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  1. Thank you Joe for the sharing. Very insightful indeed. Especially to us runners who probably might never get a chance to organise a large scale race before (3k participants is still large scale even though its smaller than races like 2XU of course, but you get what i mean there) I'm impressed with what you all have done and I'm sure it has been a great experience for you and your team! Just wondering though... regardings the deficit in the cost that your team suffered... did you all forked out the money from you own pocket instead?!
  2. Thank you Joe for the excellent race today! Everything went really went. The weather was good, there wasn't serious overcrowding, hydration was more than ample, and the whole race felt really organised. Kudos to the organising team. Me and my friends were really impressed by this race. Some issues for me was the lack of parking lots but I guess that's not within ur control. The 10km race started a little later too but that's due to the 21km leaders returning so fair enough. Plus the weather wasn't hot even at the end of the race so nth detrimental. The isotonic drink was really bad though. Tasted like cough syrup. But at least there's plenty of water available phew... On the bright side, I achieved my personal best today too! 53mins50s as I passed the 10km marker and 55mins30s as I passed the finishing line so either way both are way btr than my ahm finishing of 59mins40s. Contented. The medal was really nice looking and of solid quality too. Race tee feels comfortable (though I didn't wear that to run). My friends and I totally enjoyed ourselves so thank you so much for all the hard work u have put in! Cheers! Btw my Nike app says that it was 10.2km
  3. First race of the year 2015 finally! Looking forward to tomorrow!
  4. Joe, don't be disheartened by the nasty comments some runners have made to u on the fb page or here. I understand its not easy and I personally think that you have done a really good job in trying to bring us the best experience. I am certainly contented and really love the medal quality. Looking forward to getting the second half of the medal on Sunday! And hoping to get a 10km pb next week though. But also mainly it's my first time running at punggol waterway so am really excited. Thanks for all the efforts
  5. I saw on the Facebook page of marina run, there seem to be ppl who didn't receive their medal aft completing their run... Sounds pretty bad
  6. The medals look awesome! But 2013 one looks a little disappointing IMO compared to the past years. Hopefully 2014 one would be more similar to those from 2008-2012. This would be my first scms medal.
  7. Hi Joseph. Thanks so much for the reply. Just to clarify, I already ordered the red T1 calf sleeves, but does it mean that on the day of race pack collection, there will be a compressport booth and I can just select another size of the calf sleeves, let's say T0, if it fits better? Thank you
  8. Online registered for this run w ease! Got a compressport calve sleeves at a discounted price too! Great! Btw Joseph, I believe the calve sleeves is a pre order? Cus I'm afraid that the calf sleeves may not fit and if its possible for me to edit my order after I go and try it out physically at one of the shops that sells? Thank u
  9. It does. U can see it on their Facebook page
  10. I'm gonna join this together with my friends as a post ORD event. Really looking forward to this.
  11. I personally feel its pretty decent design of the tee! And the colour is something my running attire collection lack of! So im Feeling excited to sign up even more now! Haha next up... If we get to view the medal design...
  12. Hi Joseph, Thanks for all the efforts in trying to bring us a good running experience. Really appreciate it! Would certainly be interested to join this event! Looking forward to it! I live all the way to the west so Punggol is a really foreign running site to me! Good for a change! Though travelling there on race day may be a slight headache haha.
  13. Considered cheap already got compressport. Reasonable for a Brooks sponsored event ^^It's a compressport sponsored event
  14. High hopes and expectation that this would be a really good event esp w such a dedicated organiser who makes the effort to engage the runners. Would definitely show my support if the price is decent! sounds like a potential good race to me! It would be my first time to run in punggol area anw.
  15. Sounds interesting! But 2weeks apart from 2xu compression run... Hmm.
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