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  1. Did personal worst this time. see my fb. never been so dejected as i think my timing is below average for sg hm timing.. i know not every race needs to be a pb attempt, but i didnt do this badly before..
  2. i alr might want go gc again next year. Hehehe.
  3. My experiences there are posted at my fb. Got time take a look (:
  4. Though gcam is not exactly flat. Its still a fast route. The atmosphere was impressive when there are kids to cheer you on and ppl using encouraging signs to inspire you to go on. Learned it the hard way by not following pacers blindly even when i pbed by a small margin. I seen many runners conmited the mistake as i did cuz there are sg runners who bursted ahead of me at first but i caught up with them later. Hopefully i wont repeat this in my next fm at Osaka. Anyway congrats to Pris for her impressive pb! Nevertheless, gc is a fm that i will return to do.
  5. I think she will post in a few days time. She did a number of interviews
  6. Pris and me pb! 3"48"07 and 4"31.
  7. Er scsm is one week after osaka marathon .osaka is 26 nov.
  8. Im downgrading it to 10k due to osaka marathon.
  9. Osaka Marathon 2017 26 Nov 2017

    Haha noted.
  10. Osaka Marathon 2017 26 Nov 2017

    Well if sat morning reach abit rush for me. Might turn to Cathay Pacific. Hehe
  11. Osaka Marathon 2017 26 Nov 2017

    Fri sq early morning flight no more le. I use fri afternoon? Or i early morning sat fly den sat morning 8am plus reach osaka?
  12. Osaka Marathon 2017 26 Nov 2017

    Im ok with one stopover, but more than 1.3k it will be too exp liao.