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  1. My Fenix 1 also recorded 20.14km. All Fenix thinks alikeMy 910XT tracked 19.80km. So Garmin models dun't think the same. forerunner series think alike. mine 620 recorded 19.76 km.
  2. hi folks, care to share the distance recorded on yr gps watch? I also did a PB but my distance recored was 19.76km. overall, the run was well-managed, thumb up for the organizers!!
  3. as a runner and i have already registered for the 21 km run, i won't complain if there is a change of the 21km route
  4. i did runs in Yew Tee(CCK), also become JB running. My strava also stated Singapore, Johor, Singapore
  5. As much as I love sgrunners, I dun think its true nowadays. Maybe 5-10 yrs back when social media wasn't so prevalent, this might be true. But nowadays I think its probably not true. Most people would probably learn about a race from social media, many more would learn from their running groups or kakis. Probably only a small percentage would learn about the race from this forum. One thing for sure though, I do think we are always among the first to list a race way in advance. Sometimes even before the race website or facebook page is ready. i think i got my latest news(example new races, release of race timing...) from this forum. i do check some race FB page but i prefer to come to the forum as it is more 'centralized'.
  6. well said. I also think 8 hours is reasonable for our climate.
  7. maybe allow me to share cos i am a first timer FM runner. I have no concern of people asking me if i got run 42km or not. or did i take short cut. I am in competition with no one, I run my own race, I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape, or form. I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before. That's me and I'm free.
  8. i would still want to read about yr race experience for this year scms.
  9. for me, 1. http://marathonsingapore.com/2014-results/ show the correct nett time and gun time. 2. http://media.marathon-photos.com/MyPace/index.html#/4953/ show same nett time and gun time. can't be the same as I started the race about 15mins later(2nd or 3rd wave).
  10. wow that was fast….. My Polar M400 recorded 43 km 42.8km on my Garmin. 42.94km on my Garmin.
  11. We are able to purchase compressport product like calf sleeves/trail & run shorts during registration or/and after registration
  12. yeah... neon orange is ok. actually any color is ok if it is a singlet.
  13. maybe it is just me, but i dont like to run in sleeve t-shirt. i prefer running vest.
  14. i think that is their marketing strategy. priority+ and priority are mend to be before the event launch, that is why call them "priority". after the launch, normal pricing.
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