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  1. A gd run though i only did 2x loop. Nice scenary. =)
  2. wahh... run home fr office ? .... :smilie_daumen1: its quite a long dist right? yes.... we had a nice cooling run I dun have a gps watch bt fr mapmyrun.com it appears to be abt 13-14km. Haha. yay easy run nxt week. Haa.
  3. paiseh couldnt join run tdy too..decided on a run-home-fr-office instead.. :tongue_smilie: Hope the run was gd..
  4. A weekly run every tues around CBD area. Can refer to post no. 2 for the route which we are running for that particular week. =)
  5. take it easy. seeya next week. papillon... the +++ will inflate when u return... rest well .... Wahhh..the +++ in tandem with the inflation rate in singapore ah?? hahaha.
  6. paiseh couldnt join in yesterday with my friend.. pain at the foot arch so didn't want to aggravate further for this weekend pearl izumi.. next week folks..looks like it was a nice run...
  7. Hi Keith, Welcome back. buying more Asics shoes this time round? This Sunday, there is the Mizuno Wave Run at Bedok Reservoir. Registration is still open. Mizuno wave run still open??
  8. Harlo..I've yet to run with the CBD runners (will try to join in next Tues) but i'll be keeping my stuff in my office which is at outram...Then run over to tanjong pagar...
  9. err..think i'll be taking the shorter route if i can turn up later...11.5km sounds a bit daunting now...haha
  10. Okie doke. Will try and join in when i knock off early.. but paiseh leh..i nt gd runner and duno anybody leh...*shy* haha
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