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  1. i think they were waiting for the rain to stop. i was there at 4:45pm, collected and left at 5:15ish pm. can't find the exit, different people point to different directions. due to the rain, the entire place was muddy with pools of water. try not to wear shoes if possible.
  2. 200+ mins? Need to wait for 3hours+ just for the racepack?!
  3. Selling sundown FM (female)

    Will collect on Wednesday and pass it to you everything. $45 Text: 87178342
  4. Osaka Marathon 2016

    thanks!! How early would you suggest? I'm kinda scared of waiting too long in the cold..haha
  5. Osaka Marathon 2016

    which station is nearer to the starting line (no need walk so much haha)? morinomiya or tanimachi 4-chome station?
  6. Osaka Marathon 2016

    What is the weather there like? Tshirt/singlet is ok?
  7. North East Compressport Run 2015

    LOL. Quite funny. 😂no worries, the run was great! hope u'll still be the one organizing for next year's run.
  8. North East Compressport Run 2015

    For baggage deposit, need to produce confirmation slip?
  9. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Will the exhibition booths at expo during rpc close early? Can only go down after school and hopefully will reach by 8.30pm.
  10. North East Compressport Run 2015

    Hope will be able to see the medal design before registration
  11. North East Compressport Run 2015

    when will registration be open?
  12. Brooks Marina Run 2015

    only 10km runners will have the valentine medal thingy??
  13. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    no early bird pricing?