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  1. Cant byob, as much as im a supporter of reducing waste as im gg all out in the race. But i promised not to anyhow litter all over the place.
  2. Think i knew how the tyre lady looked like in person le. Saw her photo in scsm fb page.
  3. If you want cheap and good oversea runs, Taiwan races will be recemmended for you.
  4. Tbh,I wont practice byob when i aim timing, esp scsm. it bogged me down when i did oxxfit run which has byob format.Usually i drink finish, i often aim to throw at bins. European marathons want to go cupless or not does not really matter to me as i'm not keen to race there anytime soon, too expensive for me. Hope you understand. Not all will enjoy the idea of byob in races.
  5. FM Cot is 7hr 30mins, from last flag off. (Last flag off should be around 7pm) COT for respective check-points: 5.4km mark- Before 7.57pm (Near marina promeade) 11.7km mark- Before 9.04pm (Nicoll Highway, opposite Keppel Club) 19.1km mark- Before 10:23pm (Robinson Road) 27.7km mark- Before 11:55pm (ECP, Zone 32.4km mark- Before 12:45am (GBTB East,near the roadside area) 36.9km mark- Before 1:33am (GBTB, sheares Avenue) 39.9km mark- Before 2.01am (Republic avenue)
  6. There are a few medals i toss. dun like to hoard too much medals.
  7. https://raceresults.sg/event/strun2019 Results out!
  8. Good weather and pbed in the 10k race. But st run got delayed due to technical reasons, they said. 10k was flagged off at 710am.
  9. 4th time in a row no success.
  10. Before i forget, increase mileage slowly. Not from 10k become 30k. Will risk getting injured.
  11. 1. Train your Aerobic ability as well as your paced runs (Tempo runs, intervals etc.) 2. LSDs are the most important in FM training. Do not ever skip LSD (Do it 30-60sec slower than your FM goal pace). In FMs, endurance matters more. 3. Bring Salt tablets and Gels during a race. 4. Want to hit goal timing, consistency and discipline matters most. You may also join a running club and ask the coach to help you plan a training plan for a FM. 5. You may enter one or two shorter races along the way to gauge yourself and dress rehearsal (10k,HM) During race itself: -Do not ever start off too fast.
  12. Hope this year the MC will say this again. Heard endless stories of ppl walking just after flag off.
  13. It was me. Cuz GPS play games with me and stated at 510, hence sped up. Last k hardly anyone following us, so push abit.
  14. Photos I took along the race. Impressive running etiquette.
  15. Did 15k, 5mins pace. The Pacers did a formation. 2-2-2. Front are abit faster and those behind are those following 5mins pace or 2sec slower. I was in the mid before swapping to the front towards the end of the race with Rachel see. (Last 2k) Pris Chew did 10k, 7mins pace.
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