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  1. Hi guys, I've purchased a number of screen protectors that fits both the FR620 and FR220. It's a German made brand called savvies. Willing to sell the extras off at $4 per piece. Clear type only. Let me know if you are interested, thanks!
  2. ah...so the fellow at Orchard Central trying to smoke me saying if buy from overseas won't have batteries due to regulations, batteries not allowed to go through custom.Actually, the person wasn't trying to smoke you, he's probably unsure of the details of the new rule. It is true that there is a new regulation that prohibits shipping of lithium batteries with a certain limitation. Products that have a lithium battery in its box may face problem if the battery is really too big, but if it's within the restrictions, its fine. Just don't buy batteries by itself and you should be safe. http://www
  3. I just got the 220 from Parisilk. Very competitive price I'd say. Would like to confirm with people who owns either watch if the time is automatically set after initial set up right out of box? (Even before GPS acquisition) Also, is there a significant backlight bleed from the bottom right of your watch? My watch froze on me twice after my first run, once showing a screen of "90:00:00" with distorted particles above and below, and the second time was when it was sending the run data to my iPad via the app. Pondering if I should go back to Parisilk for an exchange or are those issues acceptable
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