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  1. Arvin Tunas

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon (29 Sept 2019)

    SIgned up for HM, not sure about this year but last year it was a new route.
  2. Arvin Tunas

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    Did they change the event t to shirt? Signed up for 12k, but inside the bag was the shirt, only realized it at home.
  3. Arvin Tunas

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    Normally it will be made available during or at the racepack collection
  4. Arvin Tunas

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    Just as I signed up as zero waste runner, they came out the medal design, looks quite nice and different from normal medals. They gave sneak preview of the singlet design in the FB page, no need to guess what is the colour.
  5. Arvin Tunas

    Where to buy trail shoes

    I've been using Brooks Cascadia and so far nothing to complain. Normally you can find trail shoes at Novena Square, either Running Lab or Key Power Sports. You can find trail shoes at running store at Kallang Wave and of course Queensway shopping centre.
  6. This is getting too much, I can understand if they can’t confirm the route but at least confirm the venue.
  7. West Coast Highway was fun, reminiscent of those SCMS HM from sentosa era. The sunrise was beautiful and eerie at the same time cause it meant the scorching weather is coming. Noticed quite a few non SCSM runner using the opportunity to run at West Coast Highway, I will probably do the same too. Marina Bay and Garden by the bay on other was brutal.... This year SCSM is quite interesting experience for me, one of my personally feel worst performance (started walk and jog right after the water point next to golf course 22-23km? and then completely walked ever since 35km) and yet the best one so far in terms of organisation and volunteers & staff. Some of the volunteers were more excited to be there than the runners. Still feels the Padang finish line in front of national gallery was better but at least you could sit down at the race village and not worrying about the mud.
  8. Most likely because they haven’t finalised the runner list for HM and FM, people can still collect FM/HM racepack until this afternoon. Yes, the tracking feature works.
  9. The water points looks quite solid; though the bin is still right next to the table. From spectator POV it Looks quite organized, access point into the event could be more prominent. Congrats to all 10K and 5K runners and all the best for those running tomorrow.
  10. Talking about finisher shirt, I remember it was mentioned this time you will get the size you indicated in the registration. Since the bib is generic, how are they going to do it? Input one by one at the collection desk? Or will they just “re-register” at the collection desk.
  11. The running tee size is half size larger at least for me, I ended up sizing down one size smaller. There is an exchange booth after the merchandise section if you need to switch.
  12. Collected around 630, not so much people. Managed to get the race pack and all the merchandise. When I got out from the RECP expo, the line has snaked out from the expo hall until the sidewalk outside MBS. I didn't expect the bib to be generic, it is similar to this year Sundown Marathon, number without any name. I hope they linked the name to the bib nos correctly. Nice to meet Lady Ice/Tyre Lady at the FM queue.
  13. Arvin Tunas

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    Yup, according to the staff at the stall. Expo rates are same as loyalty rate but without the 3% registration fee. You get free 2018 singlet tee if you signed up at the expo.
  14. At Keppel Road yes but West Coast Highway never mention we are running under flyover and at 3:45 stated "Ramp down from West Coast Highway"
  15. Arvin Tunas

    Osaka Marathon 2018 - 25th November 2018

    I did that the first time SCSM assigned wave according to previous finishing time, then I realised unless you claimed to have ran a damn fast time they will not bother to check.