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  1. yh90

    HomeTeamNS Real Run 2019 - 05 Oct (Sat)

    Thats a day after my bday! Wonder should i go or not. hehe.
  2. Some of your video extracts are from Mingham. Did you seek permission from him and credit him for it?
  3. yh90

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    Just like a runner did first marathon and say will never do another FM le, in the end still sign up.HAHA
  4. yh90

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    I dunno what came to me. Signed up for the FM.. Sundown marathon was my first FM..
  5. yh90

    Marina Run 2019 - 23 Feb (Sat)

    Come and do 10km with me. This time it starts at 6.30pm.
  6. Wonder what is the median time for SCSM FM runners this year.. It seemed that it's between 5hr45 to 6hr15mins.
  7. I usally will aim and then throw towards at bin. But got few times missed. cuz no time to go back take cup and throw. Every second counts ma. Even elite runners also nv throw properly.
  8. Easier if runners are put in pens according to previous fm timings from any iaaf certified fm or sg races. First time fm one go last pen lor. Whoever submit fake timings,entry denied Cot should always be time after last flag off
  9. 4am better. Like scmkl. Earlier than this , it's too early liao.
  10. Race against the clock ma. So dun really care. But I'll be more careful next time.
  11. Oops. Cuz all Chase timing so forgot. I tried to aim for dustbin but some cups I missed.
  12. 19k mark dun have my photo 😭 Sundown I did 5k and HM. Pb in 5k and paced a friend to sub 2 in HM later on
  13. Maybe I next time start at last wave to see for myself how it is like.
  14. My only issue is crowd control which they need to improve on and surprised why runners upon finishing need to walk nearly a km from floating platform to f1 pit building..
  15. Weather damn hot. Slowed to a jog nearing sheares bridge. Crossed the finishing line 3'49 (Local pb)