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  1. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    unfortunately museum is not quite my thing... the last time i visited london (20+ years ago) - i watched 3 musicals (phantom/saigon/lesmis) but musicals don't seem as interesting to me now i don't mind attending a classical concert - but the LSO repertoire that weekend is too heavy for me... i like nature / parks / outdoors...so will probably take a day-trip to visit Stonehenge and Bath ... ok back to the main topic - london marathon 16 weeks to race day!
  2. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    thanks ladyice for your tips... i will probably catch the wednesday flight home...so will have 2 full days to do some sightseeing at the "nearby" places. have a happy new year!
  3. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    thanks for the link... i am surprised that SG MRT is more reliable than london tube now i think i better keep my hotel booking...
  4. i notice that they only give the photo that has somebody else in focus applies to my photo and all my friends' that i have seen...
  5. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    if getting to race start is not a major problem, i am thinking whether to give up my hotel near the start line and stay with my friend (in airB&B) nearer to the finishing line... i will have company for the few days before race day and can save quite a bit of $ on accommodation. for those who doesn't know LadyIce, she "runs" marathons dragging a tyre since many years ago (including singapore marathon) i saw a "copycat" guy doing it at this year's SCSM too!
  6. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    hi ladyice, thanks for sharing your experience did you run with your tyre? my main concern now is the accommodation - i have booked a hotel near greenwich - but not sure which starting point i will be assigned... my friend plans to stay nearer to the finish point instead... is traveling to the start point on race day a big issue?
  7. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    thanks ayukawa22 it seems so exotic and exclusive that i only know of another friend from SG who will also be participating if you know anyone else from SG will will be participating, please invite him/her to link up with me cheers
  8. hi all, contrary to the many complaints, i had a very good race experience at SCSM17 - i think here are the reasons: 1) baggage deposit service i didn't use the baggage deposit service (in fact, i never use them) i left home in my running gear + bib + gel, and go home by MRT sweaty / smelly 2) race route some parts of the route may be crowded, but i didn't find myself being obstructed, even early in the race. i had no issues with drinks/isotonic/bananas (i didn't take their gel) drummers / cheerleaders and live band were great in bringing up the atmosphere 3) finisher tshirt size doesn't matter to me because i just collect but don't wear them 4) early start (and kind weather) helped i started in pen C, and finished just outside 5hrs - the above are from my perspective
  9. i always check before i head down if you trace the past years' posts you should see some bad experiences
  10. looks like it is well managed this time - unlike previous years, usually get long queues especially on the first day... anything interesting at the expo?
  11. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    thanks autumnrunner...
  12. anyone collected race pack yet?
  13. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    Hi all, I am lucky to get a slot for next year's London Marathon, and have created a facebook group for participants and supporters from SG Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 - Team SG https://www.facebook.com/groups/296280277533547/ If you know anyone else who will be participating, please invite them to join this group Cheers
  14. Gentle. Please help to group the Republic Run 2011 into one. Thanks.

  15. Status update...