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  1. Last year i went, logistics good, toilets alot, drinks enough. No diversion and straight sweep up bus if cant hit cut off timing. Good luck and dun hit the wall at 33k mark! 33k mark got one incline for 1km or 2k
  2. Cant imagine if fm got over 35000 ppl.
  3. Nobody's said that. Just that not many 20-29 years old ppl will do ultra. Ultras are for mentally strong and more experienced runners like jerry.
  4. And so does Pris. Seen you and jerry garmin. Wow. Im impressed at your running .
  5. You next time can pass it to somewhere near pris house?
  6. I using this run as lsd for scsm.
  7. No MRT service amd scsm still want bid to be part of WMM series? Dun make me laugh!
  8. Now i dunno which one to do, csc bay run or this run.haha.
  9. Cant find my photo. 😭😭