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  1. -Easy. LSD can do on weekend late afternoon, to adapt to the clock and timing.
  2. Ts, i tot its Sgrun? Kindly change the link to avoid confusion.
  3. Too short. Ytd i did a 24km LSD. 550pace.
  4. Distance inaccurate. Did 1:36 for this race. But then not used to byob format as keep having to stop and refill water bottle, hence building momentum hard.
  5. I have to. if i puncture will kena laugh at or even tio complain by members of the public.
  6. Refer to the website to see who will be the pacers this year.
  7. Hi all, hope to see you guys there! psst, i am one of the pacers here. doing 15km one.
  8. Doesn't matter if organiser is inexperienced or not. Just that hydration is the most basic thing an race organiser must get this right. What if because of no water, then runners faint? How is the organiser going to answer to the public? As for the late flag off, it could be due to really got onstruction on the route, VIP late or the hydration stations havent fully set up, thus tried to buy some time, Sounds like Sundown 2019 is worse than Sundown 2017..
  9. Cant be from any iaaf certified race for fm and hm wise, any sg hm?
  10. Seen during last year sundown HM, when I paced a friend who managed to get her first sub 2 HM, got ppl from pen A after first few km start to walk le. Hence I felt it should be this way.
  11. To solve the problem, sundown marathon organisers can implement next time want go pen A to show proof that you can clear a fm 4hrs and faster lor.
  12. One of my friend got stopped at 35k mark and asked to board sweeper bus 'My first DNF for Sundown marathon 2019, I was totally devastated and emotionally down right now. I was stop at 34.88km, 5hrs and 55mins into the race not being able to continue due to a 6am closure.'
  13. Thats the problem. Pen B is sub 330 pen and any runner can opt there. Pen C is Sub 4 pen.
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