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  1. Collected mine yesterday at around 7PM, pretty fast and simple. Indemnity form passed around by the crew while I was queuing. Nothing much inside the race pack other than the race tee, bib, shuttlebus ticket, luggage tag and few promotion flyer and coupon. It will be a mud galore at the trail tomorrow.
  2. Went running around the trail last 2 Sundays, it was wet and muddy so yeah it will be mud galore event ...
  3. The link to the PDF from the email. SG50 Bus Stop.pdf
  4. Better ask them during the race collection. Last sunday went to recce the route, gosh lots more vertical than I originally expected.
  5. can't you park at Bukit Timah Visitor Centre? Going to try recce the route later this Sunday.
  6. the 5K supposed to run up to the bridge at the end and turn back? So if they turned left at that location, where did they run?
  7. As per their FB and IG post, you can email Ironman Asia if you need to change the shirt size. Details in SCSM FB/IG.
  8. I wanted to sign up the Sentosa one, but after reading this thread I've made up my mind not to sign up. Really no marker or signage? Looks bit haphazard.
  9. Bit too loud to my liking but ok lah... like what they said "then what's the point of finisher tee?" This year 2XU finisher tee is super nice, bit regret not signing up for the HM. Pocari sweat run finisher tee couple years ago also super nice.
  10. Decided to skip this one, I think I had enough running race at Marina Bay/Garden By The Bay/Sports Hub area for now. Looks quite good from people comments on FB, small note I saw the route it goes through the steel pedestrian bridge across fort rd, didn't know it can be used for mass running event.
  11. Most likely it is. The finisher shirt design comes out, different design for 18.45km finisher and the rest.
  12. Sadly no special muscle, at least for running. Basically similar to @jerrylam, it is the overall body itself legs and the core. For casual runners don't really affect that much, but for those participating in few marathons/half marathons per year or back to back events perhaps want to look into strengthening the muscle to help reduce the effect in later years.
  13. You can look at the list of community photographers at MY Runners' FB Page
  14. I attended the talk given by Running Convention ealier this year, one of the quest speaker (rehab specialist) commented most runner forget is we need to train the necessary muscle to take the pounding from long distance running. Running alone will not able to support the necessary pounding.
  15. They organised friendship run for FM runners on saturday morning, some KL running group also organised morning fun run(KL Spin?) on Saturday morning. Some of my friends who joined recommended it, nice event to get to know other people. I flew in saturday morning and came back yesterday afternoon, Friday is a better option so you can join those community event.