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  1. i think they were waiting for the rain to stop. i was there at 4:45pm, collected and left at 5:15ish pm. can't find the exit, different people point to different directions. due to the rain, the entire place was muddy with pools of water. try not to wear shoes if possible.
  2. 200+ mins? Need to wait for 3hours+ just for the racepack?!
  3. Will collect on Wednesday and pass it to you everything. $45 Text: 87178342
  4. Many were stuck outside, idk if they stop people from entering or what, but the crowd was not moving. It was already 4:55am and everyone getting ganjiong already lol. Someone manage to break cable tie to open the gate and a few of them manage to rush in before 1 security and 1 volunteer came to close it back, and then the security was shouting at us calling us hooligans and not runners bo bian enter via pen G and got flagged off so late.
  5. At around 14km-ish, saw a man alighted from the cab...wearing event singlet and holding onto the bib..casually walked in and joined the runners. Too bad he folded his bib and I couldn't see his number. But then again, see liao also no use. Dont understand what's the point of cheating lol.
  6. Last year they checked our bib if we're in the right pen before letting us in (or at least my pen was like this). Not sure about this year as the amount of ppl increases...they maybe don't have so much time to do such checking.
  7. If I remember correctly, last year someone asked on their fb if they can start earlier (for last year's race), and they replied that it's not quite possible due to the train starting hours. So I'm thinking that ironman didn't consider about this point before changing their starting time. Or maybe like what beast has said, smrt got back to them later than planned.
  8. not sure if there will be prizes as they said in the FAQ that it is not a competitive race (no timing recordrd)
  9. thanks!! How early would you suggest? I'm kinda scared of waiting too long in the cold..haha
  10. which station is nearer to the starting line (no need walk so much haha)? morinomiya or tanimachi 4-chome station?
  11. if it's a drumstick or pizza shaped medal....I *might* join
  12. not sure if you can tell from this pic...the red circled one is the stairs to the bridge. before crossing the zebra crossing to GBTB
  13. the new PCN from ECP before crossing the road, there's a flight of stairs up to the bridge. btw, results are out!
  14. have asked them... in front of the rolex.
  15. rather pay than joining the digital queue. not worth the effort for a free slot lol