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  1. They sent me a pic of someone else To be fair, my bib number was partially covered.
  2. Looks like I dodged a bullet as I didn't use the baggage service this year. When I finished I saw a huge line of people waiting for baggage. Shame they dropped the ball on that one. Other than that I enjoyed the race, the new route and the crowd support. They really need to separate the FM runners from the rest of categories in the last few km. The walkers were slowing us FM runners down. I missed my goal time of 3:30 by 3min...hah. But it's still a 14 min PB. Must train harder next year 💪
  3. Collected at around 8:15pm. It was fairly quick, took less than 20 minutes. Tomorrow is probably gonna be busy.
  4. Great post as usual. But Osteoporosis is not brittle bone disease. It's a bone disease which causes excessive loss of bone mass, which results in fragile bones. This disease commonly presents in post-menopausal women. The reason impact sport such as running helps young woman in mitigating this disease is because our bones, although appears to be static, are actually quite dynamic at the cellular level. Our bones can adapt to mechanic stress (in this case forces from your foot impacting the ground) by strengthening itself over time, just like how our heart becomes more efficiency in circulating blood after cardio training. So by the time a woman, who exercises consistently, hits post-menopause, she would have more buffer against bone loss as compared to someone who doesn't.
  5. Looks like we have the same goal! My strategy is to keep my pace at 4:55 min/km until I reach 35 km, then slow down to 5:10 min/km for the rest of the race. Good luck!
  6. I just received the email about it.
  7. Good read. Thanks for sharing.. I noticed during my running lately that at about 32.6 km'ish (at Garden By the Bay East) along the marathon route there's now a temporary diversion path. Do you know if they take that into consideration during the measurement?
  8. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    Just got the email... Got rejected. Still got next year to try again 🙏
  9. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    Just a reminder that the Tokyo Marathon 2018 lottery result will be announced on September 25 (Monday). Good luck to those who applied!
  10. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    I took the 6am shuttle bus from Expo. It took the Changi Coastal Rd route, to avoid the congestion at Loyang I suppose.
  11. Register Now for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017!

    Good experience overall. Another hot weather this year. I felt there could be more hydration points along the route as it was quite hot. Other than that I had a great run.
  12. My bad. I didn't look close enough. So yes, the Shear Bridge is still there
  13. It would be nice if they also mark the hydration points on the map. I guess they are probably still planning them. Edit: I was blind, they are marked already. However, they haven't indicate whether banana and gel will be provided along the route. But I like the new route so far, no heartbreaking bridge.. Hehe
  14. WTB: 21KM AHM BIB

    Ah, I see. I used the same strategy once for a female bib.. Heh Good luck with your search
  15. So must run fast to beat the sunrise 😂