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  1. Results are here: http://nvm.ntusportsclub.sg/results.html They updated with a tab on the website.
  2. Bumper goodie bag. Better than last year. Well done by the organisers to get the sponsors.
  3. Seems like runs organised by Pink Apple have a good chance of ELM medals. I also appreciate that SAFRA run has issued an ELM medal for 2016.
  4. Finally get to have a good look at the medal yesterday! Big, circular and weighty.
  5. I come here for lots of information. Thanks to all here. Keep it up.
  6. Admittedly I have not done many races, but I have NEVER seen any gel at the stations.
  7. I think anyone who walks 42km in 8 hrs is putting in a creditable effort. They are also paying to do it. Can't really begrudge them the chance.
  8. And taking into account that the population has been increasing, it means an even lower % of it are participating.
  9. All these runs are different things to different people. I think there are many who are not serious runners. Among your friends/colleagues and when you go on your runs, how many people do you see pounding on the streets regularly? Not many.... but the crowds at these runs are mind-boggling. One teacher used to tell us that nowadays if you throw a coin in the food court, it is likely to hit a graduate. I think the same came be said about your coin hitting a "marathoner".
  10. Interesting perspectives - all kinds of reasons for taking part and ways to "complete" the race. There is something in the race for different people.
  11. Nice. Always prefer the simple, round medal. Is the 2013 edition by ELM?
  12. The pleasure's mine. We know how important it is to get the right size!
  13. Good news for those who want to change their men's singlet sizes. XS available. I received an email today: "We are pleased to inform that sizes of running apparels will be re-stocked If you were previously unable to select your preferred running singlet size, you can now log-in to marathonsingapore.com and change your selection. Simply click on ‘CHECK REGISTRATION STATUS’ log in and follow the instructions to make your revised selection." ======================================================================================== Good of them to rectify this.
  14. Seriously hor, so many ppl wear XS meh? I thought organisor will get to know how many XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL from registration and then place order accordingly, no? Thanks to Jianxiong for the information. I find it unacceptable that they can run out of stock so early in the registration. They still have time to do something about it. I wonder how this will impact the take up of the remaining slots if people cannot get their preferred sizes.
  15. Now Men's XS and XL running vests out of stock. Will they replenish?! I sent them an email one week back... no reply.
  16. May be all the 10km and 21km runners have progressed to 42km.... and lesser people have progressed from 2.4km and 5km. I have downgraded from 2XU 21km to 10km for Sundown/SAFRA/SCM. 10km is the sweet spot for now. Anything longer is too boring and takes up too much training time. I might even reduce to 5-8km and be out of the running scene soon if this trend continue. 5-8km is just nice for keeping fit and not spending too much time on running. Shall evaluate after this year.
  17. Nice medal. I like the simple circular design.... as a medal should be. I saw many people wearing the yellow Garfield T-shirts at Raffles Place MRT yesterday afternoon. I will give these type of run a miss and the fun looking medals are not really my cup of tea. Garfield fans will not complain, of course.
  18. Men's XS singlet out of stock. Will they replenish?
  19. Cutting into queue when people have been there for hours is a disgrace. Very unsporting.
  20. It's big like 2XU. In fact I think its a tad bigger than 2XU. So suggest you downsize one size from your usual NB/Brooks size. Will their apparel at shops be a good guide?
  21. How's Adidas sizing? Big like 2XU or more like NB/Brooks? The length does look long. I have some older Adidas but the lengths then were more like 68cm for S.
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