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  1. My pleasure @simonleng! i remember you at CP1!! ?? Heard the rumours too, hope they aren’t true!!! Seeing you guys run makes my legs itchy too!! Will love to run again next year! Guess we’ll have to wait for Ben to confirm.
  2. @jerrylam most welcome!!! You looked pretty fresh and strong! ?? Glad to see some familiar faces at CP1! It was a great pleasure to be helping out!!! My kids enjoyed the experience as well ? and were truly inspired by all the Craze Nutz running that day!!! Congratulations to all finishers!!! You guys are awesome???!!
  3. All the best to craze nuts running tomorrow!!! Will be serving drinks as a volunteer this year instead!!! But still excited !! Haha! Run safe; run strong!!!
  4. Same organiser, smaller in scale... but totally different location...
  5. Wow! All the best for your MDS, ultrazaw !!! Ultra respect to you for attempting this!!! Have bookmarked your blog on my browser.... will be rooting for you!!! Jia you!!!
  6. I'm having the same problem for naming as Johor bahru run by default. Btw, are your runs in northern part of singapore? You might want to check the start times in garmin connect .., could be off too
  7. Thanks trailblazer I'll try Fit2app and see if it works! The wrong start time is apparently due to bugs in Garmin Connect IOS app... Especially if u upload wirelessly and edit using the app. Many users are affected too based on what I gathered on Garmin forum. Another irritating is that when I upload runs in MANDAI or woodlands thru Garmin Connect IOS .. They are labelled as Johor Bahru Runs de fault.
  8. Happy New Year to all!!! Been using my FR 220 more than a month with no major complaints. Managed to solve the problem with wireless upload by changing my phone ?? Just 2 small issues which I wonder if you guys have encountered too.. Firstly, even tho I have installed the RUNKEEPER plugin, Still cannot use bulk uploader to transfer from watch to RUNKEEPER ... I will need choose n upload one run at a time using the old uploader Second, I noticed that the start time for runs cannot be found on Garmin Connect mobile (am I missing something?? ).. Can only be found on Garmin Connect website.. And somehow, the start times shown are wrong... My morning runs are shown as afternoon runs...even tho settings for uploading time zone is correctly set as GMT+8hrs China standard time?
  9. I used to do that... Will wrap m&m ( those without peanuts) with aluminium foil and pack them for my long runs. Nowadays, mostly gels... But still occasionally use them for my runs if there is craving
  10. My garmin indicated 21.6k for HM ROUTE... The GPS route went bonkers along Robinson road
  11. Enjoyed the HM race today, started in first wave and glad that I managed to finish by 8.30am before the sun came out which definitely made the long AYE stretch a baking oven!!! The seperation of HM from FM N 10k definitely helped to alleviate the congestion issue compared to last year. Thanks to fellow runners who encouraged and pushed me on in last 2k, really happy to achieve my PB target! Just 2 issues ... No bananas at finishing point?? This is the first race without bananas!! Even charity races gave out bananas at the end. Forget about the bells n whistles, give us our bananas!!! And those flight of stairs to baggage collection point!!! My heart goes out to FM runners! Anyway, good race to end the year. Congrats to all finishers today! ???
  12. Finally the excitement level is up ?? Hoping for a good race tomorrow with my personal targets achieved!!! And wishing all runners a safe and satisfying race!! Don't forget to flash your biggest smile when you cross that finishing line!!! ???
  13. Found the root of the problem... My iPhone Bluetooth is not functional! Managed to pair up using my friend's iPhone! Went for 1st run with fr220 along my usual route this morning. Happy with the accuracy of distance n route traced. Loved the feeling of running without phone strapped to arm! Uploading via USB to garmin connect is smooth. Also managed to upload to RUNKEEPER after some fiddling, thanks to lazyitachi n trailblazer for their advice earlier. Just have to settle the Bluetooth issue... Perfect excuse to upgrade my ageing iPhone 4s, hehe!
  14. Thanks trailblazae! Hmm.. Seems like I have already done all the steps in the FAQ... Will keep trying and see how
  15. Thanks trailblazae! Hmm.. Seems like I have already done all the steps in the FAQ... Will keep trying and see how
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