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  1. lazyitachi

    Public Lockers along ECP

    Not sure if this old thread is still valid. YOu can look it up
  2. lazyitachi

    Minimalist running shoes in Singapore

    I got the Prio model off amazon. So far, fitting a bit weird cos my leg one big one small =.= But that has always been the case and will take a few wears to normalize. The hanzo looks like adidas boston I think I cannot do NB no more after they essentially phased out all the minimus Nice... might look into this for my next buy
  3. lazyitachi

    Minimalist running shoes in Singapore

    I am not sure but IIRC the Altra toe box is not that wide. Is that your experience? I finally got myself a new Xero shoes which are zero drop and have soft outer. Need a bit longer before I can assess its performance. Might even get myself a Xero running sandals.
  4. lazyitachi

    DreamWorks Day Run - 24 Jun 2017

    Agreed... The area also is the least traffic to worry cos its SO ULU. Even driving is kinda far right? Still have to walk like 10 min from the barrage cos the start point is somehow always under the bridge... Anyone here actually joining this race?
  5. lazyitachi

    DreamWorks Day Run - 24 Jun 2017

    wow.. everyone booking GBTB cos its the easiest and hassle free place for runs now. Man... soon every entrepreneur will start sourcing all rights and what not and rake in the money with these branded runs.
  6. lazyitachi

    Minimalist running shoes in Singapore

    Nice.. gonna look into that. I must have missed the merrell shoes in Novena will try taka and get some great shoes for the new year
  7. lazyitachi

    Minimalist running shoes in Singapore

    Hey man, thanks for the reply. What NB minimus were you using before? I was mainly using Road 10v2 and have to say the ground feel was just right and the sole was flexible enough to feel the feet rolling. I have also used the Minimus Hi-Rez before but it was a rather steep jump into minimalist running due to the very thin sole. The bad part was also that the sole peeled off quite fast and the shoe did not last very long What Inov-8 shoes are you using now? Where did you get them? I had a look thru the models and the soles seem to be less flexible. I might have to switch to such design now given that NB minimus died out... I tried looking for Merrell shoes in SG and I think Royal Sporting House carries it? However I only found those hiking shoes and none of the running models Where have you seen the running models? Nice... will take a look at Skora on the alt site. I have never tried one on before so the sizing is a concern. The nice color one almost all sold out haha
  8. lazyitachi

    Minimalist running shoes in Singapore

    Hello fellow forumers, After a very long hiatus from the forum and running intermittently, I have resumed my routine running. Given that I am clocking really low mileage, I have held on to my trusty shoes for far too long. Lately, the bottoms are worn thin and exposed while holes began appearing in the uppers. I figured it was time for a new start to rejuvenate my new running season. To my disappointment, I found out that New Balance has DISCONTINUED their Minimus series (only kept the trail I think) and now I am left with the dilemma of trying to find a new match to wrap around my feet. Seems like the minimalist running trend is now down the drain and everyone is going for those lightweight but bulky running shoes I have looked at Vibram FF but in some ways it really is a hassle to use compared to non-fingered shoes. I was looking around for Skora and Merrell but did not see any at all! My questions are: Anyone else do running in minimalist or zero drop shoes? Where did you get your shoes in SG and roughly at what price range? Any recommendation for shoes very similar to Minimus Road v2 currently available for sale in SG? Where can I get skora or merrell shoes in SG??? Really appreciate your help because I need to find my new love and hope that you can aid me in my quest
  9. lazyitachi

    For triathlon enthu.

    Have postponed my triathlon hopes and dreams for now and concentrate full on running first T.T Maybe in 1 year time.. will continue working on my swim till then!
  10. lazyitachi

    Brooks Marina Run 2015

    Lol.. that's sad.... Esp send in a way that is obvious what is the content.
  11. lazyitachi

    North East Compressport Run 2015

    Well, they could always do open/ closed categories to promote the local scene..... But of cos its more mafan for the organisers esp smaller events.
  12. lazyitachi

    New Release of Garmin GPS Running Watch: Forerunner 220 & 620

    Think this is intended change... ie auto detect the area you are running in and renaming accordingly... Anyway I always rename my runs to my own format.. so not a big deal for me.
  13. lazyitachi

    Brooks Marina Run 2015

    Hmm.. did not notice cos I brought my own handheld bottle and refilled when it is half empty.. Water too much still OK wat.. can still keep if not open.. Too little = everyone will complain. Really devalue their brand. :S
  14. lazyitachi

    Brooks Marina Run 2015

    Wow.. Grats 1:45... Envy Race experience as follow. I got 21.4km for the distance so looks good. Route is kinda terrible though... they changed it to 2 loops for HM. Maybe its for the best? See Chingay parade For the last 5k water issue again.... I am so glad I brought my own water and refilled partly earlier so last 5k not f%kd " No cups at Gardens at a later point, the staff were pouring water into my hands lol." Facebook post.. LOL really CMI lea their hydration logistics SORRY LAST YEARS REVIEW Pacers if I see correctly are the Newton runners. For the 2:10 pacing, I was kinda disappointed... i mean not bad but kinda inconsistent... hit very near the timing .. 2 to 3 minute buffer I guess is OK? Overall I really do enjoy Newton runners cos they are more vocal and encouraging. Path seems to be better than last yr given it is not back and forth so less congestion... although got few narrow parts (going up near Artsci, the Kallang bridge and path to stadium). Seem problematic if there are walkers. Paths lit OKOK ... tripped myself but did not faceplant at one part cos too tired AIZZZ... Overall nice HM to start the year especially got Chingay parade and fireworks. But water issues is really a BIG RED FLAG!!! How can every year got this issue... the 2nd half really shd have more water.
  15. lazyitachi

    Brooks Marina Run 2015

    Have fun all!! 530 maybe still a bit sunny for 10k. But 730 darkness for 21k hope the road not go all the patchy parts T.T