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  1. Early bird HM pricing so expensive. I’ll pass and go for the simpler and cheaper HM in April
  2. Yup got gels. I was a slow 2:40 18km finisher and I got a gel (& there were lots left) Right at the beginning of the table - grab a gel, then grab some water. It was Super sweet....
  3. Wow....got medal with my name printed on it.
  4. Such thick material for a reusable bag. Very impress with organiser
  5. Kena spammed by them of more race events in HK
  6. Like some, I only wear old and used tops for events. So, not so affected by how breathable. But ifnot good dri-fit, then I will use it for sleeping and tell people don't buy this brand. LOL
  7. Happy Birthday Slow.

    I wish you will still be running for many years to come.

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