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  1. Results are here: http://nvm.ntusportsclub.sg/results.html They updated with a tab on the website.
  2. Bumper goodie bag. Better than last year. Well done by the organisers to get the sponsors.
  3. Cancelling it for good seems rather drastic.
  4. Very disappointed as this is one of only 3 runs I participate yearly in recent years.
  5. It's definitely better than last year's - the worst in recent years. I have a weakness of circular design. Merlion may not be the best but I will take it.
  6. Seems like runs organised by Pink Apple have a good chance of ELM medals. I also appreciate that SAFRA run has issued an ELM medal for 2016.
  7. Finally get to have a good look at the medal yesterday! Big, circular and weighty.
  8. I come here for lots of information. Thanks to all here. Keep it up.
  9. Admittedly I have not done many races, but I have NEVER seen any gel at the stations.
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