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  1. Come think about it, i nearly wanted to give up during my first FM.. in the end didnt and finished it in 6:27. (Sundown marathon 2014)
  2. Noticed that the clock stopped at about 2.30am. Can say slightly more than 10,000 runners finished the FM. Who knows what's the average finishing time this year?
  3. Yes, considered as DNF. but then the sense of accomplishment isnt there anymore.
  4. Noticed that those who walked from start and cant reach the cut off points in time, are being swept up by the bus. There are some who got swept up, somehow rejoined the route and crossed the finishing point. There are also some who did not start from start point and started from 20km mark or so, also crossed the finishing line (Considered DNF) Cut off Points for FM just for recap 5.4km: 7.57pm 11.7km: 9.04pm 19.1km: 10:23pm 27.7km: 11:55pm 32.4km: 12:45am 36.9km: 1:33am 39.5km: 2:01am
  5. That's less than half of runners doing a sub 6 FM. But then again the humidity killed many runners..
  6. This person first time marathoner. Started at the back of pen G.
  7. Ya. some felt runners too self entitled and only want to run marathon to show off. But then most are just keyboard warriors, hence nth to fear from them.
  8. You go Gold Coast Airport Marathon, which has a smaller population than singapore, also have a better supporters and atmosphere.
  9. I think most Singaporeans who complained across social media never read the road closure news or LTA didnt broadcast more thoroughly. Either way, they aint very supportive of such races and only cared about own interests. Take a look at major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong , Seoul, NYC, London who hold races in the heart of the cities and you'll get the idea. Either way, most likely Ironman will still continue to hold the race in the evening.
  10. A hard fought finish due to food poisoning a few days before, rendering myself unable to carbo load, too much gas in stomach halfway thru until last few km, chiong at 5min pace , crossing the finishing line at 3'49. At least i didnt go down without a fight. For some reasons, many runners cramped..
  11. We dun get to choose weather. We can only make the best whatever race conditons has given to us.
  12. Cant byob, as much as im a supporter of reducing waste as im gg all out in the race. But i promised not to anyhow litter all over the place.
  13. Think i knew how the tyre lady looked like in person le. Saw her photo in scsm fb page.
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