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  1. Yellow card!!! Yellow card!!! *beep* *beeeeeep* Come for food only!!!!! i scared e jellies melt la... haha.. .gd excuse right
  2. I will just come for e food! wahahaha see u all ard 745
  3. i sure come; tapering run for hk mayb! Fred will make jellies!!
  4. Haha thx all for e company... Weather dictates we eat instead of run n i WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree e cake is very VERY nice la... Shld start a biz... haha i will support 2 hand 2 legs
  5. Looking at e weather now... hmmmm.... I can only rem 1 other time wen cbd no run cuz of rain Den again i can recall e other time we rain in e rain!!
  6. seems lik alot of food huh? haha ok I'll b down tonight too
  7. Good run today.. a lil hot n humid especially towards the end but its good training for race day conditions just in case its a hot day! Thanks for the heavenly icy 100 plus at the end point... 2 more wks to go Everyone train/taper well n remain injury free
  8. Had a good run today. Manage to clock what will be my longest run for SCSM Thanks to Outrider + Horus for the company and then Yamsong for 'forcing' me to run home! n oso to those who help organize, set up n man the heavenly water point at e end! Weather i found it pretty good - Sunny but generally windy.. Nows time to 'slack' a lil and taper for e marathon
  9. Today's weather is indeed HOT! even as i went down to buy food just now it was baking Golly hope e weather come race day is more merciful on us!! Nevertheless a good run completed. Thanks to all e fellow pacers/runners for e run
  10. My 1st run with the Pacers yesterday. Did about 26km incl the distance I ran from home. Was running with Kok San (correct me if I'm wrong), ACleong and Byron for much of the journey towards CCR. Pace was quite steady at just below 6 min/km accordin to my sportsband on the way there. Decided to U-turn at the 1st traffic junction along the canal along with Byron. After NSRCC picked up pace slightly and ran all the way to the Skating rink and called it a day Total mileage clocked: about 26km in 2 hrs 32mins Thanks for the company.. Some haven't seen for a long time! Sorry couldnt stay and catch
  11. why u all always do SET E when i cannot make it ar?! alamak... Actually dats my fave route too. Gruelling but gd training indeed. Go guy n gals.. Conquer e mountain! *cheers*
  12. Mount Faber is also my fave route for CBD runs! haha great minds tink alike Shiong but its a nice n scenic route. Unfortunately cant make it today
  13. I tink i will come... but light run... IPPT tml muz save my legs keke
  14. only a handful did 3 rounds. Hehe... If only i knew abt e "shortcuts"
  15. I tot Tigger say 3 rounds... hmmm after 3 rounds seems lik nt much ppl ard They muz be running fast... hehe
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