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  1. Yes this time I must say Ironman got it right. 90 marks. Drinks were well stocked. Route was refreshing. Can’t do anything about the weather. The post race fare was a bit far. 10 more marks for this; why was most late? because there was no instructions for taxis or ph cars to come in? Almost all directions from the city was locked down. They suggested buses. Even they got stuck. Problem was the only way in was from Rochor to Suntec IN THE DIRECTION from Changi to Bugis. That’s it. One way. No Central Boulevard. No Ford road. Those heading from the west have to go all the way to Tj Katong and turn back up to Rochor. Better instructions next time. well done!!!!
  2. lokey

    Sentosa ( to Senoko (SAF Yatch Club)

    https://www.strava.com/activities/414420979 i think. not really sure how to link w Strava. 🙂
  3. Hi, I shared this thread in 2015. Sorry did have time to reply then. Yes the route was quite straight. Recee and planned it several weeks ahead. 1. 530am. Took a taxi to Tanjong Beach . Walked to the Tj Beach circle just at the condo back gate. Locked the Garmin. Started my way out. 2. After Vivo turn right into Telok Blangah. Up the slopes them Lower Delta. 3. Lower Delta (toiler break at Esso or drinks), River Valley road then left into Paterson, Orchard, Scotts Road. 4. Be careful crossing at Newton Circus, Newton Rd pass Royal Hotel. 5. At Novena junction to left into Thomson Road. Slopes up and then down. SPC Station drink stop. 6. Pass Thomson Medical onwards to Whitley under the PIE, Far East Flora. 7. Slide left to MacRitchie Res. then right into Upp Thomson Road. West Lake estate. 8. Upp Thomson Road, lots of MRT construction, but cement paths are well lit. 9. This part is at 13km mark. Mostly uphill for the next 5-6km. Thomson Plaza, SICC, Venus Drive. 10. Some friendly down slopes with greens on the left. then climb again at Lower Pierce. 11. Passing Casuarina Roti Prata, YCK junction is the peak and then drop. 12. Up and down path all the way to Springleaf. (stop at petrol stations for drinks) 13. Ampang Yong Tau Fu, then slide right into Sebawang Road. 14. Pass Mandai Junction. Sembawang Golf Course then Nee Soon camp. 15. Straight on Chong Pang Estate. (if thirsty stop by for a Pocari) 16. Gambas Ave and Yishun Ave 7 junction, straight 17. Sembawang Shopping Center... here comes the tricky part. 18. Straight into Canberra Road. new HDB estates surrounds you. 19 Straight on and slight curve to the right... you will see Admiralty Lane. Bare open and hot at that time. Empty land. 400m of this. 20. Come to Sembawang Drive. Take right towards north. Almost there. 21. Next junction Admiralty Rd West. Cross over and take left. You will see a shabby looking SAF Yatch club boat. 22. The public road next to Sembawang Camp. 300m to finish. Run in. 23. You will see the public car park. There is a gate into the restaurant inside the SAF Yatch club. (Security is not tight) say you need to use toilet. 24. Not finished until you go to the boat ramp and touch the water in the Johor Straits. Enjoy the view. You did it! 25. Have a drink at the Restaurant. Call a cab! ... 30.6km! Equipment: 1. Camelpak. 500ml. 2. Phone (w Google map downloaded easier) 3. Shirt and towel to change at the end 4. Energy gel, salts. 5. Money $30, NRIC. Try it. Enjoy. Start Finish
  4. ha ha ha ha ha ... yes... wtf new medal design also report ... cartoon.
  5. Hi there, anyone knows of a trail run from Upp Pierce Reservoir in to the jungle and out Upp Seletar Reservoir? I see from Google map there’s a dotted green “trail” like that leads from UPR car park into Mandai jungle and out USR round about. Anyone done it before? thanks, Ken
  6. - Baggage in majors takes less than 5 mins from check point to deposit. Trucks are clearly labeled by runners Bib. - For majors cut off point for first 15km by timing clearly defined. Sweep bus will come to pick up. - Hydration on both sides 200m long - yes half hearted from govt. no money like F1.
  7. There’s talk again that Ironman wants to make SCMS an Abott Major. Can those who ran it share the list of improvements and standards?
  8. That’s a nice one. That should be a major. Watch out for the food stalls at 35km and the bridge at the 37km! Enjoy.
  9. lokey

