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  1. Hello dude. Congrats on your marathon. :)

  2. Team FatBird

    Hi acid, May i suggest that we follow TFB plan for 35km taper for the general sundown ultra runners. I will be doing my own run first then join up with TFB at 9.30pm at start point. See you tonight. Cheers RR3
  3. Team FatBird

    To my group of 50km runners, its a pleasure to meet new runners like melvin, alex, yen. Have a nice chat with collen and william along the way to the esso petrol station. Thanks again to Team fatbird for the carton of 100plus and bananas for us, it was a life saver after the run. Have a good rest and nice weekend runners. Cheers RR3
  4. Team FatBird

    Had a great run with the 55km runners. Thanks to TFB for the drinks and banana at C4. Aiyo, YN i miss the chance again to try your Sng pao, next time i run a shorter distance to make it back in time, save the last one for me ok? Max, thanks in advance for the photos. Sundown ultramarathon my turn to help out after i complete the run. Alan, hope that you are feeling better now, next time must have a bite before this kind of long run. Wah, the hidden talent of uncle choo, he was running very effortless from the start to loyong before he took off like a rocket. Kok san, you are getting better each training run. Stick to your plan and i'm sure you do well in SD09. Wee and orange guy, thanks for the company during the stech at coastal run. Grace, have a good rest and good luck for sunday's race. see you at the next trg run. Nancy, thanks for waiting for us at C4. To the rest of the 55km runners, have a good rest and a nice weekend. Cheers RR3
  5. Team FatBird

    pls take good care of my fren huh :tongue_smilie: La senza, What is your friend's name? Don't worry, we were look out for ech other during the run.
  6. Team FatBird

    Wah, first time in my training run that have 3 ladys running with us. Looking forward to fri nite already.
  7. Team FatBird

    MAy i suggest that the 55km runners keep to a 6.15 to 6.30 pace for the first 40km. The last 15km we can go about 6.45 to 7 min pace. The pace can be changed to suit the whole 55km group, this time going for the distance rather than the speed. For the stop break, may i suggest that we spend only 3mins to buy what we may need, than we have a walk break while drinking and eating. during the dusty run, i noticed that we tend to stop too long and our legs starts to take over our minds already. Cheers RR3
  8. Team FatBird

    Hi Ultra, I have not recieved any instructions from DR yet. Anyway, i would be doing 55km thus we can still stick as a group and run togather. Cheers RR3 RR3, we are not having any official pacers/run marshals for the 55km run....thats why u didn;t receive any instructions from HQ lah....hahaha you have done a very good job of keeping the 84km-ers together during the Dusty Run....it will be good if you can help to show them the route a bit this Friday, and run together if possible.....I have left a carton of 100plus with Eugene and maybe some bananas for your 84km group. The baggage for your group of 55km runners will be best left with Eugene/Ultra. Thanks for your help and all the best to the 84km-ers.... PS: We plan to come out with some kind of support plan for you too on race day....let us discuss a little when the time is nearer Dream, Thanks in advance for the drinks for our group. No problem, the SD route i ran till sian liao, haha. We were be running togather as a group. Cheers
  9. Team FatBird

    Hi Ultra, I have not recieved any instructions from DR yet. Anyway, i would be doing 55km thus we can still stick as a group and run togather. Cheers RR3
  10. Team FatBird

    Good luck for your IPPT.
  11. Team FatBird

    Hi runners, hope you all have a good training run tml. Will not be joining due to work. Cheers and have a nice weekend. RR3
  12. Team FatBird

    Dream, I'm not able to join you all for the training run tml morning as i have to go back to finish some work. Fatbird runners, enjoy your run. Will be doing my own night run 2nite at 10pm. Cheers RR3
  13. Team FatBird

    Baldchoy Yes, i'm going for this run. I got somthing to discuss with you regarding the bataan ultra, your friend lucas coming? Cheers RR3
  14. Team FatBird

    Tummyman, sorepalm and baldchoy, thanks for your company for this run. Hope we can get togather again for the next nite run. Rest well and have a nice weekend.
  15. Team FatBird

    See you guys later.