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  1. Anything more than marathon 42.195 km distance.... since most of SCSM runner reported longer than 42.195 km distance they are all ultra marathoner....
  2. 1. Back to running HMish distance. I was focused on Marathon distance for 2017 to early 2019, with mixed results. Really bonked at SCSM 2017 & 2018, best timing at HK 2018 and somehow survived the winter blast of Tokyo 2019. I think I will only try the Marathon distance in temperate climate location. 2. Punggol Waterway, Pasir Ris and Lorong Halus and pipeline trail. This year I has been trying to use my running to explore Singapore. https://www.strava.com/athletes/13890947/heatmaps/56915d74#12/1.36218/103.93066 3. 7 to 10K 3-4 times a week and 15-20k on Sunday. Started to commute running from office this year. 4. No specific one, although wearing compression on race day give me +psychological boost. Not really sure if physically helping. 5. So far has been injury free, thought this year has been getting sick a bit more often.
  3. I never seen so many people lined up and cheering a running event, unbroken human chain along the roads from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station. It was 4-5c and raining, miserable for those running but even worse for those just standing and cheering the runners. Japanese race is really something to experience. Oh ok, that is nice first come fist serve instead the balloting system.
  4. Always enjoy your Japan Race review on your blog. After running Tokyo this year, I understand why you have this fondness of Japan Race. Thinking of running Kyoto or Osaka in 2020/2021. Btw is it entry for Yokohama Marathon by ballot too?
  5. By default earlier pen has more time to complete the course than later pen which is somewhat quite ironic. Those Pen G need to run faster than 7:30 finishing time pace if want to clear the checkpoint COT...
  6. Participated in the SG Run 21km, same old problem with water station. The first few water station were overwhelmed by the runners. It should be a criminal offence to let 2 volunteers handle a single table as a water station. It just couldn't handle the crowd, especially the first few click. I bought bottled sports drink at the bike rental store at ECP and just carry it for the entire race. The route itself quite well marked and marshaled.
  7. nothing much inside the racepack, event singlet, bib, small bottled water, bunch of fliers and string bag.
  8. Overall it was a nice run, well organised. It was same route like 2018 for HM category. Plenty of portable toilets at the starting line and 4-5 portable toilets at few points along the route. Water station were quite plentiful and long enough to avoid unnecessary congestion. Interesting to point out, they put few cones to channel those runners going for a water away from those runner passing the water station. Scenery wise, once you hit the expressway at km 8 it was quite boring all the way until km 17-18. The rolling slopes at the last 10km hits you quite hard. Medals is of good quality, and also coloured. Quite a sad news that the RD announced there were 2 runners involved with a hit and run in the FM category. 1 was quite serious(broken bones) and admitted to hospital and other one jump to a roadside ditch.
  9. When I did my run this year, I stay at Hanzomon area, on the other side of Imperial Palace from the finishing area. I found it quite nice, not too far from either start line or finish line. The marathon started at 9am? at Shinjuku area, so you don't have to really wake up in ungodly hours like in normal SG running event.
  10. Congrats, get ready to book your accommodation. Lookout for PocariSG, normally they will arrange some sort of seminar/sharing session about the Tokyo Marathon
  11. Seems we are waiting for haze to clear up, I hope it is not a repeat of 2015 SCKLM.
  12. I prefer those rectangle style medals but this one looks quite nice.
  13. Start slow, even when you feel comfortable to increase the pace.
  14. According to the apps there were 163 runners participated on 10K. Route was bit packed when started but ease off after the first climb in Hort Park. There was 1 water stop at the 10K, with 100Plus and water. I understand from the briefing, there was another water stop for HM route.
  15. One of the hardest 10K, the medal is quite nice. Shirt looks nice too sadly there's not XL size. Impressive event but RidgeRunners
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