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    One north Run 2018 - 2 Dec 2018

    thanks bro... unfortunately, i don't find my pic camera always don't like my face .. LOL
  2. pvc4am

    One north Run 2018 - 2 Dec 2018

    Anybody know where to find photos from this run?
  3. pvc4am

    Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    Looks like registration is open again for 23km and 12km.. Very keen to join but unfortunately not free that day... haiz 😞
  4. pvc4am

    On the Hills 2018

    I braved the rain and took part in the run... Small run with not that many participants.. i guess quite many decided not to make the trip down to the race venue. But coz of that, it was really stress free (apart from the uncertainty whether the race would actually happen). Given the circumstances, I think the organizer managed the situation onsite pretty well. They apologized multiple times for the delayed start at 8:30am and offered participants to pick up drinks if thirsty. The event tentage had enough room for more or less all participants to take shelter while waiting for the start too. Bag deposit was a breeze, even when i only dropped off my bag a couple of minutes before the start when organizer invited runners to the start line. But in all the uncertainty up to the very last minute, looks like they fell short on tcommunications via FB, website etc. There was still light rain when the race started but i think it stopped when I was 2-3km into the race (or maybe I just couldn't tell if it was drizzling anymore since i was already wet with rain+sweat by then.. 😉). But thanks to the rain, it was cooling... which helped coz it was a really hilly route. Post-run snacks and drinks were great. We could help ourselves to ample supply of bananas, sliced watermelons as well as dried nut&fruit mix. Due to the few runners, there was oversupply of drinks and runners were also offered whole large bottles of 100+ to take home. Overall, was a good run event for me.
  5. pvc4am

    On the Hills 2018

    OK thanks...
  6. pvc4am

    On the Hills 2018

    Yeah, i noticed the tee colour change but i think white is quite unique, so don't mind... though the dark blue also nice. lol..... the size is a bit smaller than i expected though. I don't suppose anybody here has an L size who wants to swap to M? When they say BYOB, does it mean they only don't provide hydration points along the race route but there will be hydration at start point for us to fill our bottle? or we have to bring our own hydration from home? forgot to ask during REPC the other day
  7. I did the FM.. My 935 shows only 75m elevation gain... maybe u climbed some extra steps going to toilet, etc 😋
  8. I also received this email. Picked up my pack with no queue on Thu night. Maybe volunteer still not familiar with the procedures on first day.... but really hope no issues with my timing on race day loh