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  1. I did the FM.. My 935 shows only 75m elevation gain... maybe u climbed some extra steps going to toilet, etc 😋
  2. I also received this email. Picked up my pack with no queue on Thu night. Maybe volunteer still not familiar with the procedures on first day.... but really hope no issues with my timing on race day loh
  3. pvc4am

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Same gripe here, got into start pen 4:15am but finally only set off as part of wave 4 almost 1 hour later. Legs tired even before starting the run. seems there was technical issues with the timing system. saw a guy holding timing chip touching different points of the sensors to test. hope no prob for our timing results. also quite a few narrow stretches where i had to weave btn the many walkers... sorry to say, but sometimes I really wonder why people sign up for HM when they already have to start walking from like 3-5km mark? other than that, was quite a pleasant run with nice weather
  4. pvc4am

    One-North Run 2017 - 5 Nov (Sun)

    You're right, it's a bit less than 10km. Race guide also confirms, it states actual distance is 9.9km http://onenorthrun.com/ON2017_Race Guide.pdf Quite hilly indeed.and got a bit crowded at the initial part of race. Also heard from some 10km runners that they got held up few minutes almost at end of route to let 5km runners cross !!
  5. pvc4am

    Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    Cheh, so many sizes (including the one I need) not available anymore. Skip!
  6. pvc4am

    Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    Thanks! Will try to catch early bird for 10km today then
  7. pvc4am

    Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    Is the jacket applicable to only past participants for all 3 yrs 2012-2015? If i only took part in 2014, can qualify for it?