nice la... Shld start a biz... haha i will support 2 hand 2 legs
  5. Looking at e weather now... hmmmm.... I can only rem 1 other time wen cbd no run cuz of rain Den again i can recall e other time we rain in e rain!!
  6. seems lik alot of food huh? haha ok I'll b down tonight too
  7. Good run today.. a lil hot n humid especially towards the end but its good training for race day conditions just in case its a hot day! Thanks for the heavenly icy 100 plus at the end point... 2 more wks to go Everyone train/taper well n remain injury free
  8. Had a good run today. Manage to clock what will be my longest run for SCSM Thanks to Outrider + Horus for the company and then Yamsong for 'forcing' me to run home! n oso to those who help organize, set up n man the heavenly water point at e end! Weather i found it pretty good - Sunny but generally windy.. Nows time to 'slack' a lil and taper for e marathon
  9. Today's weather is indeed HOT! even as i went down to buy food just now it was baking Golly hope e weather come race day is more merciful on us!! Nevertheless a good run completed. Thanks to all e fellow pacers/runners for e run
  10. My 1st run with the Pacers yesterday. Did about 26km incl the distance I ran from home. Was running with Kok San (correct me if I'm wrong), ACleong and Byron for much of the journey towards CCR. Pace was quite steady at just below 6 min/km accordin to my sportsband on the way there. Decided to U-turn at the 1st traffic junction along the canal along with Byron. After NSRCC picked up pace slightly and ran all the way to the Skating rink and called it a day Total mileage clocked: about 26km in 2 hrs 32mins Thanks for the company.. Some haven't seen for a long time! Sorry couldnt stay and catch
  11. why u all always do SET E when i cannot make it ar?! alamak... Actually dats my fave route too. Gruelling but gd training indeed. Go guy n gals.. Conquer e mountain! *cheers*
  12. Mount Faber is also my fave route for CBD runs! haha great minds tink alike Shiong but its a nice n scenic route. Unfortunately cant make it today
  13. I tink i will come... but light run... IPPT tml muz save my legs keke
  14. only a handful did 3 rounds. Hehe... If only i knew abt e "shortcuts"
  15. I tot Tigger say 3 rounds... hmmm after 3 rounds seems lik nt much ppl ard They muz be running fast... hehe
  16. cokiee.... i stay very very near to him... :Big Grin: got nearer den me anot?
  17. I might drop by to kaypoh n stick my nose in too
  18. so in plain simple english, is CBD run today to do the run with Velocity Run? as in both start running from their respective start point and meet along orchard road? just say yes or no. :Raised Eyebrow: Christmas run = Christmas Tree run? but cbd runs tomorrow la
  19. make it big rain.... can only pray its a short one... if lik last night.. hoho
  20. Im e guy with footpod n braces so i dunno who u saw as cfred.. lol E pace today is gd... average pace of 6.15 according to my footpod Think e 4 hr pace was a lil too slow at e start thou mayb cuz no footpod n distance markers N oso a lil messy cuz of e big groups n e stoppages at e start of e run Anyway marathon pace for 4.30 pacers likely to be (1hr: 6.06, 2nd hr:6.12, 3rd:6.18, 4th 6.24) A rough guide n estimate.. giving 20 mins for e last 2k+ n abit of buffer for breaks inbtw
  21. Thanks for e run n 100+ guys gals... Gd run today Sky looked threatening but luckily enuff it held up n turned out to be very nice weather Coolin enuff wout being too humid.. If scsm was lik dat will be ideal Good pace today.. gettin used to 4.30 pace.. hehe All e guys gals taggin along all look gd for 2.15/4.30 timings or even better! Cu all on marathon day!
  22. SO will those from "duan bei shan" come down n join in e fun also?
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