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  1. Anyonetried eating M&M chocolate for energy during the run?
  2. Very sad to have cheaters in this marquee event. Hopefully we have less for sundown, cheaters are probably sleeping at home.
  3. Same leh, after my run I will change into slippers I felt ore comfortable.
  4. I almost sign up but lucky i read these. I will skip this one.
  5. I like the SIA running tee, if this is of the same material i might join.
  6. This race wasn't good? Last year's turnout any good?
  7. After reading your post i feel like joining SCMS 10K although it's 65 bucks now. This will be my first SCMS if I join.
  8. Still thinking if i should join. 65 for 10k is kinda steep
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