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  1. Hi msmurf, I typically have a net like belt or fuel belt. Get the smaller box or pour it in the plastic bag, whichever is handy and easy for you to carry. Remember to sip some water after eating. Ultra thank you for your prompt reply. that means have to spend money again.....this forum is poisoning.....power gel, skin, nimbus............haa...........but i must say i learn a lot and still learning. ot: is it you last thur running along hong lim park toward i-run meeting place? wooooo thats very fast n furious n striking with your blinking LED light
  2. hi Ultra sifu, pardon me if my question sound stupid and did i posted at the right thread? u mentioned taking raisins during the run, i am keen to try it out. i bought the only one brand i can find in NTUC. its SUNMAID, red box packing, right? secondly, how do u carry it? cheers!
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