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  1. Me sign up the HM. I think I never miss this since first year
  2. Me Slow more than 2 1/2 hour HM finisher decide sign up SD HM after many years because got additional finisher tee. Wa haha haha me no pro or fast runner
  3. LOL. Not going to average like that since outstation during 2XU. But decided to average out the cheap Apr HM with the more exp May HM a month later.
  4. Early bird HM pricing so expensive. I’ll pass and go for the simpler and cheaper HM in April
  5. Yup got gels. I was a slow 2:40 18km finisher and I got a gel (& there were lots left) Right at the beginning of the table - grab a gel, then grab some water. It was Super sweet....
  6. Wow....got medal with my name printed on it.
  7. Such thick material for a reusable bag. Very impress with organiser
  8. Kena spammed by them of more race events in HK
  9. Like some, I only wear old and used tops for events. So, not so affected by how breathable. But ifnot good dri-fit, then I will use it for sleeping and tell people don't buy this brand. LOL
  10. Happy Birthday Slow.

    I wish you will still be running for many years to come.

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