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  1. Arvin Tunas

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Ran the Half Marathon last night, overall it was ok. Water points were plentiful although first 2 were overwhelmed by the time I reached there, I had to get my own cup and fill it myself. The crew were apologizing the whole time, I pity them quite a bit. There wasn't any bin provided at some water points. The route itself quite nice though I assume they were hit by last minute adjustment due to construction along Garden by the Bay and Tanjong Rhu. Nice trail run section. Had the same thought about that "no mass event" at the footbridge, but I remember last year "performance series" passed through the footbridge too. Kudos us for the crew, volunteer and marshals. Not easy to run through Marina bay and esplanade area on Saturday afternoon/evening time but it think it was perfectly handled. I was at the esplanade bridge when the marshal was clearing a path for the first 12.8k pack with bicycle. I ran slower than my normal time but it felt worse, I think combination of recovery process and the heat affected me more than I thought.
  2. Arvin Tunas

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    That hydration bag is a free one. Can't be compared to those at running lab or even decathlon.
  3. On the waiting list, hoping I will not get it since I got Tokyo Marathon slot. It is not a flat course, quite a lot major climb though gradual at those bridges and at Central area. But if you are used only to run in Singapore or hot climate, the cold weather in HK surely helps a lot to get PB.
  4. They just update their apps but no connection to their server
  5. Arvin Tunas

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 1st December 2018

    Last year it was a trail run at Bukit Timah area? The running route is one of those you can do yourself but entitlements looks quite nice. I think I will just sign up for the 10K.
  6. Run to a point and u turn? Repeat few times?
  7. Saw the route at JRL. For FM it will go from F1 pit to Nicoll Higway then Padang, CBD and u turn at alexandra. Came back to CBD and Normal routes garden by the Bay and ECP u turn back to Garden by the Bay and climb up Benjamin sheares and to floating platform. I have to say it is not the typical routing.
  8. Arvin Tunas

    Tokyo Marathon - 3rd March 2019

    In Tokyo, is it preferable to stay near the starting line or the finishing line. In my previous overseas marathon (KL, Bali, Jakarta) it is a looped course or like in HK I stay near the finishing line, but then I'm totally clueless about Tokyo.
  9. Arvin Tunas

    Tokyo Marathon - 3rd March 2019

    Got the slot, now time to settle the visa and start looking for accommodation.
  10. Arvin Tunas

    Tokyo Marathon - 3rd March 2019

    Yet to received any email from them, crossing all fingers.
  11. Arvin Tunas

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2018

    You can find the photos at Running shot.
  12. Done, may the odds be in our favour. This time around, they are giving medals to all category not just the full marathon.
  13. Arvin Tunas

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2018

    The route quite challenging with the rolling hills, bit overcrowded around loyang ave where only the left lane is available. Waterstop is plenty but chilled water or isotonic is kinda nice to have. Will rejoin the run again next year if it don't clash with other big running event.
  14. Arvin Tunas

    Tokyo Marathon - 3rd March 2019

    Crossing fingers.
  15. Arvin Tunas

    Sentosa ( to Senoko (SAF Yatch Club)

    Nice, I like planning this kind of long run too, my farthest one is from Pasir Ris to F1 Pit.