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  1. It's definitely better than last year's - the worst in recent years. I have a weakness of circular design. Merlion may not be the best but I will take it.
  2. Seems circular. I will take it.
  3. Reminder: Early bird ends 28 May 2018
  4. Not so keen about this medal design.
  5. I was stunned when many of us 10km runners were prevented from running the race proper as we were told that the cut-off time was 10min after the 6:30am start time. I am totally unaware of this. The NSman manning the access gate under Esplanade bridge told us it was a decision from "higher ups". This is amazing and can anyone confirm this is true?! In the end, we have to join the 5km runners flag off almost 1 hour later. The whole running experience was spoilt.
  6. Very happy with the medal. Can't complain if it is of the circular type.
  7. Why aren't the lady runners signing up when there are so many guys on display? Hmmm....
  8. Already signed up for 10km before news of shuttle bus came out.
  9. FInd it hard to bring myself to pay more for transport than the actual run.
  10. Geez! They should have announced earlier! Would have been seriously tempted to sign up for HM.
  11. My brain says 10km, my heart says 21km. Even 10km is no longer a walk in the park for me anymore.
  12. 8% registration or administrative fee, whatever you name it, is rather steep.