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  1. Cycling at ECP on a weekday is great! no SLOW traffic :)

  2. Cycling in the rain is dangerous but fun :) maybe i should try running in the rain ::

  3. Wow... Saw CBD runners Zoom Zoom pass me i see no one, only shadows =.='' I was running with the Mount Faber runners If LS didn't point out would have never figure out who are those shadows...
  4. waaaa.... ihave chalet over the weekend can join TFB on sunday morning just nice
  5. thats freaking far =.='''
  6. no card cannot join?? :Cry: Hilo salsa. That is an optional field. This Training Programme is open to everyone! Feel free to join! =) Joined! :Big Grin:
  7. no card cannot join?? :Cry:
  8. didn't know there is such a running club in singapore... membership requirement? nice video btw...
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