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  1. Yawn.... who wanna share cab with me. East coast/ marine parade road. PM me
  2. I really think he is pretty busy at the moment. Its still CNY. If its really urgent. I think its most useful if you email him.
  3. Hi Lonewolf Well, thanks. If this is the similar reason to Ocping, then perhaps I can understand. I may just share out is that seriously, I been in Grassroots' for almost 10 years. And I can honestly share that Grassroots' Organization has nothing to do with the political party. There is no linkage to it at all. However, without denying that the fact, usually the advisors to the Grassroots' are the MP. And the leaders for People's Association are also the Ministers and MP. But we are always warned that NO political link or logo or intent should be carried out in Community Events. With regards to the Community Event cost, why is it low? Simply because of People's Association's objective. Make it affordable for all community to take part. Create a kampong spirit and bonding with the residents. To create a sporting environment for Community Sports Club, which is why places I serve, I usually organized and create alot of sports events for residents to join. Purely for the fun, sports and joy, I have no intent. I can share with all why I join Grassroots'. I am a swimming coach by profession. I owns a swim school, a sports school. In my school, we conduct other sports as well. To me, is a give back to society through sports since sports was the one that bring me to where I am now. And my another thought is if I can use Grassroots' to promote sports, let more people love sports and do sports, why not? Is good for me and for all sports business people too. When they google, perhaps there is a chance to find me? Lastly, I still say.. I respect every decision made, I respect every view from anyone. I just hope that I can do my part to clear any misunderstanding that one may have, and thereafter, the final decision is still on own. I still have to think everyone for constantly positive and negative feedbacks, allowing me to really understand and share more. Once again, Thank you very much. Regards Joseph Organizing Chairman North East Compressport Run 2015 Vice Chairman for Punggol North Community Sports Club to me, most importantly is the race experience... i will continue to support races which are well organised...... for those that are not, they will be well mentioned in my blog post and that's it..... Hi AutumnRunner I understand and notice you are a blog writer for run events. Be it good or bad, I hope that I can have the chance to invite you to write an assessment for our event too. And if possible, too email me (josephtanpngrl@gmail.com) for any feedback and reviews after the event too. Allowing me to have the floor review from the ground participants. Of course, I welcome anyone reading this message to email me feedback too. Rest assure, good or bad, I will acknowledge and I will make improvement. Thank you. Regards Joseph Organizing Chairman North East Compressport Run 2015 Vice Chairman for Punggol North Community Sports Club well said Joe. where sports is concerned, dont drag policitcs into it. I am sure all of us run for a reason/ goal in mind. To each his own and how they perceive it.
  4. Lone wolf bro.... Nobody sign up. Tats why. I saw their booth at repc. Told the guy if they improve and change their isotonic.... Perhaps there will be more sign ups. He Bo hiew me loh. The whatever look u know.
  5. It was at the around the same area last year.. It was at F1 racing pit. It is consider quite a walk especially u just done a FM. I will still prefer to change running tee and slipper on the way home after e run.. Yep, i will try to take the earliest train there, but dont think I can skip baggage deposit. Carry a pack and run loh... Dun do baggage deposit. Trust me... The PBIM marathon had like 60k people and abt half probably did baggage deposit. Thank God I didn't deposit. My other friend did. Took super long just to get his bag. Piang.... Longe queue siah
  6. Hi joe. Can foreigners participant in this race? Are they eligible to win prizes as well?
  7. I just signed up and it still indicates green (available) instead of yellow (selling fast). If you sign up by this evening should still make it. But no shuttle buses (except from Pasir Ris and SengKang) means there is a need to factor in at least another $20 in cab fare costs to reach the starting point...or unless you live in that area... Hi BeastI am deeply sorry that we are unlikely able to cater more buses to other venues, however, we really hope that it will not dampen anyone's mood in joining this run. My organizing team has really done our best, by doing so, we even try our best to make the shuttle service FREE instead of many's advise of charging a nominal fee. Reason is we are really passionate in promoting sports, and we hope to provide every running enthusiastic an opportunity to run at a more affordable rate. By engaging with public and community, we really hope to show our sincerity in organizing this event. Once again, I am really thank you for your consideration in registering for the run. I look forward to seeing you in the starting line. Regards Joseph Organizing Chairman North East Compressport Run 2015 Hi Joe. Would it be possible to have transportation that's at a fee. It would be most helpful I believe I am not the only one who is facing this problem.
  8. A friend of mine has already signed up despite all the negative aspects.on route and hydration. I am tempted to participate cos I know there won't be a crowd. Only concern for me is the weird isotonic everyone is talking abt.
  9. Wow... Last min bib is "earlier" than i expected! chk ur PM!
  10. Do tell abt the loops pls. I ran the 32km Newton yesterday. 2 loops is still fine but it's the maximum for me.
  11. How come I domt know abt the runs siah... arrrgh. Nvm. Next time then. So many run events and training runs. Lol
  12. still confusing. So can use ur card to sign up for mine hehehheh
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