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  1. Yes... wet and slippery today. Lots of thrill and spills on the slopes and definitely lots of splashes!! Other than the cancellation (which can't really fault the organisers), few things that organiser should have done better.. - no toilets at race village?? Thot this is basic requirement lah... granted there are public toilets 300m away at visitor center but it's abit too far - no cold drinks or isotonic drinks at finishing line??? Saw some 100plus but was told that those are meant for VIPs or members?? Not very nice! - directional signages could be better at forks and junctions. - check points could be better spaced out. No doubts these are constrained by accessibility and permits from authorities. Generally though, had a enjoyable race out in the trails this morning
  2. Collected my pack during lunch time today even tho I'm running 21k ("allocated" date is supposed to be tmrw). Need you to sign indemnity form before kit collection and there is only one counter.. so I suspect the queue will get quite long during peak hours.
  3. Try running on softer surfaces like trails or even grass field. It will lessen impact on your joints, especially knees.
  4. Time is precious commodity .... especially if you have to train for that ultra, find time to keep your loved ones happy and not forgetting your day job! Article from Asia Trail Mag on how to train effectively for an ultra... http://asiatrailmag.com/successfully-finish-ultra-10h-training-week/
  5. For those who are hitting the trails at Macritchie for the next few months, take note of the trail closures... https://www.nparks.gov.sg/~/media/nparks-real-content/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserve/central-catchment/lta-notice-of-trail-closure.pdf
  6. Wow! All the best for your MDS, ultrazaw !!! Ultra respect to you for attempting this!!! Have bookmarked your blog on my browser.... will be rooting for you!!! Jia you!!!
  7. Just received my email confirmation ... about 24 hrs after signing up. Better late than never
  8. Signed up for 5k fun run with my family as per past 5 years!!! Btw, signed up yesterday but yet to receive confirmation emails this morning. Abit unusual as I usual receive them almost immediately. Not sure if anyone experiences the same?
  9. One painful lesson I learned very quickly from trail ultras is you should incorporate hill repeats or stairs training in your training regime so that your legs can get used to all the climbing. Always study the elevation profile of your race and tailor your training accordingly. It is not enough to just clock mileage.. if possible, must try to run on the same terrain.
  10. Has been participating in the fun run category with my family for past few editions to raise funds for a cause close to our hearts... so my views might not be representative for competitive runners. No major complaints ... just be mindful that you might need to park your car quite far away and be prepared for traffic jam if Arriving late at venue. Hydration has been more than sufficient... both water and cold isotonic were available. Route is the usual out and back along ECP, watch out for cyclists.. witnessed a few near misses between impatient cyclists and runners ( Chill! It's a charity run!) Usually have bananas, water and yakult at finishing point...and of course the ubiquitous Milo Van! Please support the event if possible as I know that this is the main fundraising event for Singapore Cancer Society so that they can continue helping cancer patients and their families.
  11. My post is to generate interest mah!!! Lol!! Haha! Didn't realise about the food trail part... maybe got durian and chestnut at CPs! 😜😜
  12. Another trail race added to local calendar Trails 21k, 42k and 60k will be running on loops on kampong, durian, belukar, chestnut, track 15 trails. Starting/finishing at Bt Timah Railway Station More details on website. https://thegreenrace.sg/
  13. Been supporting this race for past 5 years due to personal reason... Will definitely support this again this year!!
  14. How fast or slow should we go in ultras?? http://www.rockcreekrunner.com/trail-and-ultramarathon-pacing/