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Bro, totally agree... don't know why, every year feedback, every year same thing. 1. Yes course was "suspect" short. My watch showed 500m short from the 2km mark until the 19km. Then at the Marina Promontry (that triangle thingy) GPS hay wired. I think they use the nearest pole to mount the mile stone signs instead of portable stands. (so not accurate) 2. Hydration was good at least 50 meters now. 3. Route was ok, like you said runnable. But the Stadium curb from the road to walkway transition, should be platformed. (Like what they did from Marina platform underpass to the F1 track). Muddy path at after Tg Rhu bridge, should be "sand-ed or platformed", it was dark too. Bay East - PCN to ECP - no choice, there was a Stop-look-go crossing the road (to the Golf course). Bay East transition to Marina East Drive, muddy grounds. Merlion steps - also can be platform transitioned for safety. 4. Fold backs (U-turn) - the dividers at the end of the first fold-back Middle road was Orange cones instead of yellow fences. So were dividers at Bay East and Marina East Drive. (I do think it's ok, but it sure looks like they are trying to save money). 5. Timing Check points - I didn't see that many timing chip check points but 3. 9km, 18km, i think?. Usually they place them at the fold-back points. 6. Start time - I had thought it would be a rolling start like last year. To be fair, organizers did indicate on the race info. But Wave 4 started at +40mins. Announcer said due to the "technical issue". not good. Side note: I can tell that this year there's at least 20,000 for the HM. (How? the F1 pit start lane is approx 250m long 40m wide. Each 1sqm it was packed with 2 runners. 10,000sqm X 2 runners ~ 20,000 runners) At $60 each, that's $1,200,000 (only for the HM). Of all the issues, this year, the Start is the most annoying for me, I am sure many will agree. Suggestion: Yes, use runners timing (historical or volunteered info) to divide the pens to expected speeds. A,B.....K,L,M... You can move down but not up. Time between each wave 3-4 minutes max (after last runner cross). On average if you use the average running pace of 7.5km/h, that's comfortable 500m of empty road in front. I can understand why they are doing this, mainly because of the narrow paths ahead at the 6-9km marks. 2XU or Pink Apple, you need an experienced Race Director.
  10. Bro Autumn, you have your post link? Respect. Love to read it.
  11. http://www.straitstimes.com/sport/race-can-become-a-major Seriously???? Major??? kidding right? with all the cock ups? We still have long ways to go, bro. 1. First of all, the info of 48,000 RUNNERS is misleading!!! Only 10,000 signed up for the FM. Majors are >25,000 Runner’s. 2. To be a Major, you have only one race. A Full Marathon. Period. Other distances you have to do it the day before. 3. The whole city and people must be behind you. That means No buses, No cars, No DUCKS!!! Everything stops for 7hrs. Only bus is the ... sweeping Bus “kee chia”. 4. The race line is to be marked to exact 42.195 on the roads. 5. Width of route should be two car lanes ... all 42km. 6. No back markers from another distance, in our case the 10K and HMs. I saw the Kenyans on TV, he was paced by the HMs along side 🤦🏻‍♂️ I mean seriously, look at Sydney. They have the climate. I think they tried to be a major but because of commercial reasons they kept it as a Running Festival with other distances. Get more runners. Due to the costs and fewer road closures, the route has multiple fold backs in the city. Singapore city has the route. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for them to be a major. But better must be done before we get there. Most importantly it is the COST!! $$$$. you see, if it makes less $$$$ than F1, we are stuck with a half cooked event. (Maybe better to loop Tekong 4 times)
  12. If I look at it ... results of the 70+ group he was overall 6993 (8hrs+) ... [steady Uncle!], so think at most 10,000?? Walao, champion!!!!